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“My Favorite Pantera Song” With M Shadows.
June 14, 2012, 5:57 pm
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In the special edition Revolver Magazine issue “The Book Of Pantera” M Shadows wass asked what his favorite Pantera song is. While he didn’t end up choosing one above them all he did share a story about “Slaughtered.”

(Click for larger image)

Thanks Justin for sending this in.


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Great story!! See you at the Orion Festival soon!

Comment by Angie

[…] Para visualizar um scan da revista, clique aqui. Thanks to DBNews […]

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Great story. I’m probably much older than most of you, but when I was in 9th grade we had to recite a poem in English class and one of my friends used the lyrics from Stairway to Heaven. Our teacher loved it, but he was pretty cool that way. (None of the A7X guys had even been born then!)

Comment by axemother

LOL-my Catholic school never had assignments like that. :(

Comment by Anne Stenslien

Had to do that just two weeks ago for an English assignment. Played Unholy Confessions. Teacher likes Slayer so the full song was played. He also commented “What band is this? its.. perfect”. Created a fan. Like a Sir.

Comment by TjSixx

Just ordered the magazine. Can’t wait to obtain it. Why can’t we have an awesome SHow&Tell about our fave musics like that? haha

Comment by That Crazy Wild Boyb (@Zombie_Tattoo)

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