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Johnny Christ Makes Friends In Japan.
April 19, 2012, 7:13 pm
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Avenged Sevenfold have posted the following photo of Johnny Christ “making friends” in Japan.


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Aww widdle Johnny. lol. I bet that dude has no idea who’s sleeping on him right now… lucky muddafugga!!

Comment by Jamie

lol ”I bet that dude has no idea who’s sleeping on him right now”
they are not that famous yet ^^

Comment by jamie

hahaha that’s awesome and kind of precious :P

Comment by Alicia S.

bahaha love how he’s sleeping on that asian dude’s shoulder lmao

Comment by Hannah M

that white dude, i love how he’s sleeping on that guy’s shoulder

Comment by MPa

omg…that lucky lucky man!! I would have pushed the man outta the way and taken his place lol

Comment by a7xandi

Johnny can lay his head on my shoulder any day ;]

Comment by francyA7X

lol I saw Brian Haner post that on Facebook and wasn’t convinced if it really was Johnny or not.

Comment by Loghen

Omg this is so funny and cute at the same time what lucky man johnny c is sleeping on you lol……

Comment by michelle shadows

LMAO. That’s priceless.

Comment by Gemma

That guy really can sleep anywhere!.. but where are the beer/wine tattoos on his fingers?? :\

Comment by Jordan

theyre there.

Comment by joel

If they’re not there, does it matter? If he wants them removed, he can have them removed.

Comment by aightball

I just wondered because I couldn’t see them. I’m not here for a tattoo debate.

Comment by Anonymous

He’s cute when he sleeps, esp. when he’s leaning on another person =).

Comment by aightball

Mother of fucking god Johnny lol , WOULD YOU PLEASE COME TO ISRAEL AND BE FRIENDS WITH ME? Seriously , I’d cuddle you and give you cookies! You just have to haul your ass over here!

Comment by Ran

This picture just made my day ^_^ He’s too cute <3

Comment by Harley Quinn

Joke’s on us. The Japanese dude is actually awake, he’s just pretending so Johnny will stay on his shoulder…

Comment by Damagon

that’s what i would do haha

Comment by francyA7X

Awwwww, that is sooooo cute!! Lucky dude

Comment by Sian


Comment by Btro19

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