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Cam Rackam Reveals New “Silver” Painting In Honor Of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan.
September 2, 2012, 6:53 pm
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Cam Rackam has revealed his new painting “Silver” done in honor of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan for Hyaena Gallery’s “Rock Is Dead” art show opening this Saturday, Sept 8th. Cam recently spoke a bit about taking on the project to Deathbat News. You can take a look at the entire exhibit here.

New Painting unveiled! “Silver” Oil on Masonite. Made in honor of my best friend and roomie the Rev from Avenged Sevenfold for the Rock is Dead art show, opening this Saturday at the Hyaena Gallery. Rest in Pride.

UPDATE 9/4/2012: Cam will be offering the first 10 people who show up to the Rock Is Dead exhibit a free rare and limited Mini Print of “Silver.” Each mini measures 5″x7″ and is backed with a matte board, sealed in plastic and signed and numbered by him. The exhibit will be the only place and time you’ll be able to get one. Cam adds that this is “just a little thank you from me to all of the fans who come out early to support.” The gallery will also offer a “Rock Is Dead” show poster for $10 that he will be “more than happy to sign” as well as t-shirts. If you haven’t had a chance to add him on Instagram yet you can find him under cam_rackam.


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That is absolutely amazing.

Comment by Amanda Douglas (@aadnama)

So glad I decided to check DBN before logging off. This is beautiful in its simplicity. It’s such a quiet piece, I think Cam did an amazing job, as usual.

Comment by Harley Quinn

This literally warms my heart. It’s so beautiful.

Comment by steph

It’s a beautiful work of art of an amazing and legendary man.

Comment by Melina

Wow, that’s incredible. This is very and absolutely beautiful! Cam did a very nice job there! Love this painting a lot!

Comment by nilly

It is true, sometimes we place too big a burden on our heroes.
Keep each other safe!

Comment by Anne Stenslien

This is beautiful. Beautiful work. Cam did a great job. I can’t wait to See it with my bare eyes this Saturday.

Comment by ja7xie

Wow it’s so precious I love u Jimmy and u will foREVer be in our hearts

Comment by Michelle

beautiful! I’m going to try to make it on Saturday

Comment by francyA7X

GOD we all miss Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan my friends and i are doing a memorial for him. All of us miss you. Together Strong Fo”REV”er Unstoppable.

Comment by a7x4life

Beautiful, perfect for Jimmy. Great work Cam xxxxx

Comment by Shell

What a great offer from Mr. Rackam. If I were not in Wisconsin I would definitely be there. Hope some of you in Cali can represent us!!!

Comment by Anne Stenslien

I actually got one! I didn’t have the chance to meet Cam Rackam, but words CAN NOT describe how I feel about owning one of these.

Comment by Anonymous

damn thats awesome…he will be missed RIP foREVer

Comment by mike

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