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Avenged Sevenfold Are Looking For Their Die-Hard Fans.
July 23, 2012, 10:40 am
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Avenged Sevenfold are on the hunt for some of their most die-hard fans in the world. If you can prove yourself you’ve got a chance to win an unidentified prize. Read below on how you can take part in the search.

We’re looking for the most die-hard Avenged Sevenfold fans in the world. Post your photos to twitter/instagram with #A7Xdiehard for your chance to win something. Make sure you’re twitter/instagram handles and email are registered at our email signup or site registration.


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I’m a die hard fan, have all of their albums

Comment by Zach Genewick

‘ Make sure you’re twitter/instagram handles and email are registered at our email signup or site registration.’

How do we do this?

Comment by Raeann

You will be asked for your Instagram and Twitter handles when you register for an account.

Comment by deathbatnews

ima a diehard bcuz i choose to b!!! XD

Comment by shandara begay

I have all of their albums as well :’) I love you guys so fucking much. Seriously one of the best bands in music history. I nearly cried when I heard you guys were going to make a new record. Keep doing your guy’s thing no one compares to you guys. I already know the new record will be beautiful. You guys never fail to make such brilliant music. #foRever loving you guys<3

Comment by Ja7xckie

I am a die hard fan I keep up with the band in deathbat news and I love listening to their music.

Comment by Hayley Marie Towne

Dang it, when is the deadline. I’ve been thinking about something for a while now.

Comment by Anne Stenslien

They didn’t include a deadline so I’m not sure.

Comment by deathbatnews

Been a die hard fan since ’03. I’ve seen them change musically and see them change their personality through those years and stuck with them throughout all of that. Die hard.

Comment by Kaylee

ive been a fan myself since about 03″ and believe me their music has inspired me and helped me through some tough times .. i dunno what the hell id be listening to if a7x wasnt part of my life… :)

Comment by lilia

Do we have to have both a twitter and instagram? Or can we just use one?

Comment by Jacob-Gates

I would assume at least one of the two.

Comment by deathbatnews

thanks for the info. One more question from me. If we already have a profile on the A7X site (the one from when they released the “Making of” DVD for the self titled) how do you add an instagram account to it? Or twitter for that matter, I didn’t see that option anywhere in my profile settings.

Comment by Jacob-Gates

Once you are signed in you’ll see “Edit Profile” at the top right corner of the page. Click that and scroll down, you’ll be able to enter an instagram and twitter handle there.

Comment by deathbatnews

what kind of pictures should we post? and which site registration are they talking about?

Comment by Shelly Ben-yshay

I don’t know what kind of photos they’re looking for. You can register for an account on here.

Comment by deathbatnews

I don’t know what to post either. I mean anyone can take a picture in their avenged shirt with their posters and albums and whatnot, but I don’t think that having a bunch of merch makes you any better than someone else who loves and appreciates the band and their music as much as you do. so yeah… I don’t know. can I write a letter and take a picture of it? haha

Comment by Lindsey

Like a few other people here, I also have all of their albums. According to my ITunes, I have listened to every single song they have 110 times in the past year

Comment by Zack

I assume a picture of all your stuff =). I have one, but have to make sure it’s up to date. Seems easy enough.

Comment by Kel

i uploaded my picture lol hope i win .. i never win anything so lets see if this could be my first! :) im on instagram under lilia7x
thanks death bat news for keeping us updated! awesome!

Comment by lilia

Avenged! <3 Time to create a Twitter account

Comment by Rob Spastic Valk

i have every album, tons of shirts of you guys, i drove half across the country to see you at Orion Fest in NJ, and i have the ALPOH album art work tattooed on my entire left side! your music changed my life, gave me hope. rock and roll and metal can totally change the world and i feel that you guys are one of the bands that will be a major part of that change! i respect you so much and i can honestly say that you make me feel a part of one huge family! thank you for giving me that and being so awesome to us fans!

Comment by Megan

i have my own deathbat design on my arm :)

Comment by Anonymous

I’m not really sure what instagram is :S what is it? Can I use twitpic instead?

Comment by Hannah

ive been to every local show since 08 taste of chaos… RIP Jimmy…..i actually teared up just writing that…..i have a deathbat tat on my chest derived from jimmys he had on his shoulder….i think its impossible to be a bigger fan then I am but knowing how perfect and moving all of their music is, i suppose its possible…. I wish everyone in the world could connect like us fans do to the avengedsevenfoldism…..i probably wont post pics for this contest, but I hope some really die hard ones get picked….peace out bros

ps: M Shadows, if ur reading this, im the kid at the 2010 show in SD with the Love it or Die Flag up in the nose bleads that u pointed to at the end of the show… Ill never forget how awesome that was….thanks for being my biggest idol…

Comment by Bryan Rodriguez, San Diego

i guess its time to show off 600$ of a7x merch and my syn gates custom

Comment by A7xSandro

My name is Jessika I am 20 years old I have been a Die hard Avenged Sevenfold fan since they first started in 1999 I was young but i knew good music when i heard it (: I liked Pinkly Smooth with Jimmy and Brian as well (: I have seen ALL interviews i have EVERY CD and DVD. I balled my eye’s out when the best drummer/ person passed away on December 28th 2009. Though i have not had the pleasure in seeing them live or meeting them which is my biggest goal and wish, They stand to be the best band in the world in my eye’s I not only like the music I love the way the boy’s are. They actually CARE about their fans (: they have wonderful personality’s that you get to experience if you have ever seen any interview or watched the DVDs or anything hell listen to their music and you can hear it in their writing. (: Love you guy’s hope to see ya sometime.
And i know i probably wont win this thing because i have horrible luck as it is lol but i just thought i would comment and let everyone know how much the Avenged Sevenfold family means to me (: Matt-Val and Baby Owen(Congrats) =^_^= Brian-Michelle, Jimmy(R.I.P)-Leana, Zacky-Gena, Johnny-Lacey, Arin (: and the Berry boy’s (: I love you all ~{}~ A7X FoREVer and Always
~Muah~ (:

-Jessika Whitaker, Union City Indiana-July 25,2012-

Comment by Jessika Whitaker

Hi I’m Braeden Jenkins… I am a true DIE hard fan.. EVEN have a Custom guitar.

Comment by Braeden Cole Jenkins

I have their cds in my car i listen to everyday no lie ive tried to buy t shirts all out of stock in my size, i’ve joined dcma just because matt and val wear the clothes and is friends with the maddens, so it seemed the second best thing to do only to find matt on their website and a tribute youtube video to jimmy (rip) quite awesome, i cry almost everytime i hear so far away, i feel every last rift, word and note that is sung and played, big love to the guys theyve worked so hard and it shows big love xxxxxxxxxx

Comment by danielle

Me encantais, sois los mejores chicos!
Os admiro mucho y, habeis hecho que nuestras vidas cambien con vuestra musica, somos metaleros si, pero vosotros… Es quelo petais. ;)
Un saludo:

Comment by Sheila

I don’t really understand this. It was never a competition of “who has the most merch”, or “who’s listened to them longest”. This is stuff that Directioners and Beliebers argue about. It’s just gonna cause fellow fans being spiteful to fellow fans. I love A7X to death, but I kind of wish they hadn’t of posted this. I think it’s challenging for a lot of people to comprehend their love for A7X. Usually, it’s way deeper than your merch, or years contributed.
Peace, Love, and A7X ♥

Comment by Pickles

I’m wondering if they’re gathering a ton of pictures for the dvd

Comment by John

I have an entire sleeve dedicated to a7x which M. Shadows has complimented and mentioned in interviews. I’m still no bigger fan then anyone else… a7x period

Comment by K Vengeance

I think there are looots of die-hard fans out there! I’d consider myself a die-hard fan aswell but the persons running deathbatnews should definitely also win!! :) Their music keeps me carrying on through shitty days and no other band is able to do that.. I’ve met some awesome deathbats out there who were just as crazy about them as I am and it’s awesome that one band can connect so many of us! My 2 A7x siters and me carry our a7x tattoos with a lot of pride:) I listen to their music everyday and the members (especially M.Shadows) are my rolemodels. I totally agree with “Pickles”, it shouldn’t be about who has most a7x merch or anything like that. I still love wearing my a7x merch because it makes me feel comfortable♥

Comment by Lara Sparenberg

I’m not sure exactly what A7X wants us to post but I’ve even used youtube and tagged it #A7Xdiehard and shared it on twitter so just using the power of the internet to show my A7X love! I wish I had all the merch and been to many shows of theirs ! I just want to let Avenged Sevenfold to know that they are AMAZING musicians and thanks for sharing their music with us all.I may have not know/heard of them when they first started in 1999, but I became a fan forever in 2008 after viewing the Afterlife video. I can’t say their music saved my life but I know I’d be doing something stupid in my life right now! Their music is like a security blanket for me..if that makes sense. I listen to it when I’m happy, sad, & when angry I turn up A7X’s music and just soothes me, their music ONLY does that to me. no other band’s music can touch me the way A7X music does! =)

Comment by Forever Avenged

I don’t know what to do for be the winner, because i don’t have these lots of a7x merch :( i just have the feeling that i love them more them ever, i love a7x with all my heart, i really do. would be awesome if they come to Brazil to film the new dvd, i’m sure that i would cry my heart out if they came xD

Comment by giorgia

I have 17 of their shirts, 2 syn guitars, all albums, all dvds, 5 posters (including the rare one i won from DBN) bandana, and im about to get a deathbat tattoo….I consider myself a die-hard fan lol

Comment by Arron Johnson

well i know iam late but avengedsevenfold my life no lie after loseing my big brother the one and only thing thtat made me happy avenged’s music it’s carzy to say but there music save my life in so many way’s i meet the guys like 2 or 3 time’s now and every time i meet them they are so sweet and nice they talk to fan’s like family that’s what realy love about avengedsevenfold i try my best to go to every shwo i can see they live i buy every thing make couse that what die hard fan’s do i alway’s talk about avengedsevenfold were ever i go to get more fan’s there’s nothing in the world i wont do for my a7x boyz i love so much and i want to know it they are the one thing in my life that’s real and i will a7x fan to the very last day of my life a7x………..foREVer…………..

Comment by michelle miller

I am like your biggest fan i love you guys and i cant get enough of your music.

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t believe in Instagram or twitter but my die hardedness is pretty cool and high up there… I like most own all of the albums, have followed the band for what seems to be their entire existance, shirts, coozies, posters, flags, I have the deathbat tattooed on my fore-arm, I’ve turned at least 20 people onto the band throughout the past few years, seen them live more than 10 times, took advice back in highschool from who I believe was Matt about my love life that ultimately led to me getting married… but BEST of all… My wedding was this past summer and the first dance for my wife and I was Warmness on the Soul. Pretty sure theres other stuff that makes me a “die hard” but bleh, its ok. I’m sure I lose to someone lol.

Comment by Scum

Check out the 10 year old on you tube doing the guitar solo of Welcome to The family. I give the biggest fan to him.

Comment by Bonnie

really love you matt :P

Comment by azizarahma

@deathbatnews me an my son are some of the die hardest fans. we started out at DTE energy seeing them in 2009 our first and last concert with the REV :( then followed them arount the country to chigago, rock on the range in columbus, two uproar festivals in michigan. have all their records, a signed guitar from uproar, guitar picks and drum sticks from concerts a signed one from the rev. I wear a7x lanyards every day to work. my our phones and ipods are covered with a7x skins and we cant wait for 2013 wooooo hooo with #A7Xdiehard

Comment by paulette donahue

My 5yr old is a die hard fan! If I put on any A7X album he’s singing and rocking out! Not to mention when he’s playin video games he will just randomly start singing A7X songs ;). Hopefully he will get to meet u guys 1 day!! :)

Comment by Rebecca G

I love ya’ll so much. I watch videos on youtube of ya’ll. I would do anything to meet you.

Comment by Kathy

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