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Two Fans Join Avenged Sevenfold On Stage In Manila, Philippines.
April 27, 2012, 4:30 am
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Two lucky Avenged Sevenfold fans got the chance to perform with the band at their concert in Manila, Philippines. A girl, Nicole, was called up by M Shadows to help him sing “Buried Alive” while a bass player in the crowd, Simon, took over for Johnny Christ during “So Far Away.”

Thanks Gabrille for sending the information in.


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That’s the first girl on stage right? Awesome. :)

Comment by Dianna

I think yes, It’s the first time I saw a girl on stage :)

Comment by nilly

FINALLY! a girl goes on stage with them <3

Comment by Alice

And they continue to make more dreams come true :)

also, when the girl runs up and hugs Matt…that was hilarious because it was mid-song

Comment by steve

ABOUT TIME they got a girl up there! And she was awesome. :)

Comment by Lindsey

This is why they have the best fans.

Comment by Shanice

what happened to syn guitar before the end in so far away? loll.

Comment by Etienne Bolduc

They were both awesome! Loved how the girl was just jumping all the thime :D

Comment by rednnail

Well I’m trying this in Quebec ! lol

Comment by Critical Acclaim

Truth is , if too many people start wanting to get on stage , they’re just gonna stop bringing people on stage … I mean you don’t get on stage if you suck and just want to go on stage to tell everyone you got on stage with them. They actually let you on stage bacause they think you’re good.

Comment by SynFkinGates

That was amazing this is why I love them! They are so good to us fans:) I would’ve ran up and hugged him too lol dream come true

Comment by Michelle

They are so good to the fans thats why they won most dedicated fan award!

Comment by wariel2009

I am so fucking grateful to Avenged Sevenfold. I can recall my day perfectly had a huge day at school and then the first thing I did when it ended was get in the car and go straight to the venue. Got there at around 3:15pm and just waited in line. While I was in line I even saw other fans with their signs of wanting to play songs with them. It wasn’t until 7pm when they opened the doors and I just dashed in and got to the front. Even though this was my second time watching A7X it was still just as important to me the second time round. Right when A7X called Nicole up onto stage to sing Buried Alive my hopes died since I thought only 1 fan was going to get called on but I knew that A7X played So Far Away since it is my favorite song in the world I was just begging Shadows. He told me on stage “if you suck you’re just gonna get booed off” but I practiced this song for ages it was my favorite song and it was my dream to play on stage with my biggest musical inspiration. Then he said “Alright get on up here”. I was literally paralyzed for a few seconds I couldn’t believe it, the band who I’ve watched a shit load of videos or listened to hundreds of times on my iTunes invited me to play on their stage. When Johnny handed me his bass, I couldn’t believe it my idol gave me his bass then I walked on over to M. Shadows he asked me to introduce myself but I spaced out and couldn’t believe I forgot to say my name. But on the other hand I played So Far Away I did mess up a small bit in the real beginning but after that it all just flowed perfectly and I was able to play the song. The experience was magical just looking around the horizon seeing Synyster Gates to my left, M. Shadows and Zacky Vengeance to my right and behind me Arin Ilejay and Johnny Christ. During the arpeggio Shadows asked if I was ready for the ending and I told him that I was born ready. After finishing the song I gave the bass back to tech guys and hugged Johnny who said I did a fucking great job and then hugged Synyster Gates. A magical experience A7X foREVer!

Comment by Simon

That’s awesome! Congratulations man!

Comment by JaCaria

that’s meeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Comment by Nicole

kinda like the same story as Simon, i lost ALLLLLL hope when Syn started to play something really soft on the guitar… i was like “nooooo, they’re playing Buried Alive, no… please, what about me? …no… :'(” and i was holding my sign up as high as i possibly could and i was practically crying already. security told me to put it down, and it sucked because matt didnt even see it because he was on the complete other side of the stage… and i just, i wished he had only remembered my sign at least, since he did mention it/point at it like an hour before.. and i was so depressed and i barely moved anymore.. i threw my freaking sign on the floor and let people step on it cuz i knew at that point that my dreams were over. and people around me, people i didnt even know, were patting my back and telling me that it’s okay… when Zacky and Syn were playing the solo in the center of the stage, Matt was facing Arin, drinking water. and for some reason he rushed to my side of the crowd and said “wait, didn’t one of you guys wanna sing Buried Alive?” and people were being so nice and they kept pointing at me and screaming “SHE DOES! SHE DOES!” and i freaked out, tried to look for my sign on the floor and i held it up high, and Matt was like “yeah, there you are, come here :)” and i had to go over the 5″ tall barricade, and i’m like 5″4 so that wasnt very convenient, and i fell and i have this huge bruise on my knee now haha. i ran on stage and one of their roadies stopped me and said “wait hold on, just wait for Matt’s signal and then you can go. have fun out there and good luck alright?” and i thanked him… Johnny and Zacky were looking at me, smiling, and then Matt told me to come and sing and i just ran to him and hugged him so tight! i freaked out and forgot lyrics of course, and i was jumping too much and i had already lost my voice from screaming too much.. but still had so much fun out there, and matt and johnny couldnt stop smiling at each other, whispering i dont know what to each other, i just hope it’s something good haha. and in the end, i hugged each member and they each said that i did really really great (Matt said it like 3 times!), they were all smiling and they were all so happy, and i couldnt believe it. Simon did an AMAZING job, he did way better than I did x) and i’m really really happy for him :) we were the chosen ones and i swear to god i will never ever forget that night…. the night i got to sing with my favorite band ever since i was a little girl, the night where all my dreams came true.

Comment by Nicole

You lived my dream! Congrats! You’re so lucky!

Comment by JaCaria

congrats you guys are very lucky

Comment by michael

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