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Official Statement From Avenged Sevenfold Regarding Cancellation Of Jakarta, Indonesia Concert.
May 1, 2012, 8:02 am
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Avenged Sevenfold have provided an official statement regarding the cancellation of their concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. Refunds will be available at the Twin Plaza Hotel Ballroom on May 5th between 10am-3pm.

Over the years, Jakarta, with its many loyal A7X fans, has become one of our favorite cities to visit. And so it is with the deepest regret that we announce tonight’s (May 1) concert in Jakarta, Indonesia has been cancelled.

Upon arriving at the venue in the morning and consulting with local production staff it was determined that the stage at Carnaval Beach was not safe and would endanger the band and the thousands of fans who had purchased tickets. Although the building of a stage is the responsibility of the promoter, not the band, our production crew made every effort to work with local staff to find a way to overcome concerns and put on a safe event. Unfortunately the safety concerns were too great and made it impossible for us to perform.

You may read reports from others that the show was cancelled because the band was worried about its security. Do not believe it. There is only one reason the show was cancelled: the stage had numerous defects and was not safe and our fans, as well as the band and crew, could have been hurt.

Words cannot adequately express how disappointed we are at missing the opportunity to play in Jakarta. As more details and information are determined we will post them on

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Yet again this goes to show why the guys are the best band on the planet showing concern for their fans

Comment by sarra

yes that’s right, they are very sympathetic

Comment by isnahanerjr

i was so sad. who doesn’t??

Comment by elena

i was already in the venue tonight, i just hope you guys still want to come here some time in the future

Comment by Desy Natalia

I know the feeling when their show is cancelled… but I absolutely understand why… so sad :(

Comment by Avenged Sevenfold Czech

yeah its so sad

Comment by isnahanerjr

it’s the untrustful promoter, not them :|

Comment by Yuncu

I can’t imagine how disappointing that is. But no one wants something catastrophic to happen, so better safe than sorry. :/

Comment by ZombieGirl

my cousin hasn’t said a word since we get home. she has been looking forward to this concert because she missed the previous concerts. she is so devastated, so am i… stupid promoter!!

Comment by Edy

I’m so sorry for all the fans that are going to miss the show, and I know the guys will do all that they can to reschedule the date and give the promotore time to fix the stage. But its better they cancel, then have something go wrong and risk their lives and the lives of their fans. Too many people have lost their lives to stuff like that, and its not worth the risk. Just recently was the Sugarland concert where the stage collapsed & people were killed, so there’s a shining example of what they’re trying to avoid.

Comment by Christen

Well said. How can you not love these guys!

Comment by Anne Stenslien

I feel so bad for the fans and the guys. Indonesian fans go hard. lol. Us U.S. fans are a bit spoiled with how often they come to our area, which isn’t the same case for them, which is why it’s so sucky :/
And I know the band has to feel shitty about it too, but at least most fans are pretty understanding, and know that they’ll try to come back asap to make it up, because they’re awesome of course

Comment by Lindseyy:)

We apologize a7x, if the promoters of our country like this ;)

Comment by isnahanerjr

maybe in their seventh album, will hold a concert to Indonesia :)

Comment by isnahanerjr

We understand about your concern, we hope that you all want to come back again later.

Comment by hafid

I feel sorry for the fans in Indonesia.. But I think a7x did the right thing considering the stage would have been dangerous!

Comment by rednnail

The structural safety of a concert stage, and the proper assembly and rigging of lights and sound systems (particularly for an outdoor festival show) has been a MAJOR issue and problem in the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere in recent years. There was a large number of deaths and highly serious injuries resulting from collapsing stages at a Cheap Trick concert and other events in 2011. If there was even the slightest question as to whether the concert in Jakarta could be pulled off safely, A7X unquestionably did the right thing by canceling the concert.

Comment by chrisqualmann

That suck but the guys are just looking out for there fans and dont feel so bad becouse avengedsevenfold. Alway’s make it up for it our avenged boys loves us just like we do sorry for over there avengedsevenfold ll coming back soon to rock ur face’s off A7X foREVer…….!!!!!!!!!

Comment by michelle shadows

I feel for the fans in Jakarta…I’ve been to a canceled show, anyone remember the Rockstar Uproar Mountain View date? Waited 3 months, I traveled far, bought lots of merch, , I seen the huge DEATHBAT, even seen the pyro getting tested, sat down & watched the opening bands and the promoter comes out to announce that someone was ill. OK, to make it short, they made it up..they didn’t HAVE to, but because they are so freakin awesome they made it up at San Jose. So the fans that are bummed right now..I feel you, I’m really sure they will play for you guys soon and it will be A KICK ASS show.
(ok back to the topic)-Better SAFE than SORRY. Nobody wants, especially A7X doesn’t want anybody to get hurt they really care about their fans, even they could’ve been hurt, …NOBODY wants a tragedy that happened last year at the Indiana State Fair when the Stadium Collapsed, what Christen posted above.

Comment by foREVer Avenged

I was there:) it sucked they had to cancel their performance for uproar & I went home as soon as I found out, but you’re right the make up show in San Jose was awesome. No worries to all of u in Jakarta the boys will no doubt make it up to u:) safety first, right?

Comment by Stephyvengrance

I’m sure the guys will come back to Jakarta and do something special for them. =)

Comment by foREVer Avenged

I was there to, I was so depressed stayed for a bit for bullet but was so sad left a few min in, but the san jose show was fucking amazing :)

Comment by James

Oh my… right after that announcement…I kept on checking on my phone to see if it made it on the official A7X website..I was in denial lol…stayed until it was over hoping it was a joke..but it wasn’t..then after the show it was posted on here and on their website…yes the SAN JOSE show was awesome. =)

Comment by foREVer Avenged

My friends and I just couldn’t believe that the cancellation was real. On the way home from the venue, we just sat, listened to a7x songs, and remained silent, just thinking that months we spent waiting, the classes we skipped just to make sure we didn’t get late to the venue, time we spent on line for the tickets, were for nothing….

Hope you guys will come here soon…

Comment by rrr

What done its done. i won’t see you tonight but still i want you

Comment by C0NFUS10N_REV

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