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RUMOR: New Avenged Sevenfold Song To Be Released With Call Of Duty: Black Ops II.
September 21, 2012, 10:09 am
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The following image, of what appears to be a single cover for a brand new Avenged Sevenfold song entitled “Carry On” that will be featured in Call Of Duty: Black Ops II, surfaced today. Rumor has it the song will be impacting radio on Monday, Sept 24th. Please keep in mind that this is only a rumor as of right now.

Thanks Arron for sending this in.

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Comment by B

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!

Comment by Matt

so fucking pumped right now

Comment by Zach

Please let this rumor be true xD

Comment by Sara S.

Rumor my ass.

If it were just a Rumor, it wouldn’t be mentioned on their official websites other than to say, “If you hear this, don’t get your hopes up because it’s false”.

C’mon, people are smarter than that.

Comment by Bilbo Faggins

News from Deathbat News is automatically posted to their official website. That’s the reason you’re seeing it posted there.

Comment by deathbatnews

our local rock station has been talking about it all day..and one of them posted said image..he wouldn’t post it unless it was true :)

Comment by Aaron

I don’t know if that is official song cover or what, because it looks like someone used MS Paint to move the treyarch logo besides Activision.

Comment by lost mesa


Comment by Kristin

It was originally posted by Jay Hudson on Instagram… so hopefully it’s true!

Comment by Leese

aaahhhh im so excited!!!

Comment by Anonymous

but.. if the videogames will be released in november how the fuck it’s possible that the song will be released monday.. c’mon. i’m pretty sure we’ll have to wait until november.

Comment by [sullivan]

It’s a form of marketing. they have to do stuff like this to get people excited about the game before it comes out

Comment by Zach

no doubts about it, but i don’t think the song will be available in the entire version, monday. maybe a little preview.. but.. entire version? mmmmh

Comment by [sully]

Kayla from SiriusXM Octane said they’ll be playing the track on Monday. I don’t think they’d play a 30 second sample.

Comment by Anonymous

You’re welcome, As Soon as I saw it I had to send it in lol

Comment by Arron Johnson

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Anne Stenslien

You’re welcome! but thank the DBN Lady for posting it!

Comment by Arron Johnson

I hope so !! This is so awesome i can’t wait for a new a7x song <3

Comment by Yasser

its true they mentioned it at the black ops convention in texas they were making a song and it was going to probably be the opening track on the black ops 2 soundtrack, which of course can be bought with the deluxe bundle of the game…

Comment by Brian Mohn

The reason why something like this is considered “rumored” is because there’s no actual proof of confirmation by Avenged Sevenfold, Warner Brothers or World Audience. It’s in the same group as tour dates being posted. Ticketmaster may have dates up with on-sale information and while that should be enough confirmation they stay rumored until the one of those parties officially confirm.

Comment by deathbatnews

Awesome. According to @square_triangle they played it last month at that GameStop convention.

Comment by lost mesa

Played not ready to die there

Comment by Anonymous

Thats when the full zombies trailer is released.. FKYEAHH A7X ZOMBIES

Comment by Gypsyleeboy

No, the Zombies trailer comes out on Thursday the 26th.

Comment by Victor Sterling

The next 26th of any month that falls on a Thursday is in September 2013… I’m not waiting that long!

Comment by Anonymous

AHHHHH!!!!! I’m so excited!!!! Can’t Wait!:)

Comment by Michelle7x

I’m pretty sure this is true and that this song will help the promotion for BO2 Zombies because the official reveal is on Thursday the 26th. Remeber that the guys worked with Treyarch last year to release Not Ready to Die on the Zombie map Call of the Dead.

Comment by Victor Sterling

but Thursday the 26th doesn’t exist lol

Comment by Arron Johnson

this is an awful day until now IM SO PUMPED !!!!!

Comment by Josh Miskiw

That’s awesome and all but it’s not going to be Avenged Sevenfold album material. If you know what I mean.

Comment by Anonymous

I’d take another song like Not Ready to Die in a heartbeat.

Comment by lost mesa

Ditto that! Not Ready To Die is in my top 10 :D

Comment by Anonymous

Not Ready to Die was better than anything they made on the self-titled by miles. Better than everything but Buried Alive on Nightmare, for that matter. If Carry On is anything like that, I’m gonna click my heels and dance a jig. Then headbang.

Comment by moridin94

Im gonna go ahead and completely disagree with you on that.

Comment by Yourwrong

I feel the same way with you, Not Ready to Die is good and all but there is no heart in it. It was a commissioned song with no emotional purpose. Nightmare had so much feeling and emotion, it was outstanding. Sometimes, it’s not just how cool a song sounds.

Comment by TheMusher

It’s all subjective, but either way Not Ready to Die is an amazing song and the fact that it was made for a video game and not even an album is phenomenal.

Comment by Cory

+1 lol

Looking forward to this.

Comment by Loghen

You think Not Ready to Die is better than anything off the self titled album? Self titled album is one of the most diverse and rocking albums they have made. Not ready to die is good just like everything they do is…just not better than critical acclaim, lost, brompton cocktail, afterlife, almost easy, dear god and a little piece of heaven….not even close.

Comment by Your Wrong is Right

About time !

Comment by Anonymous

I bet the reveal trailer on Thursday next week is the whole song similar to what the did with welcome to the family and black ops 1.

Comment by Justin

I like how this rumor isnt linked on the official a7x page like all the other ones are

Comment by Anonymous

You mean here?

Comment by deathbatnews

that made me laugh haha

Comment by Alejandro Chino Martinez

So stoked right now!!!!!

Comment by James

I actually doubt this is true. I think that somebody just made that poster to mess with people. Seeing as how its supposedly being released in a few days. They would’ve made an official statement earlier on to build up hype for it.

Comment by Christian Burns

Idk, djs all over are saying they’ll be playing it on Monday so i assume its true

Comment by Anonymous

holy.. shit. I was skeptical till I saw that Octane was talking about it… well. Monday better hurry the fuck up

Comment by kyle

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been too long Im ready for this!!!!!! :D

Comment by paige whalin

O_O. . I’m excited to see if this is true! I can’t wait!!

Comment by tabberss

Oh my gosh I’m so excited :3

Comment by Tayvian

I….I think I want Black Ops 2 now…

Comment by Kuroneko

Oh my goodness I can’t express the feeling..I’m so….STOKED! :’)

Comment by ja7xie

What radio will it be in California? How can we hear it? Oh i want to hear it right away!

Comment by ja7xie

Guys! It’s true! My local radio station said that they’re airing it Monday!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

HELL FUCKING YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^{}^

Comment by Brooks Anders

Wow wonder if this is real if it is I can’t wait till Black Ops 2

Comment by Michelle

It would be cool if avenged gave us a puzzle on twitter like the did for the lyrics for Not Ready to Die!!:)

Comment by A7x14

AAAHH! Cool. I hope the rumors are true! And on my birthday too! like a present for me! =D!

Comment by Erianna

I honestly hope it’s better than Not Ready to Die. I liked that song, of course…but it was it was a bit underwhelming, and felt a little under produced to me. Especially the drumming. Lets hope the guys had more than a week or so to make this one :-)

Regardless, I’ll always be an A7X fan.

Comment by ZBurns

fanboying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :’)

Comment by puppyblu3w00d

If this is true I can’t wait!!!! =)

Comment by Forever Avenged

I cant wait for it i been going carzy i miss my boyz so fucking much im really happy about this song and the new call of duty i cant wait i can wait …..!!!!!

Comment by michelle shadows

That would be fucken awesome … It’ll be great to hear something new … Especially since they had time to write and record while they were on vacation .

Comment by Juan g


Comment by asdfghjkl


Comment by Anonymous

I’m really surprised there hasn’t been a leak or any hint from the A7X crew about this song. It’s like it just came out of nowhere! :)

Comment by Anonymous

That just means that smartass lil Zacky is gonna give us one hell of a time with the album and stuff like he did for nightmare ;D hahaha

Comment by Chazzy Vengenz

thank god for matt being such a video game nerd. ;) i NEED a new avenged song.

Comment by lindsey

What Radio station?!?!?!?!? And if not, someone better post to youtube right away.

Comment by Marcel

Check your local rock radio station on broadcasting information. A link to purchase or hear an official stream of the song will be posted here when they are made available, Youtube’s (unless it comes from an official account) will not.

Comment by deathbatnews

hell yeah gonna b sick as fuck

Comment by austin sykes

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank!!!

Comment by Anonymous

If this is true, This song will come out one year since the last time i saw them live. WOW what a amazing one year anniversary present!!! 9/24!

Comment by Alec

This is the best news that I have heard for weeks. For all that are saying Not Ready to Die is a weak song…it is an amazing song! This one should be just as great. It is a double thumbs up for me because I love Call of Duty and A7X, win/win, can’t wait!!!

Comment by cjbstrunk7x

I would die of happynes if this rummer was true :)

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Zac

I’m at motley crue concert right now , the rock station here in ct is here and I’ve asked multiple people about a possible new a7x song tomorrow and they said its not going to happen , they would have had the track by now. This new song doesn’t sound likely for tomorrow but I hope its true.

Comment by Paul Walnuts

a website in lubbock has confirmed they will have it at approximately 8 am tomorrow so…….

Comment by shadowzz20

Yeahhh dude!

Comment by Nico

Welp, it turned out true! I would never lie to the Deathbat community!

Comment by Arron Johnson

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