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Happy Birthday, Synyster Gates.
July 7, 2012, 6:19 am
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Happy Birthday to Synyster Gates who turns 31 today!

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I wish Syn a happy birthday ♥

Comment by Ida Sade

This guy means the world to me. Happy 31th Birthday Syn Gates.

Comment by houda gates

Happy Birthday Syn!! I wanna hump your face. <3

Comment by Liz

Happy Birthday Syn :3 I hope you don’t feel to old now, and you have a great day ♥

Comment by Francesca Maden

Birthday wishes to Syn from Finland!

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Gunawan

Happy B-day, my idol! :)

Comment by ChrisA7X

Live it today like u live it everyday Syn. Happy B-day

Comment by bikervixyn


Comment by marcelo

Happy Birthday!!!! You’re Freaking Awesome!!! Wish you the best today and keep rocking out bro.

Comment by Martin

Happy B’day Synyster!From Singapore!!!

Comment by Viknes

Happy Birthday Syn. Hope you have a great day and it goes better than my last birthday. Enjoy your day man!

Comment by The Gate Keeper (@MusicalMadness8)

Happy Birth day Syn! Hope it’s filled with laughter and smiles!

Comment by Nikki_Quinn

Happy Birthday Syn!!

Comment by Melissa

Happy birthday Syn! :D

Comment by Josh M

happy 31 birthday syn gates.. have a blast! \m/

Comment by zul

Happy Birthday, Brian! I hope your day is a beautiful one!

Comment by Andrea Lam

Happy Birthday to Syn! Best guitarist in the world! I love him foREVer! :) ♥

Comment by Heather

happy birthday syn

Comment by alicia

Happy Birthday to one of the best and sexiest guitarist out there! Looking forward to hearing your amazing music for many more years to come. Have a great one.

Comment by Danielle Younts-Pennington

Happy Birthday Synyster!! :)

Comment by Natalie

i wish you the BEST <3 Happy Birthday syn :D
You're AWSOME !

Comment by David Sarabia

Happy Birthday to him!

Comment by Loghen

Happy birthday to one of the coolest and most talented dudes on the planet. Hope you have a great day, Syn! <3

Comment by Lindsey

Happy Birthday Brian!!! Wish you the best, have a great rest, we want you to come in full force on the next album :)

Comment by Rita Sousa

Happy 31st Birthday Synyster Gates !!

Comment by Zach Genewick

Happy Birthday, Syn! I’m so proud of you for all of your achievements, and I appreciate everything you’ve done for us! Thank you! Love ya! <3

Comment by Caitijo

Happy Birthday Syn!!!!! I hope you have a Bat Country Birthday!!!!!!!

Comment by Allan McMillan

Happy birthday Synyster!!

Comment by Stephanie

Happy birthday, big bro. I love you so much. I hope you have a great day ♥ xxx

Comment by Kayleigh

Happy Birthday Syn! Hope you don’t get too drunk…never mind, I’m pretty sure you will.

Comment by Stacey

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have a great one! :D

Comment by Natashia Fox

Happy Birthday Syn!

Comment by Val Marquez (@bleeding_black)

Happy Birthday Syn!!!!! You are one of the greatest guitar players to ever live!

Comment by Michelle7x

Happy Birthday, Syn!!!! One of the coolest guys out there.

Comment by a7xfanben

Happy Birthday Syn!!! The big 31 hope it’s a good one (I’m sure it will be)!!!!

Comment by ashleigh

Happy Happy Birthday Love!! Have a great day!

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Syn!

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing and talented guitarists on earth.

Comment by Carol

Happy Birthday Synyster ! We Love You <3

Comment by The Cannibal

Happy bday syn!! Saturday is a great day to have a bday and i will drink several beers in your honor tonight ;)

Comment by kelly

Happy Birthday Synyster <3 <3 I wish you the best!!!

Comment by Natalie


Comment by Anonymous

Happy birthday to one the most talented guitarists and…. sexiest ;)

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Brian, you silly French! Have a great one!

Comment by Anonymous

♥ Happy B-Day 2 U Syn!! OMGates! today it’s ur birthday number 31 and you’re still one of the best guitarists in the world! You are fucking awesome, Gates! You’re My Favorite Guitarrist ever in the World ! ♪♫
I ♥ U foREVer :D

Comment by Arlette_7x

Happy Birthday Syn, it is an honour to be born on the same day as you :D <3

Comment by Jan Anders Øvergård

Happy B-Day. :)

Comment by JaCaria

happy bday to you too! :D

Comment by Leah

happy birthday Synister G
keep rocking dude

Comment by Ksummer

Happy birthday !!!! :D <3

Comment by marieA7X

Happy birthday Brian. <3 Have a great day. :)

Comment by Hanna

happy birthday Brian ! you’re the best guitarist in the world and thank you to be in the most amazing band ever !! I love u man i admire you man because you are a fucking deathbat ! and the guitarist of my favorite band ! so i hope that you will have a happy day !

Comment by Wilson Coello


Comment by Anonymous

happy happy birthday day syn:)hope is a good day

Comment by Anonymous

happy happy birthday syn :) hope today is a good day

Comment by jade

Syn has a happy birthday,!!

Comment by Mariana Boscolo

Happy Bday Dude, we all love you and i hope you enjoyed your big day! Have a blast and be blessed for the next 365 days of your life!

Comment by Biggi

Happy bithday Syn from Spain :) Thanks for existing.

Comment by Sonia

Happy mother freak’n birthday syn!!!!!!!! hope you enjoy your day :3

Comment by Melina

Happy Birthday Brian!!! If you by chance read this, have a shot for me my friend!! We all love you :)

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Syn! Hope you have a fantastic day!

Comment by JaCaria

Happy birthday Syn! Keep on shredding man!

Comment by Ghostflame83

Happy Birthday Syn! Hope it’s a good one!

Comment by Kuroneko

Happy Birthday Synyster Gates! Love you. Hope to see you guys on tour again soon. Southern California ftw. :)

Comment by a7xr0ck3r

Happy birthday Brian .. I will always love you .. :-*

Comment by Ummaira Augustian (@ratiassadipata)

Happy Birthday, Syn!!!!

Comment by Alyssa E

Happy Birthday Syn!!

Comment by MB

Happy birthday, Syn.

Comment by Daniel Goldstein

Let’s get it trending !!! ‪#HappyBDaySynysterGates‬

Comment by Lulu

Happy Birthday lovely ♥
have a super mega great day!

Comment by Leah


Comment by Sian

Happy Birthday Synyster, always following in your footsteps!!

Comment by Anonymous

Hope you have a vurryy HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYN!!!! XD Love ya’!!!! <3 ~andi~

Comment by andi

Happy Birthday Syn! :))

Comment by Agnes

Happy Birthday

Comment by Amber

Happy 31st Birthday from Fort Worth Tx, Syn!!
Keep on shredding \m/
Have a great day <3

Comment by Victoria Ibarra

Happy 31st birthday Brian, hope it’s all you desire. We love you! <3

Comment by francyA7X

Happy Birthday Synyster Gates <3 I hope you have a great day with your family!

Comment by Yáa Kée

Happy Birthday from New Zealand!! You are an inspiration.

Comment by Rebecca

Happy Birthday Synyster (: <3 <3

Comment by Chelsea

<3 Happy Birthday Synyster Gates <3! You are my inspiration. I've been tweeting # HappyBdaySynGates two days without sleep, all for you .. I do not regret, on the contrary I am very happy! I hope you have the best day of your life because you deserve it. That passes great with your family and friends .. Greetings from Argentina. A7X foREVer – Let's get it trending!

Comment by ☠Vero A7X foREVer☠ (@6661DeathBat)

Happy Birthday man! You were the one who inspired me to start playing the guitar 5 years ago. You and the amazing music of A7X are the reason I’m still playing today! Thank you for all those face-melting solos throughout the years and thank you for being a role model for fot me and many others. I hope I can meet you guys someday. So now you’re 31 you must be feeling like you’re getting old, but remember…..leyends are immortal, so don’t be alarmed Brian ^^.
I wish the best for you and A7X. Happy Birthday Syn.

Comment by Jerry


Comment by Anonymous

This guy means the world to me. Happy 31th Birthday Syn Gates.

Comment by Gislaine Chagas

Happy fucking birthday Synyster Gates! Who knew 31 years ago that the most amazing lead guitarist was born. Haha

Comment by Victor Park

Happy Birthday to one of the best most unique guitarists ever! unbeleivable how dynamic and versitile this guy is he can literally play anything, any genre, thats the sign of a great musician. im proud to call u my fave guitar player ever, all the best Synyster Gates!!! :D

Comment by Andrew D

Syn motherfucking gates. When I saw you guys live in Brisbane Australia last year and I saw you walking out to the stage, I’ll admit, I cried. You are the greatest guitarist. Yes John Petrucci is great, so is ZV and Mark Morton and all those other dudes, but you have so much taste in your playing, I never get bored watching you play guitar and you talking in interviews.

HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY! KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND WE ALL LOVE YOU AND THE BAND! The fans are always there for you guys, putting 397928328% into their support.

Comment by Josh Maday

Happy Birthday to one of the best guitarist in the world! Happy Birthday Synyster Gates!

Comment by mariraven

Happy Birhday Synyster :)
From Indonesia :)

Comment by Firman Sevenfoldism

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Comment by Laurel

Happy Birthday Synyster Gates! :D I’ll own one of your guitars soon.

Comment by Aaron

happy birthday Syn ,,you are my idol <3

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Syn! Wishing you good health, more success, and many more Birthdays to come.
You are a badass guitar GOD..keep doing what your doing. Can’t wait til I see you guys on tour again. =)

Comment by Forever Avenged

Happy birthday Syn! Hope you’ll have a great day!

Comment by Anonymous

happy birthday my idol, syn, wyatb, you’re always in our heart love yaaa

Comment by isnahanerjr


I have great admiration for this guy, soil, letters and all the joy that he shares with fans, of course is someone who makes music that touch those deep down in my soul. Congratulations on your 31 years enshrined the music!

Comment by carla valeria

Happy birthday Synyster gates !
wish you all the best
God bless you :)

Comment by EkyS (@Eky_Deathbat)

happy birthday brian on being 31, im sure it was good and that you got very gooden drunk lol ;) ily and hope to see you in concert one day, it would mean everything to me :) <3

Comment by Sienna

happy birthday bryan! hopefully one day we can smoke some reds together and hangout and jam for a bit

Comment by Zac

A late happy birthday to Syn , hope to see you and the band back in Oslo Norway soon .

Comment by kurt.west.norway

syn keep rockin dude, hope you’ve had a great time and continue to do so in all you do ……… all the best for you and the guy s xx

Comment by danielle

Happy Birthday Synyster Gates

Comment by Joe

Happy Birthday buddy. :) Keep on rocking.

– Bro-hugs and congratz from Denmark.

Comment by Magnus Damkier

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