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Carrie Underwood Enjoys Avenged Sevenfold During Her Workouts.
June 13, 2012, 10:23 am
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Carrie Underwood revealed in People Magazine’s Country Special that she is an Avenged Sevenfold fan and they’re her favorite to listen to when she works out. Fun fact: In Carrie’s video for “Before He Cheats” you can spot an A7X tank top on one of the extras.

So many artists will tell you they have really eclectic taste in music and that they like everything. But Carrie Underwood’s list of the music of her life is seriously thorough. In the new People Country Special issue, she said she likes to listen to Wham! before her shows (“It’s impossible to listen to Wham! and not want to dance silly,” she says) and that her favorite workout music is the angry stuff from Avenged Sevenfold (a heavy metal band whose music isn’t at all as biblical as their name).


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I’ve always like Carrie Underwood, but now I like her more. :D

Comment by JaCaria

Ditto-do you notice how many Avenged and metal fans are coming out of the woodwork now.

Comment by Anne Stenslien

She’s not really coming out of the wood-work though. The BHC video was released in 2006 so she’s obviously been a fan for a while.

Comment by Jackson

that’s really awesome!! she’s got great taste in music! hahah :]

Comment by steph

Haha I think that’s awesome!

Comment by Zoe


Comment by @cZacky

There is no escape from the awesome sauce that is Avenged Sevenfold. hahaha!

Comment by Christen

I remember seeing a screen cap from one of her videos; a girl that was in it was wearing an A7X tank. They’re contagious! lol.

Comment by Kuroneko

I want to marry this woman lol! She’s good too and hella hot

Comment by Bj

That’s so random, but yes gurl!

Comment by Loghen

Yes gworl!

Comment by deathbatnews

who doesn’t like Avenged? This band is the SHYTTT!

Comment by mikeyV

A lot of people actually. Their loss though.

Comment by Alfie

I’d just like to say that A7X does have a lot of inspiration from the Bible. This includes but not limited to: Beast and the Harlot, Chapter Four, The Wicked End, Afterlife and parts of Crossroads. I’m not trying to say their a Christian band, of course, but do get inspiration out of the Bible.

Comment by Zack

I completely agree, and whats annoying is done people will disagree but it’s obviously there in the songs you listed.

Comment by Jacob-Gates

How don’t they see it in Chapter Four? “I’ve come here to kill you, Won’t leave until you die. Murder born of vengeance I close my brother’s eyes.” Or in Beast and the Harlot, “Fallen now is Babylon the great.” The City of Evil, lol I just realized that now

Comment by Zack

shes my favorite now.

Comment by Stuart

Weird how I suddenly like people i’ve never thought anything of when they like A7X…

Laughed out loud at the last remark on how A7X doesn’t play biblical music blabla etc. A picture of popes and nuns and church-people popped in my head where they were reading that magazine and thinking “Oh! isn’t that a nice name, very biblical, I should listen to their music” and then they turn on Unholy Confessions or something like that. Hah. I’m easy to amuse.

Comment by s

haha that’s pretty awesome man

Comment by Hannah

She should have worked with them for “Dear God”! That would have been more amazing.

Comment by Jordan

I love her even more!

Comment by manduh

Some of Avenged Sevenfold’s music is biblical, try listening to Dear God, So Far Away, Dangerline, Brompton Cocktail, Seize the Day, etc. Their music isn’t all heavy metal or angry, they do have multiple ballads and many songs with religious references.

Comment by sierra

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