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Todd Owyoung Offering 50% Off Of Live Prints Including Galleries Of Avenged Sevenfold.
May 9, 2012, 10:43 am
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Todd Owyoung has consistently brought us spectacular images of Avenged Sevenfold performing over the past few years and today he’s celebrating his birthday by offering 50% off of all of his prints. Just choose the photo(s) you like, click “Licensing/Prints,” pick what size and finish you would like and use the code “HAPPYBDAY” at checkout. If you’ve ever been interested in purchasing some of his work this is an awesome sale to take advantage of and it runs through tomorrow. The galleries of Avenged Sevenfold are as listed: Avenged Sevenfold at The Pageant (2008), Avenged Sevenfold on Taste Of Chaos 2008, Avenged Sevenfold on the 2010 Rockstar Uproar Tour and Avenged Sevenfold on the 2011 Rockstar Uproar Tour. Happy Birthday Todd!


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I need a job so bad, I’m broke!!
But happy birthday to Todd. :)

Comment by Jill

REALLY disappointed at the lack of Jimmy photos in the 2008 section. I thought about getting a print, but I wanted one of Jimmy; I’m a Jimmy girl. Was really shocked that he didn’t photograph The Rev. It’s my #1 pet peeve with photographers. Well, perhaps another photog will have a sale and have some Jimmy photos.

Comment by aightball

absolutely agree with that

Comment by satria

I thought the exact same thing. The 2010 set has a few good Mike Portnoy ones but no Rev at all. I was disappointed but overall they are great shots.

Comment by Kelly

Cool..can’t wait for the photos to come…Happy Bday to Todd!

Comment by foREVer Avenged

Hey guys, thanks for the comments. About the Rev, I absolutely wish I had some killer photos of him for you all. If you ever saw the Rev live, then you know that his drum kit was simply massive, which unfortunately blocks a lot of angles. This is especially true when he was on a tall stage or taller drum riser, since that complicates even more. One of my personal mottos is “don’t forget the drummer,” and if I could have photographed Jimmy, I would have.

Comment by ishootshows

Thank you for explaining. Sadly, I blew two chances to see The Rev live (which I’ll ALWAYS regret), so I didn’t know he was hard to photograph. I know I’ve seen live photos of him with only his face or an arm visible, though. At least you don’t forget the drummer, which is a BIG pet peeve of mine with a lot of photographers =). You do shoot killer pictures!

Comment by aightball

BTW, thank so much to Deathbat News for posting this link, I really appreciate it.

Maybe we can do an extended sale just for A7x fans in the near future, how does that sound?

Comment by ishootshows

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