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WJJR’s “Best Guitarist Of The JJR Era” Poll: Synyster Gates Vs. Mark Tremonti.
July 20, 2012, 5:50 pm
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101one WJRR are currently running a “Best Guitarist Of The JJR Era (1993-Present)” poll and Synyster Gates is up against Mark Tremonti (Creed, Alter Bridge) for the “Best Guitarist” title. Voting ends at midnight on July 23rd. Make sure you get your votes in.

Thanks Lindsey for sending this in.

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Mark Tremonti. Clearly a no-brainer.

You should probably mention this is the same guy from Alter Bridge, for the lesser-informed readers here…

Comment by Mike

Clearly a no brainer?? Its all opinion lol. Its just who you prefer dude


Nah, I was just being a dick. It was what was written up top originally. Mark Tremonti is a total beast at guitar, but since he has the name Creed forever with him, some people don’t like to pay attention.

His new album… \m/

Comment by Mike

Just to clarify.. I didn’t say “clearly this is a no-brainer” in regards of Tremonti’s talent, I meant it regarding the fact that this is an Avenged Sevenfold news site and the majority of those reading will likely vote for Syn. I’ve taken removed it so it’s not taken out of context again.

Comment by deathbatnews

Vote for the best guitarist:Synyster Gates! :D

Comment by ☜☠☞Veronica A7X☜☠☞ (@I_Deathbat)

Did anyone see any rules on how often you can vote??

Comment by Anonymous

Wow, people really think Tremonti’s better than Kirk Hammett and Van Halen? I’m also a huge Syn fan but come on, him over Dimebag and Zakk Wylde?

Comment by lupe

Tremonti v Gates? Fkn really? Hell Syn simplest riffs (Streets)
trump anything in Tremonti’s discography, AB, Creed included. Is he bad?
Hell no, he’s very solid player but Syn is reaching legend status (modern day wise).

Comment by D.U.A.L.

Syn didn’t write or record Streets. I doubt he’s even played it seriously.

Comment by Mike

They recorded it again with syn… Or at least a few songs..

Comment by Aaron

Syn didn’t play on ANY of STST. They rerecorded a metal version of To End The Rapture with him after the album came out and he joined the band, and that version replaced the original when the album was rereleased.

Comment by Mike

love syn, but honestly, tremonti is the only person that may be better, my not shred wise, but he has some sick style.

Comment by Jake

Creed sux breh

Comment by Jon

You can tell who is actually voting in this. I mean most of the late 80s early 90s guitarists got thrown out immediately even though they are leaps and bounds better. I love Syn and A7X is my favorite band, but holy hell how did some of those guitarists get throw away like that

Comment by Austin

The whole purpose of the poll was best guitarist since the inception of the station here in Central Florida. I was all for Zakk Wylde, but he got booted.

Comment by Jenn

Zakk is a great guitarist Ive been listening to him since the 80’s and hes not as good as Brian Haner (syn) when my son introduced syn to me I was blown away, I had no idea a young man could be that talented. Syn is technically better than Dime and Zakk.

Comment by David

Syn’s got my vote!

Comment by Anonymous

Gates is better. Dimebag and Zakk Wylde are pretty good too. A7X has some loyal fans. Actually, the 8 guitarists on the left side of Bracket A are all amazing. That bracket is stacked

Comment by Mattie DeathBat

Syn Gates PERIOD.
if Syn beat out Dime… I mean, I haven’t heard anyone who compares to those two.

I haven’t heard Mark Tremonti play really…
But since I have a Deathbat tatted across my chest, Im going with Gates haha

Comment by mikeyV

c’mon guys.. keep voting! (and here I’m just assuming you’ll be voting for Syn, considering this is an AVENGED fan site.)

I thought for sure sending this in would get him a bunch of votes, but Syn is LOSING now. not okay. but we have two days to turn this around!

Comment by Lindsey


Comment by Arron Johnson

What a joke this contest is, just a popularity contest. I love Syn, he’s my favorite guitarist, and A7X will always be among my favorite bands, but there are soooooo many guitarists that are (at least in the music that’s been recorded) better than him. The amount of unknown metal bands with absolutely amazing guitar players, plus all the guitar legends like Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, etc….Syn just doesn’t compare. That being said, he also went to music school and is a classically trained jazz guitarist, so he might be better than we all realize. I’d love for him to put out a solo album someday…a guitar album crossing his love of metal with his love of crazy Zappa-like music and jazz would be amazing.

Comment by Anonymous

syn is losing!!! we gotta step up our game, he cant lose!

Comment by A7xSandro

If Synyster wins this or not, he doesn’t need to win this to prove he’s Best Guitarist in THE JJR era. Syn’s a GREAT guitar player and is already a legend to me! \m/

Comment by Forever Avenged

Pat Lynch and Dickerman just announced it – Mark Tremonti took it by 3% of the votes. So sad… But at least JRR (two R) loves A7X. Their stuff gets a good level of rotation. :)

Comment by Jenn

Syn rocks and he is the best. He is someone who is technical and creative . Others cant combine these 2. He is the best for sure !!

Comment by Jubayer Hamid

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