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Zacky Vengeance Will Help Judge Rockstar Uproar’s 2012 Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands.
June 19, 2012, 2:41 pm
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Zacky Vengeance will be a part of a panel of judges consisting of Jose Mangin, Bill McGathy and Jay Baumgardner for the 2012 Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands powered by Imagen Records presented by the Rockstar Uproar tour. Starting today, June 19th, unsigned bands can enter to win a chance to play live on the Ernie Ball Stage in their town this August and September. Finalists will compete for the grand prize which includes a spot on the 2013 Rockstar Uproar tour, the opportunity to record an EP with legendary producer Jay Baumgardner at NRG Recording Studios in Hollywood, CA, $10,000 worth of music gear and more.

“Zacky V is a guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold. He is very modest and humble about how incredibly awesome he is. He is also very rational and can count to a zillion. He can grow a beard if he so desires, but doesn’t usually. That is all…”


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lmfao “He can grow a beard if he so desires, but doesn’t usually.” Thats freakin awesome lmfao. Now all I can do is picture ZV with a beard :/

Comment by Andi iRock

so keen.

Comment by Josh Maday

Not to steer of subject but, that Jose guy is like the kid who tried way to hard to fit in. I don’t like him…

Comment by Anonymous

Holy fuck. I’m entering my band PMB. We’re gonna win it… with your help, that is. =]

Comment by Dante Phoenix

These are the sites… We’ve yet to enter, but we’re fed up with shit rock music… We’re Avenged influenced, to say the least. ;]

Comment by Dante Phoenix

Dude, you should change your band’s name… I thought I read Picture me broken back!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Is that a gay cowboy reference? No, of course not… I know a gay cowboy reference when I hear one. *-*

Comment by Dante Phoenix

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