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Avenged Sevenfold Want To Answer Your Questions!
May 25, 2012, 11:13 am
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Have a question you’ve always wanted to ask Avenged Sevenfold? Now’s your chance! The guys want to answer your questions in their next email blast sent out to fans. All you have to do is ask them via their Facebook page or via their Twitter (@TheOfficialA7X). Make sure you sign up to receive the emails now so you don’t miss out! What questions will you be asking the band?

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May be a stupid question,but I just wanna make sure.Signing up is free right?

Comment by Anonymous

Yes it is.

Comment by deathbatnews

will you guys ever do a compilation concert where you play one whole cd?? that be sick

Comment by Bryan Rodriguez

“How do you feel your utterly dramatic stylistic changes have influenced your legacy as a band?”

Comment by Jonathan S. Schultz

“What happened to syn gates clothing and will it ever come back?” I know there was legal stuff involved but I’ve been wondering for a while, I LOVED that line and am really curious. Plus if it ever comes back I’d be beyond stoked.

Comment by James

I asked if they have anything special in stor for the Quebec and Connecticut shows. They probably can’t do too many crazy things at Metallica’s festival, since it’s just a 60 minute set, but with only one opener for the other 2 shows and being that it’s the last 2 tour dates for Nightmare, I think it’s a valid question.

Comment by Anonymous

I wanted to ask when you think you might be getting back into the recording studio. Or if there are any songs that you’ve written or started while on tour and are excited about to bring into the studio?

Comment by Sara (@Tigger2007)

…also I forgot… if their was ONE avenged sevenfold song you could put into a time capsule to represent the band what would it be?

Comment by Sara (@Tigger2007)

E-mail sign up right?

Comment by ~Bluewolf~


Comment by deathbatnews

Alright thank you! I got the right one then! :)

Comment by ~Bluewolf~

One of my possible questions would be if they will ever play Natural Born Killer live, that song would be sick live!

Comment by Dillon

I just went on twitter and asked “Will you ever release all of Jimmy’s Nightmare album demos?” that would be awesome if they did!

Comment by Dillon

Are yall gonna write a book like Motley Crue’s “The Dirt” ?

Comment by Natasha Boyd

I have a few questions, but with my bad english it’s going to be hard—

Comment by Hanna

This is when it sucks not to have a facebook or twitter lol someone should ask if they are going to make more “the making of” videos like they did for their self titled album, I loved those!

Comment by Michelle7x

the short 2 minute vids they did for like 3 songs is all we are getting with that unfortunately, they’ve said that other than MP filming himself (since he films every time he plays drums) there were literally no cameras, they just wanted to be closed off.

Comment by Anonymous

I think she means for the next album:)

Comment by James

what is your favorite song you ever made ? =)

Comment by leona

ok guys i wana know what changes do u will make by recording will its sounds like nightmare or it gona be something totaly new

Comment by Michael Palou

What’s the funniest or happiest or craziest things that has happened to you throughout the whole 13 years of you as a band?
Your band has crazy ideas like making a cartoon and I think there are so many interesting things that has happened to you that sometimes it makes me think that having a band with best friends is the most fun thing to do

Comment by Jill

DBN, when will the email blast be sent out? is it like a regular weekly or monthly deal or is it just kinda random?

Comment by Anonymous

It’s pretty random.

Comment by deathbatnews

Shadows, what did you do with my flanno jacket you caught in Brisbane Australia last year ? I miss it :(

Comment by Josh Maday

DBN its been 3 days I need more news. I’m dying here.

Comment by Ryan Abeles (@RyanAbeles)

So am I, Ryan. So am I.

Comment by deathbatnews

I want to know what Shadows favorite golf course is?

Comment by Anonymous

I got a little carried away and sent 9 questions (so far.) :)
hopefully at least one of them will get answered!

Comment by Lindsey

I wanna ask if thy plan on doing anymore YouTube videos? I absolutely loved getting a glimse into their lives!

Comment by Ashpattz

I’d ask something along the lines of, “Will you ever go back and perform some more of your earlier work from Sounding The Seventh Trumpet live again?”

Just a shame to me that they have practically ignored that album since City of Evil came out.

Comment by Newbs28

That’s what I want to ask them but I don’t know where to go to ask my question. I don’t have a twitter account and I don’t know where on Facebook I ask my question.

Comment by Alexis


Comment by jimmy

Any plans to release previous albums instrumentals?

Comment by Anonymous

ok avenged sevenfold should perform songs from an album that isnt released its called Diamonds in the rough live from LBC they only performed these songs on one occasion and should be perform them again

Comment by Anonymous

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