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Avenged Sevenfold’s Tokyo, Japan Set List.
April 16, 2012, 1:30 pm
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Avenged Sevenfold’s set list from their show in Tokyo, Japan can be found below thanks to Heather from Deathbat-JP. Order may not be correct.

1. Nightmare
2. Critical Acclaim
3. Welcome To the Family
4. Second Heartbeat
5. Buried Alive
6. So Far Away
7. Afterlife
8. God Hates Us
9. A Little Piece of Heaven
10. Bat Country

11. Fiction
12. Unholy Confession


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Oh nice they played Fiction. I feel so lucky that I got to see them peform this song live in KnoxvilleTennesse. It was a very touching moment… And btw I haven’t seen an A7X show in about 5 months.. which is way too long… come on guys hurry back :)

Comment by Gina

normal .-.

Comment by Gustavo Marques

It seems they are playing slightly different playlist in different shows… I kinda hate my job now which makes me not able to fly to Taiwan for the show :( I’ve never seen the band live…..:(

Comment by Carol

Glad to see they’re playing material from all four of their studio albums! :)

Comment by Mike

Today, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet cried from learning that it’s not a studio album.

Comment by Francis

Right? It’s just sad at this point…so many cool moments on that album. Darkness surrounding would be amazing live

Comment by Please play StST

I’m just kind of being an ass. I really wish they acknowledged that album. A couple good, punky songs on there. They probably think it’s too childish though. :/

Comment by Mike

I wish they had buried alive, fiction so far away or critical acclaim in grand prairie after they had to reschedule the show

Comment by Josh

i hope they play this setlist in singapore

Comment by Ryan Abeles (@RyanAbeles)

but with beast and the harlot in stead of critical acclaim

Comment by Ryan Abeles (@RyanAbeles)


Comment by Amin

Remove A Little Piece Of Heaven and Welcome To the Family and add Chapter Four and Save Me for the Singapore show please!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

3 days to go:)

Comment by A7XliveInMANILA


Comment by Anonymous

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