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Music Of The Round Table’s Interview With M Shadows And Synyster Gates In Thailand.
July 12, 2012, 7:25 pm
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Music Of The Round Table sat down with M Shadows and Synyster Gates after Avenged Sevenfold’s show in Thailand to speak a bit about how the band compose their songs, writing songs, improvising while playing live, how they fill their days on tour and off, their thoughts on music school, how they felt about their show in Thailand, advice for younger musicians and much more. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here or click the images below.

Thanks Sam for sending this in.


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Links aren’t working for me

Comment by Ka7x

They’re working fine for me.

Comment by deathbatnews

working for me too

Comment by James

Will always support these guys, great interview. It’s pretty poignant at the end when they’re talking about loving your friends and “So Far Away” starts playing. But damn in these live clips Shadows sounds tired, good thing they’re taking a break to write and relax, no doubt he’ll be up to form again soon.

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

Not working :(

Comment by Gage

I’m not really sure why. I’ve tried clicking them from Firefox, Chrome and Safari and they all work. I’ve also had friends try them from different browsers and they didn’t have any issues. Just keep trying.

Comment by deathbatnews

I just love JC’s vocals in Nightmare! xd

Comment by ChrisA7X

love syns playin the REV guitar in that video

Comment by Frankie Berry

If you don’t get anything in the top just click on the first link on the left. When it opens click on the “video” with Syn’s picture on it. That’ll get you there too!! Aren’t they amazing? It seems A7X is universal-I know I speak it.

Comment by Anonymous

Ping pong shows…oh jeez.

Comment by Anonymous

just wondering, howcome zacky and johnny arnt there ?? lol i think they should have intereviewd all you guys!!

Comment by Anonymous

ohhmann, where’s zacky ? :)

Comment by Poppy Indah C.P. (@poppyicherp)

great guys

Comment by Woutb

ahahahah, ih sweet smile Synyster Gates

Comment by Windi Synyster Gates

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