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Win An Autographed Zacky Vengeance Custom Reissue From Schecter Guitars.
June 5, 2012, 1:49 pm
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Schecter Guitars are giving fans the opportunity to win an autographed Zacky Vengeance Custom Reissue. The contest runs until June 15th and is open internationally.


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Please let me win :) its my birthday soon and this would be the ultimate gift since Avenged Sevenfold are my favourite band.
Thank you

Comment by Alina

this would be a sickk guitar to own a7x<3

Comment by Doec Jesus Morales


Comment by Leandra

I LOVE AVENGED SEVENFOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Leandra

sweeet :)

Comment by Lindsey

I just won the Vans warped tour give away but the location is in California so I can’t go! :( hopefully I will win this and get a prize I can actually use lol.

Comment by Cherry Valentine (@Cherry_Dollface)

If i win this i will learn to play just because i won

Comment by Anonymous

When you sign up it says “Shipping of goods is available to US residents only” on the bottom. So is it really open internationally or not ?

Comment by Anonymous

Schecter announced it’s open internationally. You could try contacting them regarding that.

Comment by deathbatnews

Adorable <3 please let me win so I can spread a7x more an more in switzerland! :)

Comment by Nadja

omg! i needa win this its been my dream to have a schecter guitar from zacky v or synyster gates :) if i win this ima be the happiest person in this universe :) a7x foREVer <3

Comment by sophia

Althought the guitar is pretty badass, this is yet another contest I will not enter because I refuse to get a facebook account. Sounds silly I know, but that is how strongly I disagree with everything facebook stands for!

Comment by Anonymous

oh my gates!!… i would LOVE TO GET THIS GUITAR!!… it would be my biggest dream to get a zacky v. or synyster gates guitar…. xD i really hope i get this guitar… but if i dnt… im happy for that person how does

Comment by wynona sevenfoldlover schultz

It would be cool if win that guitarSince zacky v is a big influence to me :D

Comment by Anthony Baker

I wanna win!

Comment by JaCaria

!Dear a7x/schecter. I am the biggest fan ever. PERIOD!! It would make my life to win it.

Comment by blake c

Hi! It would be a pleasure to win this guitar because A7X is my favourite band. I’ll spread my DeathBat spirit everywhere i go. \m/

Comment by valeria

Please let me win! I am a huge A7X fan. Zacky has been a huge insperation in my life! please let me win! ~R.I.P. Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan (James Owen Sullivan) foREVer gone, but never forgotten. <3

Comment by Andrew

I want it *-*
Zacky V is just the one!
I’ve dreamed a lot of times, in a concert when he lets me play his guitar next to syn gates lml *-*

Comment by Diego Madrigal


Comment by Ruthicle

I don’t know if this is still open but wow would I love to win this. A7X is awesome! I’ve loved you for years

Comment by Karen Goclowski


Comment by gage

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