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“We’re Going To Be Doing Something No Other Band Has Ever Done,” M Shadows Tells Kerrang!
May 16, 2012, 7:58 am
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Deathbat News reader Chriz C was kind enough to send in a shot of the recent article in Kerrang! Magazine where the publication talks to M Shadows regarding plans for the next Avenged Sevenfold album and more. I typed up the article for y’all to enjoy and I do believe every Avenged Sevenfold fan will.

Frontman M Shadows has told Kerrang! that the band are set for a break… to write their new record!

“We’ll do this run of shows and then we’ll take some time off, ” M Shadows says of the bands forthcoming North American gigs which include a performance at Metallica’s Orion Festival. “It won’t be like a hiatus – we’re just going to slowly write the next record and then when we’re ready we’ll record it.”

“To tell you the truth, we have some very cool things in the works that I can’t talk about right now,” continues the singer. “We’re going to be doing something that no other band has ever done. The fans will be very happy!”

All of this, of course, means the band will be hidden away from public view for a while – and M Shadows says it could be a year before the band are back in the UK.

“This is our time to get back into Avenged Sevenfold, and I’m sure by next summer it’ll all be going again,” he explains. “We’ll probably come over to the UK and the first thing we do will be festivals. Last years tour and Download were so amazing, we decided to leave it at that. But we’ll come back with the new record and make it really special!”


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So glad these boys are taking some time off. They more than deserve a moment of stillness after… how many years on the road?

Comment by Anonymous

about over 2 years o.o

Comment by Ashley Nicole

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Holy fucking Hell! I am so excited, I could shit deathbats!

Comment by joellelynn

mmmm, sounds yummy! :)

Comment by SC

“I could shit deathbats!” LOL I’m so gonna use that!

Comment by Gina

Excited for the new material, just kinda pissed that apart from Download, the only UK shows they have done was in the winter of 2010… You would have thought they would have at least toured once more since they have a massive UK following. Ah well.

Comment by Benji

thank you!

ahhhh SO excited. live DVD, jimmy doc. (I hope) and what sounds like an amazing album in the distant future. no matter how long we have to wait, we have so much to look forward to. :)

Comment by Lindsey


Comment by Anonymous

it said the fans would be happy

Comment by Kray Smith


Comment by ZBurns

Korn just did that last year. So that wouldn’t be something no one has ever done before.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by joel

First of all, have you not heard of Korn’s new record? And second of all, what Kray said.

Comment by Greg

I can’t wait for the “super cool things” that Shads talked about..
And European festivals next summer.. um… maybe I should consider postponing my UK trip this year…

Comment by Carol

i only hate that it’s gonna be like a WHOLE year before we start hearing things.

Comment by Anonymous

Sooooooo proud of our boys!! Just glad they’ve found the strength and passion to carry on. The new stuff is gonna be amazing. <3<3

Comment by Anonymous

Stoked :). Hopefully after the new album they can headline Download.

Comment by Beck

does this mean that Arin is going to make some music with them??? Soooo exited!!!!

Comment by Rita ♥ (@Rita4Sousa)

M Shadows has stated here that Arin will be a part of the writing process.

Comment by deathbatnews


Comment by Anonymous

Im happy that we are getting new material

Comment by a7x4life

I’m so excited to see what they have in store for us!

Comment by JaCaria

honestly they’ve said a lot of stuff and nothing has happened yet so i wont hold my breath

Comment by Zach

Yeah they said they would start writing next year. So of course we wouldn’t see anything yet

Comment by Anonymous

Been waiting for this article only to find that Matt says they are doing something amazing that no other band has done, thus making us wait more! Aghh the anticipation is killing me! I wish I could sleep til next year!

Comment by Shane

About time the guys had a break and cant wait to see whats in store and that the fact of coming back to UK :D

Comment by sarah

Aw snap, so excited! Glad they are taking their time and doing it right, though.

Comment by Anonymous

But no band has ever done what Avenged has done! I spoke with Arin briefly about all of this and he’s so nervous and excited. I can’t wait to see how they all advance as a band with Arin’s added knowledge, it’s going to be a bit different and I’m anxious. Jimmy was my favorite and always will be, but knowing they’re going to grow and evolve is always the best part of them writing a new album!

Comment by Julie

It kind of sucks that we’ll not be seing them in a whole year, but it will definitely be worth it! (:

Comment by rednnail

I’m sure you guys have all seen the clips of them in the studio. It looks like mad fun!! Listening to all of the detail in their music though, I’m sure the process is a bit more involved than I can imagine. Good luck guys!! They say that good things come to those who wait…maybe this time it’ll be true! :)

Comment by Anne Stenslien

im so exited to hear this news its insane!!! im going to make it my mission to see them when they are in the UK. its a shame i never got to see them with the REV would of been amazing. i can’t wait to hear what they come up with next , it eally has brought tears to my eyes :)

Comment by kelly

I’m preparing myself for a summer of YouTube’s “NEW A7X 2012!” deal… Everyone remember how bad that got last time? xD

Comment by Alikz

Pardon my screaming :D

Comment by Harley Quinn

No doubt A7X are my favourite band out there and from past experience the next album can only get better and better. However with the rise of terrible music such as dubstep and the likes I wouldn’t rule out that direction for them. However if there’s any humanity left in the world they’re next album will simply be more techinical, more heavy and more melodic than ever. While avoiding things such as dubstep. I want an album of 10+ songs each with it’s own unique sound and genre. Metal, country, jazz, theatrical. Please Avenged just keep on the path you’re on :) you’re the best band out there, don’t sell your soul to gain fans. Anyone agree?

Comment by Ash

I hope gates does some jazzy stuff, id love to hear that side of his playing and more stuff with BIG orchestras involved with brass n all that good shit haha. but im so done with full on screamo songs and country pop songs (im looking at u dear god! >_>)

Comment by jon

no, just no. dear god is a great song among other successes. although, i will agree with the orchestral comment though.

Comment by Anonymous

I really can’t see them doing dubstep…?

Comment by razzsoftmilk

i think he brought it up cause the dude up there questioned it but im pretty sure he was also not being serious when he did lol

Comment by joel

And Korn just made an album with dubstep so that has to be out of the question since Shads said they are going to be something no band has ever done



Comment by Loghen

I’d prefer a more City of Evil-style album. Long epic songs, intricate guitar solos, and thunderous drumming. Matt’s voice is definitely stronger now than it was back then, so it’s perfectly possible for them to create an improved version of CoE.

Comment by Laurence

I’m with you man. i also want them to remaster their old albums. :D

Comment by jibsreyes


Comment by Anonymous

I’m with you Anonymous. Just listened to City of Evil on my last walk and man it just never gets old. Why mess with perfection? Corey Taylor was just interviewed about metal music and talked about the intricate layers of some metal music. That is what I absolutely LOVE about A7X. It is so deep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Anne Stenslien

A WTF/COE hybrid would be amazing.

Comment by Shane

Lol I just love the straight-up metal feel of CoE. Pure awesomeness.

Comment by Laurence

i agree, absolutely love the style of City of Evil and it would be great if the new album was similar to it…unique in its own way of course though, i wouldn’t want a COE pt.2, because i love how their albums all sound completely different.

Comment by francyA7X

I’m so proud that they didn’t broke up when jimmy died. We can see that they really love us! Now i can see it again because of this!!! I’m so excited. Avenged sevenfoooooold \m/

Comment by jibsreyes

they said awhile ago that they were recording for a live dvd but that it wouldnt be out for awhile so hopefully they pair it with their journey since jimmys passing? coz i dont know about anyone else but i wouldnt mind seeing more live shows!!!!

Comment by hannah

Thanks so much Chriz C for sharing and Ms Dbn!! This is GREAT news! =) Any new NEWS from them puts a smile on my face! I can’t wait..can we just FAST FORWARD to summer of 2013??? =)

Comment by Forever Avenged

New album from the guys? Sweet, so glad to hear it.

Comment by Ghostflame83


Comment by Alicia S.

Good news for the fans as well as Ms. Deathbatnews, now we’ll see more news (hopefully) on the new album and news won’t be so slow. It’ll be 2010 all over again :)

Comment by ErubielA7x

YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so Happyy!!!!!!! Ive been waiting so long for a update about a new album! its good they are taking time off and not rushing into it. Im a Die Hard fan and have been since 2003. cant wait too see you guys back in Detroit!!
A7X For Life
Avenged Sevenfold foREVer

Comment by Anonymous

So Excited !!

Comment by The Cannibal

Iam so so fucking happy about this I realy cant not wait for the new album I can wait to see how it’s new way of music our boyz have for us

Comment by michelle shadows

thank you Chris for sending this in, you’re awesome! i am beyond excited for a new album, wish we could just fast-forward to the release date. haha i’m soo curious as to what they’ll come up with, but i’m sure they won’t let us down. plus, new album=new tour…can’t wait!!!! :D

Comment by francyA7X

Beyond excited!! Im so ready for some new Avenged! This made my day!!!

Comment by Gina

Thats a bid statement A7X, not saying I don’t have faith in you…. Just bold. Looking forward to what it is.

Comment by Jacob-Gates

I agree; it is a bold statement. However, they definately know what’s been done and what hasn’t. I have no clue what they’ll do though.

Comment by mikeyV

Dammmnn dude! I’m itching for something A7X related. But whenever these guys go into hiding and makes us wait for the album, it makes the record a million times better. Ya never know what they’re going to come out with, but it’s garanteed to be magical.

Comment by mikeyV

This has be excited. I am really interested in what they are planning.

Comment by Twon

Hellz yeah! Hmm I wonder what the special thing “no one else has ever done before” is…Please put Lzzy Hale on a track for the future record please please!!! Gah! that would be rad.

Comment by ZombieGirl

I’m just thinking about the comments made by Shads prior to the publication of this article, with the whole live recording thing….I’m sure there’s more to come with the writing of an entire new album, but I’m thinking the stuff they have in the works at the moment will be an awesome new live album/dvd, which would give them time to regroup with Arin (I hope). But in any event, I love how these guys build so much anticipation… “Pepper needs new shorts!” :)

Comment by Johnnie

You know what would be awesome? If they went into the studio and re-recorded STST and WTF and had it more influenced by how there current sound is. I don’t think any other band has done that. Just think how those albums would sound with everything they have at there disposal nowdays.. Just imigine if Metallica went back and re-did Kill em all, Puppets and Lighting during the black album days. Doubt it’ll happen but just an idea

Comment by Chris

Im having A7X withdrawal symptoms the only medication would be more awesome a7x material cant wait!

Comment by Lee

I’m sick of listening to nightmare ever day, actually no i’m not i f*cking love it, but I can’t wait for the new material.

Comment by Anonymous

Ugghhh!!!! Can’t wait!! I’m really itching to see what they are writing! I’m sure it will be amazing as always. I really hope Arin becomes a permanent drummer for A7X. I love Arin and would hate to see him leave.

Comment by GeorgiaHanerBakerfoREVer

I can’t wait! This is gonna be the shit!

Comment by Anonymous

Yeah so fuckin excited and very very happy that A7X will finally put out a new album hopefully sometime next year yay !!!!!!!!!

Comment by Mandi27

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