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Happy Birthday, M Shadows.
July 31, 2012, 3:20 am
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Happy Birthday to M Shadows who turns 31 today!


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Happy Birthday Matthew Shadows :D you are the best bro !

Comment by Hafidz Razak

Happy B-Day Matt! ;D

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Shadizzle.

Comment by Revenant

Happy Birthday the greatest singer , M.Shadow , keep rock!
look at —>

Comment by isnawatic


Comment by nala_gates

Happy birthday Matthew shadows I love u so much #1 fan!!!:)<3

Comment by Liberty

happy birthday, shadows. hope to meet you one day. :)

Comment by kayla

Happy Birthday Matt!

Comment by Muaré

Happy b-day Shadows :)

Comment by Camilla

Happy B-Day wishes to M. Shadows!!! Enjoy your day Matt!!!

Comment by Tasha Ross Yetter

Happy Birthday M Shadows!!!! Have an awesome day!!! lots of love Shell xxxxxxx

Comment by Shell

Happy Bday Matt! Hope it’s a good one and as always I will drink a few beers for ya tonight!

Comment by Kelly

happy birthday to Avenged Sevenfold vocalist, Matthew Charles Sanders (M Shadows) to 31 today ! hope to continue working in the music world

Comment by fahmi (wycaxdeathbat)

Happy birthday M Shadows !!

Comment by Zach Genewick

happy birthday matt, have a good one !

Comment by holmez

Happy birthday Matt ! I wish you all the best :)

Comment by tea

Happy Birthday MATT!!! You fuckin rock!!
A7x foREVer!!

Comment by A7x14

happy birthday shad

Comment by dika

Happy Birthday Matt!!! Hope you have a great day. <3

Comment by Lindsey

happy birthday- the best singer in the world

Comment by fill

Happy Birthday Matt~ hope it rocks!!!

Comment by Carmen Feuling

Happy Birthday M.Shadows!!

Comment by Anonymous

Happy birthday <3

Comment by danielle c

Happy birthday Matt! Must be awesome to be only exactly one year younger than Harry Potter!
And yes this was very necessary

Comment by s

Happy Birthday, Matt! Have a spectacular day!

Comment by a7xfanben

Happy Birthday Shadz! You are one of my favorite people as well as the greatest singer I’ve ever heard!

Comment by Michelle7x

Happy Birthday Matt!!

Comment by MB

Happy Birthday Matt!!!!!!!

Comment by Laurel

Happy Birthday Matt! Have a great day! We love you! (:

Comment by Leslie

Happy Birthday Matt :) Hope you’ll have a wonderful day with your loved ones and the best wishes for next year ♥ you’re the best singer in the world and we love you

Comment by Lara Sparenberg

Happy birthday shadows! Love you and can’t wait for what’s in store

Comment by Lex

Happy Birthday Matt! Have a great one & we love you! (:

Comment by Leslie

Happy Birthday Matt! :D

Comment by Cheryl


Comment by Sian

Happy Birthday Matt! :D

Comment by Jessie

Happy Birthday Matt!!!

Comment by ashleigh

Happy Birthday Shadows!

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Maaatt /o/ We love you guys here in Brazil

Comment by Yasmin Alves

Happy Birthday Matt…. All the best

Comment by Dave Duarte

Happy freakin birthday matt!!! you guys changed my life! Hope to get to meet you sometime! have an awesome day(: we love you always!!<3

Comment by Lily Cannell (@LilyCannell)

You have been my greatest inspiration for being the vocalist in my metal band :) I'm a chick too, haha. I love you Avenged Sevenfold, my #1 band ever!!! <3 I hope you have a great birthday !

Comment by Sage Sevenfold Cheshier

Happy Birthday Matt! I wish you many more!

Comment by Mari D. M (@Mari_Raven)

Happy birthday Matt!! Have a great one! :D

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Matt. Have an amazing day. I love you.

Comment by Gloria (Gugyz) R. (@Gloria_Gugyz_R)

Happy Birthday, Matt. Have an amazing day. I LOVE YOU.

Comment by Gloria

They grow up so fast :’) Happy Birthday Shads!!!!!!! You are my favorite singer BY FAR! Hope you have a great birthday ;)

Comment by Lindseyy:)

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Comment by Loghen

happy birthday matt!!! i hope you have the best fucking birthday ever! thanks for being so bad ass! :) <33

Comment by Megan

happy birthday good luck always m.shadow !!!

Comment by Yandi Di Zhibrenk

Happy Birthday Matt! I hope you’re having a great time today with your friends and family. I wish you many more happy and healthy birthdays :) \m/>.<\m/

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Matt!! We love you!!<3

Comment by Kali

Happy birthday M. Shadows … I am a Brazilian fan and I wish you all happiness in the world you can do a lot of success for many more years .. gleefully await his coming to Brazil! I love my idol <3

Comment by ~ Josueli Barbosa :3 (@Joosuelibarbosa)

Birthday wishes from Finland!! :) ♥

Comment by Ida Sade

Happy Birthday Matty!! Hope you have an amazing day with your loved ones. Love you very much <3

Comment by francyA7X

Happy birthday to the greatest lead singer in the world!!! Have an awesome day!!!

Comment by ^britt^

Happy Birthday my brother! keep on going through life with your creative mind and find stuff not yet found and make it amazing!

Comment by Zac Rousseau

Happy birthday Matt! I cannot wait to hear what Avenged are up to in a year or two. The next album will be amazing i’m sure and while Jimmy isn’t here any longer in body, I’m sure each of you has a part of him inside yourselves allowing the inspiriting and creativity to put out another record that absolutely smashed it’s predecessor out of the park. A7X4LYFFF YEAAAH BOIII!

Comment by Ash

Golden Birthday!! 31 on the 31st! Live it up like The Rev! Happy birthday Matt!

Comment by Twinkie Reincarnate

Happy Bday Matt!! I wish you many more! You have a great voice! God Bless u today, tomorrow and always!! Kisses ! HUgs!

Comment by Stefania Stanford

Happy bday Matt shadows

Comment by Anonymous

happy birthday m shadows <33

Comment by Anonymous

Happy birthday M. Shadows!

Comment by Anonymous

Happy 31st Bday Matt!! You are my favorite male vocalist. Why? You have a POWERFUL voice!!You scream, can incredibly sing high & low tones, raspy (in a great way!), & whisper in songs extremely great you have total control of your voice. Your insanely talented, a creative song writer, you have a ONE of a kind voice-if you were featuring on a track and heard your voice I WILL definitely know it’s YOU! You are a caring guy you would totally STOP the show if you spotted someone hurt and will continue after all is ok. People like to argue that this or that person can sing better than you but I tell them NO because you sing PASSIONATELY live & what you sing on the record or live has meaning to me and that makes you the greatest vocalist ever to me. You just give your ALL when you perform! I can go on and on..Matt you are JUST too awesome. Hoping you enjoy your Bday spent with the ones you love!!! Can’t wait for the new stuff A7X has in store in the future!!! -Crystal I

Comment by Forever Avenged

Happy Birthday, M Shadows!!!! :D

Comment by Alyssa E

Happy Birthday to the greatest singer EVER!!! M. Shadows, you are FUCKING awesome. Thank you for continuing to make amazing music. I hope you have a great, relaxing birthday!!

Comment by Kasey

Happy 31st Birthday Shadows!!! You’re fucking awesome, and I love you!

Comment by JaCaria

Happy Birthday Matt!!!

Comment by Anonymous

HAPPY BIRTHDAY M. SHADOWS!!! XD Love ya’ foREVer! ~andi~

Comment by andi

Happy Birthday Matt!! Wishing him & the rest of the A7X family nothing but happiness & health <3

Comment by Nancy Valentino (@MsGlam710)

Happy Birthday to the best voice in the world who also belongs to the best band in the world! Hope it was a great one!

Comment by Krys

Happy Birthday Matt! Best wishes !! :D enjoy your day!

Comment by Nayara Domingues

Happy b-day …

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday, Matt! You mean so much to all of the fans. Thanks, bro!

Comment by Caitijo

Happy birthday m.shadows!!!!! Hope you enjoy your day and be with the ones you Love.we all love you. <3 :)

Comment by Melina

We love you!!!! Hope you have an awesome birthday. <3

Comment by Ciera

Happy birthday Matt!!!! You are one of my inspirations and heroes along with everyone else in avenged so Make it a fuckin great birthday! :D

Comment by James

Happy birthday Matt… Keep on rocking !!

Comment by Juan G

Matt Shadows: the best singer, her voice is unique! : Happy Birthday! All A7XFamily we wish you well! We love you!

Comment by ღ fσREVεг A7X ღ (@I_Deathbat)

Happpy birthday Matt your fucking awesome bro

Comment by Anonymous

Hello shadows im from bakersfield ca I know its your birthday now. I like your music and I’m 13 years old,about to be 14. happy birthday:-)

Comment by jason shipman

Happy birthday Matt!!! :D

Comment by Ema7x

happy birthday m shadows XXOO

Comment by lilia

Hello Matt! Very-very happy birthday to you!! I wanna that all in your life will wonderful and just so much good. I wanna you to be happy all your life and that in it will only best things! You are the best singer, Matt, and you have the best band. I’m happy that once I heard you. Thank you so much for all.
Sorry for my not good English. Hi from Russia! =)

Comment by Yuliya

We all love and appreciate all the hard work you go to, to make awesome music and put on excellent shows for us.
Man, around the 2005 era Id’e been waiting for a heavy band with chunky riffs and really groovy melodic vocals. Then I listened to that album and my mind was blown, and then I listened to all the other stuff prior to that, and ever since then , I have been a HUUUUUUUUUUGE fan of your band.

Rock on. <3

Comment by Josh Maday

Happy birthday Matt! Hope you have a great one!! :)

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Matt!!!! I hope you a had a great bat country birthday yesterday!!!!!!

Comment by Allan McMillan

Happy Birthday M Shadows! You truly are a very inspiring person and an amazing vocalist. Thank you so much for everything. All the best!

Comment by Andrew D

Happy Birthday M.Shadows! from Thailand

Comment by Joe

Well it’s double special for M.Shadows this year on his Birthday because his birthday falls on 31st of July and now he is 31yrs old this year :D

Comment by Anonymous

Hope he had a happy birthday

Comment by Hannah

Happy birthday Matt , all the best

Comment by kurt.west.norway

Happy B-day m. shadows! !m!

Comment by cody rock

Happy birthday, sorry im late wish for you. Wassap bro

Comment by Anonymous

Happy birth day M.shadows “you are the best”

Comment by earthhkc

Happy belated bday m!

Comment by mdiesel

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