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Revolver Exclusive: Listen To New Fozzy Single “Sandpaper” Featuring M Shadows.
July 5, 2012, 9:07 am
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Fozzy have teamed up with Revolver Magazine to premiere their new single “Sandpaper” which features guest vocals from M Shadows. The song is taken off the bands new album “Sin And Bones” out August 14th.


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Shadows should have gotten a full verse… good song though.

Comment by PM7X

Very very good :)

Comment by nilly

so sick, I dig it! If the whole album is this good i’m going to buy it for sure. :)

Comment by James

Wow I love fozzy and now with Shads? Oh my…what a day!

Comment by Rad

Good song but man, Shads just blew Jericho away. He has such depth to his voice, it is so strong. Great job!

Comment by Anne Stenslien

I think Jericho is awesome in this.

Comment by Cory

Shadows can turn any so-so song and turn it into an EPIC!

Comment by Anonymous

I wasn’t a big fan but anything with Shadz is sick!

Comment by pinkyandthesheep

Shadows sounds like he’s straining a lot here. I think this is the beginning of his huge vocal change that a ton of metal singers go through. Next album’ll be interesting.

Comment by Mike

I agree. Last 2 years of touring have really blown his voice out. It isnt anywhere near as raspy or powerful as it used to be. Similar to what happened to the guy in slipknot. Hopefully a decent amount of rest will help regenerate it a bit

Comment by John

Hell? I don’t think so, it sounds more like “lost it all”. I think this is an conscience effort of Shads to sing like this. Hope you are both wrong, cuz’ I don’t want Matts voice to change at all. It’s unique and just too awesome, so please tell me you guys are talkin’ out of your asses here xD

Comment by Rad

Matt’s voice has changed a couple times over the years, doesn’t change the fact that he’s great at what he does and that he won’t lose any fans for it. If it changes, it changes. Personally this fan could care less, I’ll still love him and the band for who they are and what they do regardless of how he sounds :)

Comment by Anonymous

Maybe some. But it happens to EVERYBODY. There are some high notes on WtF (like in IWSYT Pt. 2) that I would bet anything he can’t hit anymore. Just look at James Hetfield; he sounded great in the 90s when he was in his 30s, but so much different from his 80s powerhouse voice.

We aren’t talking out of our asses, Rad.

Comment by Mike

Ah Shit…well…Matts voice is still enjoyable so I hope the change won’t be dissapointing

Comment by Rad

Well I see what you’re saying, but a lot of metal singers have done drugs, smoked cigarettes, or don’t sing properly – and that’s why their voices deteriorate. I’m not saying Shadows is immune to it, but his voice will definitely stay stronger for much longer. Also keep in mind, this might have been recorded in 2011 (Uproar 2011, was definitely a strain on his voice considering he was singing IWSYT and MIA again). His voice also sounded similar to this in 2009 after touring/having vocal strain. I don’t think anyone should be worried lol. It might be different, but not bad.

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

am i the only one who can’t help but laugh everytime they say “sandpaper?” other than that the song was pretty good. It’s good to hear Shads’ voice :)

Comment by francyA7X

I have to agree awesome song but everytime they would say “sandpaper” it kind of put me off.

Comment by ashleigh

The only parts I like of this song are when M. Shadows sings. Chris Jericho’s kind of a sell-out. Matt fixed the entire song, thank God.

Comment by CJ

If I heard this on the radio I would definitely know that was M.Shadows..he really has that distinctive voice unlike any other 2:18-2:52 & DEFINITELY Matt at 2:41-2:45….am I right? That can’t be Chris.

Comment by Forever Avenged

I would really like to see a song like this on there next album

Comment by Phill

I hope not. This song is horrible. Only good thing about it is Matt.

Comment by Jackson

Agree with you 100%. That song was horribly cheesy and I would not have given it a listen at all if M wasn’t on there.

Comment by Kelly

i wasnt feeling it… shadows voice is amazing, and as a singer/songwriter who doesnt even sing metal i really look up to him but this song was weak. never heard any of fozzys stuff before so maybe its just their style.. some cool hamonys on chorus but besides that it was lacking

Comment by kk

I hate the way they overproduce his voice whenever he’s a guest artist on a song.

Comment by Syd

Pffffft Matt owned this song…the only problem is he’s barely audible.

Comment by ZombieGirl

Pretty decent song. More of Matt’s vocals would’ve made it even better. :)

Comment by JaCaria

Just bought it on iTunes!!! XP πŸ‘ˆπŸ’€πŸ‘‰

Comment by A7x14

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