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Schecter’s Synyster Gates Custom Guitar Featured In Vitamin Water Ad.
June 27, 2012, 6:49 pm
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Schecter Guitars shared this photo of a Vitamin Water “Energy” ad in which a girl is pictured playing a Synyster Gates Custom.


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Comment by Rev. LancE

Yeeee! nice haha

Comment by mikeyV

saw this on schecter FB earlier ..and for REV LancE speechless ..that was the perfect word ;)

Comment by PyVengeance


Comment by Andrew D

Everyone likes a Syn custom. I’d rather see him in the ad playing it though.

Comment by Anne Stenslien

haha saw this on scheters facebook, only noticed the guitar, didnt realise it was for vitamin water… opps :)

Comment by hannah

Lucky girl…

Comment by Tasha Ross Yetter

Not certain, but I’m pretty sure its’s Nikki Stringfield.

Comment by Alikz

No, it is Alicia Vigil, actress/model/musician

Comment by Anonymous

i know where this is at!! bus station in huntington beach! drove by it last week and my parents couldnt figure out why i was flippin out!

Comment by Rick N.

i live near that bus stop.. in westminster, by the graveyard

Comment by chava

EPIIIIC!! I actually wish I had one of those guitars!! I would rather see Synyster himself playing the guitar though.

Comment by NathanFold

If I get a free Gates guitar I may be willing to buy Vitamin Water. But before that happens, I will never buy that shit haha.

Comment by Woutb

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