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Rock Of Jericho’s Interview With Synyster Gates.
September 1, 2012, 7:53 pm
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Chris Jericho welcomed Synyster Gates to the Rock Of Jericho earlier today so the duo could talk about surfing, enjoying time off, the success of “Nightmare” and how it differed from that of “City Of Evil,” his side-project with Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan that wasn’t Pinkly Smooth, writing for the new album and what kind of challenge it brings, his guitar-work, meeting his idle John Petrucci, his favorite song to play live and much much more. Thanks to Lindsey M for sending this in so I could share it with you all and everyone else who offered to do the same.

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Oh I thought you were going to transcribe it. The most important parts at least. :/
What the fuck does he say about Britney Spears? LOL

Comment by a7xfan

I was only going to transcribe since the recording I had was rough quality but Lindsey was kind enough to send in a higher quality recording.

Comment by deathbatnews

Oh, alright bro. It’s because is a bit hard for people who don’t understand english too much :/

Comment by a7xfan

I’m not a bro, I’m a lady.

Comment by deathbatnews

She’s a nice lady!

Comment by Lindseyy:)

Clearly. She completely ignored the person’s problem with understanding English and nitpicked instead. She’s like an angel.

Comment by Anonymous

I wasn’t nitpicking nor was I trying to be being rude by correcting the commenter after being called “bro.” There are going to be people who visit this website that either can’t understand spoken English or can’t understand written English. I simply can’t please absolutely everyone though I try my hardest to. I had more important things to tend to yesterday, like a funeral and picking up debris from the Hurricane, that left me pretty exhausted by the time the interview even aired and it would have taken me at least two hours to transcribe. I’m lucky I got my internet back which allowed me to upload the audio and share it with everyone. Also, I didn’t “ignore” the person’s problem with understanding English and I know that it’s frustrating since I’ve posted many interviews with horribly rough translations to English but I shouldn’t be expected to provide a written transcription of every audio interview the band does.

Comment by deathbatnews

Don’t bite! There are people that visit this site with much more free time, you can’t be expected to go through 30 minutes of audio… It’s not as if we’re paying for the brilliant site you run!

Comment by Jake

He said they were huge Britney Spears fans (and stuff like that) and that “Oops I Did It Again” is a smash hit.

Comment by Ariane Fleming

I’m pretty sure everyone loved when they played Save Me. Every concert I went to I would hear people say “I really hope they play Save Me”, “I want to see Save Me”, ” Do you know if they’re gonna play Save Me?”, etc. :D They should’ve kept playing it.

Comment by Dianna

It’s great to hear live, but you don’t have to keep in mind that it’s a harder song for them to play live. So while awesome, it’s not always practical.

Comment by Anonymous

I was one of the fortunate ones that got to hear it live. It was indescribable.

Comment by Anne Stenslien

yes it was an absolutely brilliant performance of a very amazingly beautiful song, it was the best encore song. they should make another +10 minute song on the next record

Comment by Josh Miskiw

you’re very welcome! glad I could help. :)

was so happy with this interview. so glad that they’re starting to write again and are doing well… and obviously I can’t wait for the next album. didn’t take the ‘save me’ conversation as meaning they’ll never play it again. I hope that’s not true. it’s one of my absolute favorite songs ever and I haven’t gotten to see it live. :(

Comment by lindsey

Interviewer: “We ask the tough questions here on the Rock, my fan, this is our typical interview” Syn: “It’s beautiful, I love it” “haha” “I… don’t… have……. my wife’s naked right now, exposing her butt, so just…” LOOOOOOOOOOL

Comment by Isabella

Why do I get the distinct feeling he’s going to be in trouble with her once they figure out everybody just heard that? XD

Comment by Kuroneko

If anyone is curious about what he says about the new album, and doesn’t want to listen to it. Well he says nothing. He says something like “yeah, we’re doing some writing at the moment” that’s it.

Comment by Ash

Thank you so much for sharing this! I always love these long interviews, specially now that they are taking a break and we don’t hear so often from them (:

Comment by rednail

This is awesome! Thanks for this!

Comment by paige whalin

First off, Lindsey, thank you for posting it. Syn is amazing and this is one of my favorite interviews now. He said they are all taking the summer off, but they each write in their off time and show each other when they get together. So while they are not in a studio working on a new album, they are working. I don’t mind though, if their next album is as good as Nightmare I am willing to wait. Love how Syn says its not all just made and released, they give their all and put out stuff they are proud of. This is why they are the greatest band ever!

Comment by Tyson

hmm its interesting to heard about that other side project “Silver”…isnt the Cam Rackham painting called “Silver” too?

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

WOW That’s true!
And Cam said it was like honoring Jimmy… I’d love to hear some Silver songs as a tribute to Jimmy this December 28th or so.

Comment by cSc-A7X

That’s what I thought of immediately! I hope they’re related.

Comment by Marissa

So, did they start the writing sessions for the next album?

Comment by a7xfan

By the sound of it they have started writing separately but not together.

Comment by deathbatnews

Ms. Deathbat: Wow sounds like you’ve had a tough week. We all thank you for keeping us up to date on all things A7X. I’m sure there was just a glitch in communication. Hope you got everything all cleaned up although I’m sure it’s not as easy as just that. Man…hope these guys start working soon, I know I miss them!

Comment by Anne Stenslien

Thanks Lindsey for recording this :)
It’s a great interview, probably my new favourite. I loved the bit where he was talking about Zacky. So many reviews always focus on Syn so I think it’s nice how he’s so gushing about Zacky’s talent. Ha, I’m guilty of replaying that bit a few times :D
I love these guys.

Comment by SS

“go back to your wife’s naked butt” HAHAAHA!

Comment by francyA7X

Haha, loved the interview! Thanks for posting this Lindsey! =)

Comment by Shell

I love the John Petrucci bit.

“You ****ed me! I got the best drummer and that guy ****ing plays guitar! Go play your ****ing guitar!”

God I’ve listened to that part about 20 times, so funny!

Comment by Anonymous

its so nice hearing all these fans have been to an avenged concert. it sucks big time because i havent.I love their music with every breath ive breathed and still am breathing. As a little pre-teen, i promised my self i would tour with them when i grew up. Im a teenager now and i am going to keep that promise for littler me! no matter how expensive it may be in the future! A7x foREVer for life!<3

Comment by ja7xie

Thank you so much Lindsey! I loved this interview. Loved hearing him talk about Mr. Bungle too. I have loved that band for 20 years now and all things Mike Patton! Loved the John Petrucci story too! Lol. Syn’s a funny guy

Comment by Kelly

wahaha LOL Thank you so much Lindsey! I loved this interview

Comment by iksan

Always fun to listen to Gates’ interviews :)

Comment by Woutb

OH SHIT. I just thought, Silver, is
A. The side band
B. Cam’s Picture…like what?!

Comment by Darek Horton

i love listening to gates interviews with who ever it is.

Comment by Stephanie Bryant

[…] for other new Avenged happenings, guitarist Synyster Gates recently told Rock of Jericho that they were taking the summer off for the most part, but are all writing material for a new […]

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Gates seems more upbeat now, I remember seeing an interview with him and Shadows in Indonesia, that was such an awkward interview…

Love Jericho too, great singer and one of my favorite wrestlers of all time

Comment by Phil

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