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Avenged Sevenfold Launch Official Tumblr.
September 17, 2012, 11:01 am
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Avenged Sevenfold have launched their official Tumblr. They’ll be re-blogging their favorite posts that are tagged with #A7X.

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Hey I am rlly excited I have been on tumblr for about a year I love a7x foREVer ur band will live

Comment by Kylianna Scalestic

I hope they stay out of the tags. While I’m on Tumblr and follow upstanding A7X fans, there are some embarrassing fans over there. Fans that hack for pictures, post as much personal information as they can find and make rude photos. *shakes head* If the fans don’t scare them off after a week, I’ll be in shock. =(

Comment by aightball

It’s exactly the same thing I thought when I saw this new! I don’t go in the tag since a while but like I can read it’s not better? Maybe worst :O That’s creepy really! I’m really discouraging about all this, but at least there is some normal fan over here :)

Comment by nilly

Yay!! I’ll most definitely be on tumblr more often now :D

Comment by maria7x

Have to go to tumblr right know!

Comment by Michelle

The stalking of Tumblr has begun… lol. XD

Comment by Kuroneko

Oh, all the things they’re about to see.

Comment by Loghen

Oh no I hope they avoid tumblr. They will be ashamed of some of their fans. >_< That place can be really really childish at times. I'll follow them though. :3

Comment by ~Bluewolf~

i don’t understand tumblr?? haha

Comment by Puppy Bluewood

Ohh goodness. I hope they’re prepared. Hopefully they don’t get freaked out about how insane some of their fans are and decide to leave us forever. Haha

Comment by Kim

And the tag has already started blowing up. I just hope they don’t see the hateful things said. Well, I kind of do, if for no other reason than maybe those people will finally be dealt with.

Comment by aightball

Dealing with people for having a different opinion than you? Right, let’s find those jerks!

Comment by Anonymous

There is a huge difference between an opinion and being rude. Hardly anyone in the a7x tag anymore is polite and respectful. They all bash.

Comment by ~Bluewolf~

It’s not that someone has a difference of opinion; everyone can have their own opinion. It’s the outright hateful things that are said. It’s the pictures that are hacked from private FB’s that get my ire up. And I do hope they find those people and do something about it. Users there are committing slander, stealing, invasion of privacy, etc., and Tumblr refuses to act. Now that the band is a member of this site, I hope things change.

Comment by aightball

What about the questions they were supposed to answer? I mean, they can do whatever they want, I’m just curious if you guys know if they are going to do it after all ;)

Comment by ChrisA7X

That is what I been wondering. XD

Comment by ~Bluewolf~

Questions? Were we asked to submit questions at some point?

Comment by aightball

He’s talking about this where Zacky only answered one set of questions in June.

Comment by deathbatnews

Yeah, but I’ve seen this post already. 5 questions? Please… I know its not possible to answer all of them but at least 50? 100?
Anyway, I guess this whole thing was meant to “keep us monkeys busy” and excited xd

Comment by ChrisA7X

Oh my! All the things they’ll see!

Comment by Forever Avenged

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