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The Kerrang! Awards 2012: M Shadows Nominated For “Hero Of The Year.”
May 2, 2012, 4:29 am
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Kerrang! Magazine have revealed who made the list for this years Kerrang! Awards 2012 and M Shadows has been nominated for “Hero Of The Year.” Cast your vote for him here.

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I can’t believe Shadows was not nominated for Hottest Male…!

Comment by Jennifer Boggs

i was thinking the same exact thing!! ridiculous…

Comment by Nikki Eckardt

EXACTLY!!!!!!! How was he not! lol that sux!

Comment by wariel2009

Voted! :)

Comment by Requiem Danse Macabre

Awesome, he totally deserves it! Rock On \ M /

Comment by cherylwhitley


Comment by cherylwhitley

I’m sorry, Ronnie Radke, but I’m gonna have to vote for M. Shadows on this one. Ahahaha

Comment by Gabby

Same here,I love ronnie lol but gotta vote for M. :P

Comment by James

What in the world..?

Comment by Anonymous

Ive voted. Do not know the limit of votes for one person on one catagory a day but i voted alot lol

Comment by wariel2009

i’d rather have m.shadows win hero of the year than hottest male to be honest. It’s not just about his looks :D.
(thanks to things ”like omg he’s hot” makes us female a7x fans look like obsessed fangirl -_____-)

Comment by Alice

True True :)

Comment by wariel2009

Voted ! Love You Shadows !

Comment by The Cannibal

Voted! :)

Comment by JaCaria

He’s such a naturally talented man, With a big heart and truely amazing voice. He Deserves that award and so much more.

Comment by Ferny Green

So True :)

Comment by The Cannibal

M shadows is my lord and savior!!

Comment by Robert rshadz smith

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