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Kerrang! Magazine: Avenged Sevenfold Promise Groundbreaking New Record!
May 15, 2012, 2:54 pm
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Kerrang! Magazine have put up a preview for their newest issue in which they tease that “Avenged Sevenfold promise groundbreaking new record” while on the cover they say, “Avenged Sevenfold future plans revealed!”

UPDATE: The article can now be read here.


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Will scan if for you tomorrow when I get it :)

Comment by Livi

Thanks so much Livi!

Comment by deathbatnews


Comment by Lindseyy:)

Glad to hear this. I know they will come out with some good shit. Good luck to them in their last shows

Comment by Joel Paz

As Daniel Bryan would say ” YES! YES! YES! YES!”

Comment by Ross

Hahaha. Yes.

Comment by Cory

As miz would say it’s going to be awsome

Comment by Mariah

Excited beyond words!!! :DD Can’t wait! It’s gonna be a looooong wait haha

Comment by James


Comment by Lindsey

Are they done touring besides the odd dates in June? Perhaps they will work on this fall and release next spring / summer?

Comment by lostmesa

If they start writing for the new record right after their tour dates in june then I can see a single for it being released in November


dont count on them writing right after these last few dates. they will definitely be taking a few months off before they even think about writing. i think we could be looking at a new album release date around this time next year.

Comment by joel

Where do you get this magazine? Is it in the States anywhere?

Comment by Anonymous

I think some Barnes & Noble’s stock them. Unfortunately, mine doesn’t.

Comment by deathbatnews

Ebay usually sells them! That’s where I get mine.

Comment by Nichole

I hope its a good long interview. I need some good news right now

Comment by Zach


Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Brooks Anders

Fucking amazing news!! but… first is the DVD, so.. We need to wait a lot for the new album.

Comment by ☠ Jordi ☠ (@eb0w)

Awesome! This is very exciting!

Comment by JaCaria

Will Lou Reed be making an appearance on the next record?? Please God no!!

Comment by Anonymous

haha, I really don’t know why metallica agreed to that. That was the worst album I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard some pretty bad music (all in my opinion of course). Granted it was just a side project, but I don’t think I’ve found one person that actually liked that album.

Comment by Anonymous

I hope this isn’t one of those stories that Kerrang! makes a big deal of which turns out to be half a page of something that’s repeated from a year ago… They’re far too good at doing that.

Comment by Anonymous

Will I be able to read this online somewhere??

Comment by Knifemaster

A reader said she would be sending in scans tomorrow for me to share so keep an eye out.

Comment by deathbatnews

So fucking happy about the news of my boyzzz avengedsevenfold new dvd new album I can fucking wait so happy right now

Comment by michelle shadows

oh man i can’t wait!!!
hoping this issue comes out in Australia soon!

Comment by Anonymous

OMFG!!! i cant wait!!!! GOTTA BUY THIS WHEN IT COMES OUT!!! FUCK YES!!! <3

Comment by Bailey Shadows

Oh boy, here come the rumored “new songs” xD I’m ready for some good trolling the next 12-14 months!

Comment by Alikz

i can’t wait for the new album i love all their music

Comment by amy

Yay! Still awaiting for that #BuriedAliveOntario internet video…now a new DVD coming soon and now a NEW ALBUM??? YESSSSSSS. I already love it even though it hasn’t been made..I’ll support A7X foREVer. Words can’t express how I feel right now. TOO DAMN EXCITED. THANKS for the good news…to celebrate I’m going to listen to their albums right now =)..wait I do that everyday. =) Too happy right now. Ok that’s all!!!!

Comment by foREVer Avenged

when its the dvd coming out? if it hasn’t already!

Comment by Maritza Navarro

There is no release date for the DVD at this time.

Comment by deathbatnews

Sweet! Thanx!

Comment by Maritza Navarro

Fuck yeah! I’m so excited :3

Comment by Ida Sade

yea Im pretty dissapointed about the whole buried alive music video that never happened

Comment by Zach

The link is broken, takes you back to an old article.

Comment by shane

Should be fixed now!

Comment by deathbatnews

Record the album in space or underwater!!! Dethklok style

Comment by Anonymous

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