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Group Photo Of Avenged Sevenfold Taken By Grindhouse Magazine’s Hiroshi Arishima.
April 14, 2012, 8:51 pm
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Hiroshi Arishima of Grindhouse Magazine was kind enough to share this group photo he took of Avenged Sevenfold before their show in Kawasaki, Japan.

Thanks Sam for sending this in.


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Johnny and his purple hair :)

Comment by Lindseyy:)

oh Syn, your lil smirk ;)

Comment by Heather

Fix your hair Syn.. Or do you want me to? ;)

No but really, I miss the hats.

Comment by SynderellaGates

Ha, whats been up with Syn’s hair for the past few days?
I love how they are all trying so hard to look serious. XD

Comment by Alyssa

I love the purple hair on Johnny =). I’m not a looks person but it looks good. Matt looks like he swallowed something sour and didn’t have a chance for a picture retake, lol! But they look good.

Comment by aightball

Where’s Arin…?

Comment by Brenayyyy

when will people realize arin wont be included in these things since he is not a member of avenged sevenfold. not yet anyway.

Comment by joel

its still a little odd in my opinion. hes been touring with them for over a year now and when someone takes a picture they just tell him he cant be in it?

Comment by Zach

its not odd at all. there are four members of avenged sevenfold. if someones doing a photo-shoot of “avenged sevenfold” arin wouldnt be included because he’s not a part of the band. its really simple. if and when he becomes an actual permanent member im sure he will be included in stuff this stuff.

Comment by joel

I wonder how Arin feels about this? I wouldnt like it to be ‘the band and the fillin-in drummer’.. does this mean we may be having a new drummer in the future?

Comment by Woutb

i dont think he cares. im pretty sure hes grateful to be doing what he does without asking to be thrown into group photoshoots. do you guys not ready any interviews posted here? all the guys love him theyre just waiting to see how he does in the writing and recording process before making him a permenant member.

Comment by joel

Matt looks so tired and beat :/

Comment by Nerissa

Johnny’s still not over that jacket, I see.

Comment by Loghen

damn, they look beat to shit.
all the more reason to thank them for
doing what they do.

Comment by Anonymous

Very tired anyway. I hope they get a break again soon.

Comment by Anne Stenslien

Matt looks tired as hell! When will Gates wear his hats again cause he looks soo good with them on.

Comment by Steph

Haha, Johnnys hair! And it looks like Syn has changed his hairstyle too. Loved the spiky hair more, but the new one is pretty cool too! (:

Comment by rednnail

johnny needs to extend his wardrobe hahah

Comment by Woutb

Syn needs to spike up his hair again or make it look like it did at sonisphere ’09. And he needs a slight tan lol.

Comment by ZombieGirl

Tired looking or not, Matt would look good if he was rolled up in dog s#!t ….lol I couldn’t resist

Comment by Gina

Great photo :)

Comment by photoeverythingbyhannah

I love them all.

Comment by Moses cage

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