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Rock Of Jericho Welcomes Synyster Gates To Discuss New A7X Record, Surfing And More.
September 1, 2012, 6:11 am
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Synyster Gates will be a guest on Rock Of Jericho today and the two chat about the new Avenged Sevenfold album, memories of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan and Syn’s surfing expertise. You can tune in on, with your XM radio at SiriusXM 164 or the iHeartRadio app (SixxSense). The segment will air today at 5pm EST and will replay Sunday at Noon EST and Tues at 10am EST.

The interview can now be heard here: Rock Of Jericho’s Interview With Synyster Gates.


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yeah, please, record that. I’m not from US and I can’t listen to the interview =(

Comment by Pekigirl (@Pekigirl)

That would be great if someone could record it and send it in!!!! Damn not living in the US!! :(

Comment by Tez (@ImmortalityXTEZ)

Yep, it would be awesome if anyone could record the interview, i can’t listen it neither ;(

Comment by Judith

Ouch, no internet still? Sorry to hear that! I will see if I can figure out a way to get it. :)

Comment by Blake Tull

Even if it’s a rough recording, as long as I can transcribe it I will do so and post that.

Comment by deathbatnews

I’m going to try guys! promise.

Comment by Lindsey

Like I told Blake – even if it’s a rough recording, as long as I can transcribe it I will do so and post that.

Comment by deathbatnews


Comment by Lindsey

new album. . .

Comment by anggy

After all this waiting!!!!! New album!! and even better… Radio station at 5, live!! ahah i sure can’t wait. I will go ahead and try to record the interview. foREVer

Comment by Puppy Bluewood

new album *-*

Comment by Avenger


Comment by Daniel Darcy

I’ll try to record it.. I have a program that can record youtube..well any sound being made on my computer so I’ll try..I can email the file!

Comment by Jesslyn

i have a vps and it seems to work with the iheart website im listening now as i type il record it if i rember too

Comment by brandon

Gonna listen. Im super stoked for the record.

Comment by ja7xie

I will try my hardest to record it! :)

Comment by Brea

Ohmygod! A a new album??? Somebody, please record it so all of us Avenged Sevenfold fans can watch it too!

Comment by Chelz

if some could just transcibe for us none U.S.A residents as we cant get it here in the UK would be very much appreciated thanks :)

Comment by Alex H

I will be transcribing it if I can get a proper recording.

Comment by deathbatnews

Have I missed it? :O Just tuned in…

Comment by Robert N

No. He hasn’t come on yet.

Comment by deathbatnews

Ok, thanks :D I’ll try and record if for you :)

Comment by Robert N

Sure is taking forever :/

Comment by ZombieGirl

Wish he’s hurry up, i’m tired!

Comment by Ash

Inb4 sun says nothing specific about the album that we didn’t already know. I hope I am wrong though.

Comment by Ash

i have a feeling that their new album won’t be out till next year

Comment by Puppy Bluewood

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