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Preview Kerrang! Magazine’s Avenged Sevenfold Poster Special.
May 30, 2012, 4:07 pm
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Deathbat News reader Jacob T was kind enough to send in a preview of the Avenged Sevenfold poster special in this week’s Kerrang! Magazine.


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Unfortunatly they are double sided, pain when they do that!

Comment by Jacob

Why they double side them i do not know! So really instead of getting 7 posters like they say, you actually only get 4. Surely they know that people are going to want to get these posters to put up on their walls!

Comment by Hannah

kick ass!!! i need to get that!!

Comment by Anonymous

So great to see posters with the 5 of them. Breaks my heart to see ones with only the 4 of them! No one should be alowed to die young…should be against the rules!

Comment by Anonymous

Is there anyway to buy just this magazine and not have to subscribe for the year thing or whatever it is.

Comment by Anonymous

Call your local bookstore and see if they import it or check Ebay.

Comment by deathbatnews


Comment by Anonymous

It’s good to see solo shots of all the guys. I found the posters from the last A7X K! poster special the other day and was thinking it’d be nice to have some solo shots of Zacky, Johnny and Syn. Thanks Kerrang! ^^

I’m actually considering buying two copies of this so I can put them all up…

Comment by SS

[…] A vypadat budou takhle (credits to DeathBat News) […]

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Dudes i would be sooooo excited to get one of those im a big fan i want a poster to add to my collections of posters and I WANT A7X POSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by

I’ve been following Kerrang Magasine since I read this but still it haven’t gone out anything with a7x poster special.. :(

Comment by Linnea

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