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Cam Rackam To Honor Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan On Sept 8th At The Hyaena Gallery With “Silver.”
August 25, 2012, 5:15 pm
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Cam Rackam will be unveiling a new project entitled “Silver” at the Hyaena Gallery’s “Rock Is Dead” exhibit on September 8th in Burbank, CA. The opening reception will run from 8pm to Midnight while the display of art will run until Sept 30th. The exhibit will pay tribute to fallen heroes and it should be no surprise as to who Cam will be honoring. He tells Deathbat News in the statement below that “this one is for the fans.”

“The Creep and The Hyaena Gallery in Burbank invited me to participate in their “Rock is Dead: A Tribute to Fallen Heros” Art Show coming up this September. I declined. I felt I would be obligated tow paint a 5th portrait of the Rev, and doing so is more than emotionally taxing to my psyche and my person. I am not a machine after all. Most of the Rev portraits I have made are in the hands of the A7X family and have never been unveiled.

Then I found out that the reason I was invited was to honor the Rev, not just to slap together another painting in another art show filled with egos and and the desire for money…but an event about maintaining those legacies that are important to us, and truly honoring our fallen. How could I say no?

So on September 8th I will be unveiling “Silver” at the Hyaena Gallery in Burbank CA. This one is for the fans…

Yours Truly,
Cam Rackam”


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it’s times like these i really wish i lived closer to CA… can’t wait to see it though. i’m sure it’ll be beautiful.

Comment by lindsey

I will be going!

Comment by fatboy1271 (@fatboy1271)

i’m happy about it, will be awesome, thank you Cam!
A7X family rocks!

Comment by Giorgia Rangel

I so wish I could see it in person! I bet it’ll be the best thing there. Thanks Cam, I am sure you made it look completely amazing!

Comment by Erica

Wish I could be there in person! Love the A7X Family!!!

Comment by Tasha Ross Yetter

I just love this man… and I can’t way to see ‘silver’… it’s going to be emotional :’)

Comment by Rita Sousa

Wish I could be there, I know it’s going to be beautiful. A7x Family for Life <3

Comment by Harley Quinn

I have a question:
Will it be free? :D

Comment by ja7xie

Cam seems like such an honorable dude.

Comment by B-rhye

I can’t wait to see this piece of art!
Everything Cam does is amazing! I’m thrilled to know that he is honoring The Rev and releasing the painting for us fans.
Thank you

Comment by mikeyV

Can’t wait to see it!

Comment by Marissa

Omg its in my birthday yay im so happy

Comment by Michelle

The finished product is beautiful…the frame is even so intricate, so wild!

Comment by Anne Stenslien

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