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Quebec City And Uncasville, CT Shows Added To Avenged Sevenfold’s Official Website.
April 23, 2012, 5:22 pm
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Avenged Sevenfold have officially added the June 21st Quebec City and June 22nd Uncasville, CT shows to their website. Any of you guys got your tickets? I’ve heard that they’re selling quickly!


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Bought mine as soon as the tickets went for sale . There is only 4000 person capacity so yeah they are going quick. See you in the pit.

Comment by Etienne Bolduc

Got my two pit tickets to the mohegan sun show an hour after they went on sale! Any idea if they’re doing vip tickets this time around or just the regular tickets?

Comment by kim

SO exctied about the CT show!!! This will be my 4th a7x concert!! :DDD <3333

Comment by Melissa J

My first Avenged concert ever at Mohegan Sun. With pit tickets. ALL THE EMOTIONS.

Comment by Marcella

I cannot believe how quickly the mohegan sun show tickets have sold…it’s a 10,000 seat arena and it’s nearly sold out already! I just bought 2 upper level tickets since pit and lower level are already sold out, and these seem nearly sold out too. should be an amazing time! I wonder if they’re going to do anything special at these shows?

Comment by Anonymous

Apparently, the pit sold out in just a few minutes.

Comment by deathbatnews

that’s insane

Comment by Anonymous

had to have taken more then just a few minutes, I was still searching and managed to get pit tickets about a half hour after they went on sale, but I couldn’t get seats anywhere near the stage unless it was upper level! I’m beyond excited for the show though, it seems a random show thrown in there, but I won’t object to it!

Comment by Elin

Got my mohegan tickets as soon as they went on sale, I’ve had issues with ticketmaster where I waited over an hour to get tickets for a concert so I wasn’t taking any chances on this one. GA here I come :)

Comment by Melinda S

can’t wait for the 22 of june <3

Comment by Anonymous

Got my tickets for the 21 of June in Quebec City, so excited! <3

Comment by Amy

Where you bought it??

Comment by Vannaly P (@vannafool)

for quebec city buy it on :

Comment by Etienne Bolduc

Can’t wait to see them ..for the eleventh time !!! <3 June 21st Quebec City !!

Comment by Melissa

Got my tickets for Quebec city!!! Im so excited :D

Comment by marieA7X

Does anyone else think these shows sound really random…? I wonder if there will any others added. Wish I could go to the CT show, but atleast I’ll see them two days later in NJ. :)

Comment by Lindsey

I was just gonna ask if anyone knew why these shows were being played. I know they’ll be in Jersey, but they never cancelled these shows earlier around here or anything.

Comment by Mike

Not really,it looks like a warm up for the ORION festival.

Comment by Anonymous

Hmm, that’s true. You’re probably right.

Comment by Lindsey

And not to be a smart ass but there is the whole getting paid thing. Kinda makes the travel a little more worth it.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by SynderellaGates

i hope they keep adding random east coast shows. an atlanta show would be nice. :) sucks that they’re playing an hour away from where i used to live in connecticut. :(

Comment by Anonymous

well well i see a lot of you guys are going at the agora show ;) see you guys there :P 9th time for me tho .. i bought my ticket 30seconde after the sale was open and i was like the 400th ticket holder haha i was like oh crap :P soo quebec city see you guys in the pit :)

Comment by PyVengeance

I got my ticket for Quebec City :D

Comment by nilly

Quick question for those who bought tickets: When you bought them were you given a choice on seating? When I bought mine on billtech the only option was GA, didn’t say anything about the pit, but it also didn’t say I had seats. Will I be given pit seats or am I stuck in the back? (I bought tickets about a minute after they went on sale) Thanks :)

Comment by John Shehan

I want to go to the CT show, but I doubt I’ll be able to. :(

Comment by Tanya

Driving down from Montreal for the Quebec show!!!

Comment by Anonymous

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