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Stream Avenged Sevenfold’s “Carry On” From Call Of Duty: Black Ops II.
September 24, 2012, 7:00 am
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You can now stream Avenged Sevenfold’s new song “Carry On” for Call Of Duty: Black Ops II courtesy of Banana 1015. What do you guys think? Amazon clocks the song at 4:15 and has an available purchase date of September 25th. Purchase options can be found here.

UPDATE: Avenged Sevenfold have added a stream to their official YouTube account:

Thanks Tree from Banana 1015 for sending in the earlier song stream.


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Comment by Anonymous

F*cking SIck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Yet again another masterpiece..

Comment by Pat

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Seems like Arin is doing a great job writing with them!! Cant wait for MORE!!!

Comment by Mark Saltrelli

Good lyrics, solid vox and guitars. I like the drums, but to be honest ,they’re a little boring a too “80s” for a lot of the song. The ending is pretty epic though and the little drum solo reminds of of Waking the Fallen. Overall, I’d say 8/10.

Comment by Patrick

It couldn’t possibly be any more perfect! I need it on my iPod right now! I hope it comes to itunes soon!

Comment by Haleigh

Ah, a new A7x song to start my day. Fantastic!

Comment by Jake Reynolds

I love it really!!! Can’t wait for it to be available!!

Comment by nilly

amazing as always! :)

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous

Solo is soo clean haha. Good song. Not great but very good
Cant wait for new album

Comment by J-Russ

So awesome

Comment by Chris

if thats what sort of songs there writing i can not wait for the new album to come !!

Comment by holmez

after first listen I like it. not as much as not ready to die but its good

Comment by Zach

I agree. I thought it was a great song, but Not Ready To Die was good enough for it to have been on Nightmare if it hadn’t already been released.

Comment by Lucas

Avenged Sevenfold still has it! So honored to be part of this experience!! It was worth the wait! Hats off for epic greatness Avenged Sevenfold we salute you!!\m/

Comment by elishaalwaysa7x

Wow, this sounds amazing! Arin is doing good job. :) Cant wait for new album!

Comment by Hanna


Comment by Mattie Deathbat

Trop ” symphonique métal ” je trouve…

Comment by Kendrix Dijoux

omg omg omg i loveeeee ittt <3

Comment by Megan

ermahgerd it’s ehmerzing!!

Comment by Brent

sounds kinda like iron maiden to me

Comment by Brent

That’s exactly what I thought!

Comment by Tammy


Comment by Cory

Dude!!!! That opening is sick!!! Syn never disappoints!!

Comment by Robert Gallegos

Avenged Sevenfold still has it! Epic greatness, its such an honor to be part of this!! Hats off to Avenged Sevenfold-Carry On, so amazing to know all across the world right now the crowd goes wild fans everywhere Rocking to this awesome song WOW!!! :) To Avenged Sevenfold, We Salute You!! \m/ <3 Thank you for your haed work you guys are great and it was well worth the wait !!

Comment by elishaalwaysa7x

OMG !!! Amazing Song !!!

Comment by Dan

Search Endlessly, Fight till we’re free.

Love that part.

Comment by Anonymous

I love everything about this song, the drum (Arin, you rock!), the guitars (as always), the lyrics… everything

Comment by Carol

Actually not that big of a fan. I’m really hoping they get away from the Self-Titled/Nightmare sound and go in a different direction for their next album, and this isn’t very encouraging.

Comment by Anonymous

its for Call of duty. I think they just threw it together just for fun. They haven’t mentioned when they will hit the studio so it’s hard to say what direction they will take it. Plus not to mention they prob wanted to see what arin can really do.

Comment by josh

I don’t think this is showing what the new album is going to be like at all. After “Not Ready To Die” was released they said it was just for the game and that it wasn’t setting a tone for the new album at all. So the album still might be something COMPLETELY different. Pumped to find out though!

Comment by Kevin C

my soul is screaming!! yes!!

Comment by Camarie D'angelo

I can’t believe it! I can’t help stop smiling! I’m so glad Avenged finally started up with music again! The song is amazing, I would be crying but I’m in school right now and the teachers would embarrass me.. But otherwise fucking AMAZING! <3

Comment by GeorgiaHanerBaker6661

You guys cease to amaze me! This song is amazing! Great job as always!

Comment by Jay

It sounds like a thrash metal Iron Maiden with insane soloing. I love it.

Comment by Anonymous

SUPPPEER DUPPEDER AWESOMMEE!!! I loveed the song soo much, I cant wait till they make and release there new album!

Comment by Anonymous

sounds like something straight out of “somewhere in time” or seventh son of a seventh” from iron maiden. you can hear how much they have matured lyricly as well as song writing and playing. sounds great

Comment by Anonymous

Doppppeeee song! Can’t wait for more

Comment by mikeyV

great way to start my day <3

Comment by francyA7X

yesss *-*

Comment by Avenger

DUDE!!! Okay I did NOT expect it to sound like that. That’s why I LOVE Avenged Sevenfold so much, they never put out the same sound, same song, or even same genre. They are like the All-in-one band of greatness and awesomeness.

Comment by Jacob Derington

They never disappoint. Every piece of their music is superb. Fantastic song!!!

Comment by Betty Viveros (@BettyViveros)

Hate it, Matt sounds like he’s just trying to rip-off Iron Maidens vocals. Musically it’s alright though.

Comment by Alex

Not a huge fan of the song overall, but thankfully they just wrote it for Call of Duty. They said in an interview that they used a different writing process for Not Ready To Die and didn’t have much time to smooth everything over, so hopefully its the same case here. It sounds like Shadow’s voice is doing well though, he hits a note in the last chorus that is higher than anything on Nightmare.

Comment by Anonymous

I loooooved the song!!! :D
The song is amazing!!
You never disappoint <3

Comment by Ana Tillmann

I like the song a lot. Hope to hear some heavier stuff on the new album, which I hope they get crackin on soon, I need new A7X!

Comment by Kevin C

This song actually sounds like a fairly new direction to me. VERY Iron Maiden-esque. Definitely more impressed with Arin’s drumming here than in Not Ready to Die. I need this on my iPod NOW.

Comment by ZBurns

Beautiful piece of work guys!!!. The Guitars, everything was awesome. Shads, the vocals are breathtaking like always. Definitely made my day hearing a new song! Very proud of you guys!

Comment by Ashley

after a few more listens im still a little dissapointed. I just had really high expectations. because of not ready to die. I like the instrumentals throughout the song, but I honestly think the singing ruined it. idk what it is it just sounds bland and repetitive to me. I like the guitar work a lot however

Comment by Anonymous

Dont like the vocals at all. just sounds to generic and mainstream. Not nearly as good as not ready to die

Comment by Zach

Keep in mind it’s Call of Duty… about as generic and mainstream as it gets. I’m sure that’s what they were going for.

Comment by Cory

this is so sick the solo the little drum part from arin ….. im ready for black ops 3 so i can get another a7x song lol

Comment by steven kraatz

Love it! It is very Maiden-esque but it’s still a great song. Vocals, guitars, drums, everything. Of course, it won’t be as good as the music they’d create for an album. What with the time constraints and everything that comes with recording a song for a game or movie. Nonetheless, great song!

Comment by Amy Parker

Great work guys I love it! NOW I REALLY can’t wait for their new album…I’ll be patiently waiting =)

Comment by Forever Avenged

loved it different but still avenged amazing

Comment by andie

Wicked song! Made my day!

Comment by a7xfanben

FUCKING AMAZING!!! Deffinately different than their past work. Sounds a little bit like Fozzy:D

Comment by Kyle Lentzkow

Sounding like Fozzy is NOT a compliment. The day Avenged turns into a cock rock band is the day I quit being a fan. They tour with enough of them they don’t need to become one.

Comment by Cal

I agree Cal.

Comment by Anonymous

Honestly I really hope this isn’t a sign for how the new album will be. It sounds like they tried to imitate Iron Maiden, but ended up sounding like Dragonforce. Not to mention the verse, bridge, and chorus sound like three different songs, and just feel really glued together. Besides that, I can hear the progressions of Lost It All and Blinded In Chains in there a little bit, and Matt’s vocals are definitely losing it, like I predicted.

I’ll have to keep on listening to it, but right now it’s one of my least favorite A7X songs.

Comment by Mike

I haven’t listened to it yet, but just keep in mind how this is for a video game and is probably written a certain way to fit the mold of the game, just like Not Ready to Die was. Remember how they said they wrote NRTD in like 2 or 3 days and then recorded it? They probably did the same here, and they are going to put a hell of a lot more work into the album then they are with this. I wouldn’t be worried until the first single of the album is underwhelming.

Comment by Otis

I agree, not diggin it at all.. I love A7X but this song doesn’t even sound like them.. It’s a total Iron Maiden knockoff. I hope the next album sounds nothing like this.

Comment by Chris Klidaras

Agree 100 percent Mike.

Comment by John

Really Mike?? Really? I know your a fan and all but don’t even try and have any doubts about their upcoming album. Just like Otis said, they made it to be fit for call of duties, “Zombie” mode. Take a listen to the lyrics dude, Then make a statement. You only heard ONE song and your already criticizing, people like you make me feel bad for so called fans these days. And judging the vocals? Geez your a good judge, maybe you should listen to afterlife and say hes losing it also. This was specially made for a video game it was not a “hint” to what their album would be like. Just be happythey still even want to make music kid nothings perfect in this life your not always gunna get your “perfect” song.

Comment by Sam

Incredible!! has A7X themselves made any comment yet??

Comment by Bob

Not that I know of.

Comment by deathbatnews

The one thing I have to commend about this group in particular is their ability to be faced with a challenge, be expected to flop, then exceed anybody’s original expectations. It started with the VMAs where they won the Best New Artist and it continues to this day. All in all, I already love the song and I just want to say thanks to Avenged. “Ya did good, kid”

Comment by Zack

Very good stuff!!! Also we now have solid proof they are writing together and a new album is most likely deep in development!!!

Comment by Walter

We have proof that they’ve written together and Syn has also said that they’ve been writing separately but there has been no talk anywhere of a new album being in development at all as of right now.

Comment by deathbatnews

Well yeah your absolutely right. I know they have not announced anything yet i was just hoping/assuming they are working on it. Anyways this song shows Arin is gonna be great on the drums for the album. Prolly even better then he was here as this song was prolly thrown together for fun. They will be taking the album work much more serious. I cannot wait to here it. They have never made a song i did not enjoy.

Comment by Walter

Omg, I love it. I’m so excited To be hearing a new song! This kicks ass. \m/

Comment by jordan

New song is awesome!!!! The guitar and drum work is great!!! I wish the vocals were a bit heavier with some screams, but overall an awesome song!!! A7X never disappoints!!!:)

Comment by A7x14

Amazing!!!! These guys never disappoint. What an talented bunch of guys.

Comment by Kelly Pearson Fetkovich

That is sooooooo awesome i cant believe my rock station is helping them :D

Comment by DeeDee Reverse

This song to me sounds similar to Lost it All

Comment by Andre

Love the shredding, vocals, and drums… Johnny’s OK too! I take it Arin is still playing? I think it’s a great “carry over” of ‘Not Ready to Die’.

Comment by fatboy1271 (@fatboy1271)

Ah! I’m on my iPod that doesn’t have flash right now! I gotta listen to it as soon as possible!! I’m in agony knowing I can’t hear it right now :(

Comment by ja7xie

Fuck yes. This is why I love A7X!!!!! This song is the shit. THEY KILLED IT!

Comment by Revenant

Oh damn, a lot heavier than I expected. Those opening tom fills by Arin are kind of Neil Peart esque. Very awesome.

Comment by pinkyandthesheep

I love it! I wasn’t in love with Not Ready to Die, but this song I’ve had on repeat since I got home.

Comment by Harley Quinn

I’m listening for the third time right now. I’m unsure. I dig the crap out of the intro. The vocals come in kind of weirdly after that but I’m getting used to it. I really like how they did the growling kind of deal a couple times, I think right before the chorus? They’re certainly trying to go really melodic and really heavy which is really awesome for me, since melodic death metal is my favorite genre ever (no I am not implying they’re melodeath before someone comes in with that…), but I’m not sure about the execution. Guitar work is great, I really like how you can hear Syn’s signature style in it while he also is straying away from his usual solo style…drums fit really well and I think they’re better than they were in Not Ready to Die. I think the vox are what is killing it for me right now at least. It isn’t his voice, but the way it’s mixed and how over the top melodic they tried to make the vocal lines.

I definitely like it, and as I listen to it and get familiar with it I will probably like it even more, but it’s not great. I’d say it’s just plain good.

Comment by Otis

I agree with most of what you said. reminds me of a B-side off of the self titles a little bit but with heavier riffs

Comment by Zach

Definitely sounds like a b side. Not one of my favorites at all. The guitars were good as always, and the drums were refreshing but not very convincing still. Matt needs to go back to his nightmare vocals, they were by far his best.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Kayla

omfg aweseom

Comment by Anonymous

Arin you have done the rev proud!!!! <3 foREVer

Comment by matty peace

It has a verry Iron Maiden sound to it

Comment by Anonymous

The quality of this…especially the drums is kind of poor, they really rushed through this in the studio but thats ok lol

Comment by Chris

Honestly upon first listen I wasn’t quite sure what to think but given it is our boys A7X I had the song replaying a half dozen times (as I always do with new songs from them) and I like it. Something seems off with it though in my opinion still a really good song and above par as always. Given this song is for the game I would imagine it will at least in part be different from what they are writing for a new album.

Comment by Ghostflame83

intro is golden along with the verses and chorus, other parts are just as good. i feel a bit of a maiden a7x groove to the song which is sick cuz a7x can play any style of music and always pull it off. arin was deffinitley solid and impressive which is good. overall like not ready to die, the song was clearly written and directed completley towards call of duty and war/battle themed on purpose all for the game so its pointless to be super critical or critical at all. But with all aside carry on is for sure a hit and will be huge within cod and a7x communities. just makes me even more proud to have this band inked over half my arm and to be an a7x diehard. good job guys your the fucking best! A7X foREVer

Comment by Andrew D

It’s good. The chorus kinda ruins it for me but it’s good enough to hype the fans while they’re making the album.

Comment by Loghen

i liked it better than not ready to die, not ready to die sounded like a video game carnival ( understood because it was for a video game ) I thought this was a bit heavier and more entertaining but the chorus wasnt terribly memorable and it seems like something they may have thrown together in a few hours. Sounds like they took every song they have ever written and combined it into one mediocre one.
still love them though

Comment by kk

so freakin awesome!!!!<3 cant wait for the new album!!

Comment by Lily Cannell (@LilyCannell)

<3 freaking awesome!! :D

Comment by EmilyA7X

This is just my opinion, but the song is just ok. I don’t like how the vocals are smooth and sound like a bunch of half notes. Although the guitar work is amazing! Arin is getting better, but the drums solo wasn’t intense enough. It was a little “bluesy”. I would know. I’ve been in a Jazz Band for 10 years. lol

Guitars and Bass – “A”
Drums – “B-”
Vocals – “C-”
Overall – “B-“

Comment by Steven

M Shadows voice is garbage here. Hes blown it out and needs to take a year or two off like the guy from slipknot did to recover his. Sounds really strained with no power.

As others have mentioned it sounds like a cheesy maiden rip off, not a fan.

Comment by John

This song is awesome. Man, I reeeaaally hope they decide to make a new album. I can’t bear the wait, but this helps.

Comment by Rdog

The Drum solo is terrible….

Comment by Joao

The drum sounds are awesome. I hope they keep that raw sound.

Comment by Brad

Reminds me of Iron Maiden a lot but I dig it!
Actually i love just about everything they do but this is really good and really makes it easier to wait for the album (:

Comment by s

This song is keeping me pumped and ready for the new album.
These guys are just never going to fade away, they are the best.

Comment by Josh Maday

I actually didn’t love this song that much. It’s good, but not that kind of a song that I could not stop listening to. Still, it’s great to hear something new from them! Can’t wait for the next album to be released =)

Comment by rednail

This song is just too awesome! Also I just bought it a few hours ago, and I’m wondering why it says ‘Black Ops 2 version’ after the song title. Besides the obvious fact that it’s from Call of Duty, I’m wondering if there will be an alternate version to this song. Has anyone else thought about that?

Comment by Jon Eng

Over all, I really like the song. The Maiden sound is kind of cool. I LOVE the drumming and hope this means Arin is going to stay. I had to listen to it a couple of times to really get into it, but over all it’s good.

Now, it’s not their best work, certainly; their video game songs never are. And I agree it’s unlikely that their new album, if they make one, will go in this direction.

The vocals did have me a little concerned, because Matt’s usually such a powerhouse and here that isn’t the case. He does sound strained in a few places and I think the pitch is too high for his voice. But, he definitely has good power in a couple of spots.

For the newest we’re going to get in a while, this isn’t too bad. But don’t assume that this is how the album will go is that Matt’s “losing it”. Perhaps he’s been buys doing other things. And the entire band admitted they needed a rest after Nightmare; let them finish resting and we’ll see what next year brings.

Also, those hating on Arin: you should be ashamed of yourselves. He’s a young kid, living his dream. And how many kids his age can play A7X stuff? How many kids his age could even BEGIN to keep up with what Jimmy wrote? I think he’s doing an amazing job and I want him to stay.

So, if I was rating this on a scale of 1-10, I’d go with an 8/10.

Comment by aightball

I think fans need to stop expecting stuff that The Rev would play. As tough as it is to swallow, that’s done. Any Avenged album from here on out, as long as he stays with them, will be Arin writing, Arin recording and Arin performing. He is not at The Rev’s caliber but he shows potential that he could be at that point one day. Just give him time.

Comment by Cal

Arin is talented. With that being said, there is no replacing the Rev’s writing creativity and the added dimension his vocals gave the band. They will always sound a little hollow to me with out him. However, I will always loved them. Too bad things didn’t work out with Portnoy as I think that would have been the next best thing.

Comment by wantanewa7xalbum!

No one will ever be able to replace or replicate The Rev. But, it’s time to stop expecting the sound of Avenged Sevenfold with The Rev and start expecting the sound of Avenged Sevenfold with Arin. Looks like the fans and critics are enjoying what they’ve heard so far. I’m personally glad that Portnoy thing didn’t work out, I didn’t think he meshed with the band at all.

Comment by Cal

I’ve been listening to this song non-stop today, I just can’t get enough.

Comment by Carol

Great song, but definitely not something worthy of album quality. Being a guitar player I’m paying most attention to Syn’s guitar work and i think they definitely rushed the solo in particular. Not really a standout solo of his. Cool dual guitars before Syn’s solo though. Similar to the dual guitars in Buried Alive prior to Syn’s solo. The riffs whilst heavy are definitely forgettable unfortunately. I’m gonna go with them rushing the song though as opposed to them losing their touch. Not sure what all the hate about Matt’s voice is.. I think his voice sounds great. Some of the lyrics are somewhat cliche and definitely don’t convey any sense of emotion/meaning to me but hey, it’s for a video game after all. Hopefully the next album will be of superior quality to this song.

Comment by Anonymous

Eh that wasn’t bad..but not great….the intro was pretty sick though for an a7x song and I do enjoy the musical maturation…not a fan of Matt’s vocals in this song…I agree with the comments though that it seems as if it was written to fit a video game since it does have that Dragonforce-esque set out on an adventure feel to it…..

Comment by Kenny V

brilliant song! as always from these guys, they were asked to write and record a song to go with the new COD and theyve pretty much nailed it, listen to it while playing COD and, just like Not Ready To Die, it seems to go perfectly with the game

Comment by chris

I’ve noticed that almost every song they write that isn’t on an album, sounds the same. I’m pretty sure they even use the same 4 chords. (NRTD, Carry On, Lost It All, 4AM) all use the same 4 chords and all sound the exact same, save the guitar solos. But even they’re not much different. Really hope they get away from that when they begin to write/record the new album. I’m sure it’s just like everyone else said: They have limited time to write it and its not as polished.

Comment by Seth Davis

Holy crap Matt’s vocal where unbelievable and the way Synyster plays this song is awesome but most of all Arin has done a great job

Comment by Anonymous

A new start for A7X♥

Comment by Mariel Vlz'

I don’t understand the criticism towards the vocal’s in the song. Yeah it sounds a bit different at first but I love it now, he sounds like he did not lose it since Nightmare and if you think he did, point me to where you can set an example of it..

Comment by Anonymous

I still can’t stand the drum tone…they sound soooo poorly recorded. Played well, just dont sound right.

Comment by Anonymous

Mixed feelings. First it was great to see new A7X content, it has been a long wait and I’m patiently awaiting the new album. Secondly it was great to see a new direction and hear a new sound coming out of the band. There has always been a drastic change between each album, and being a fan since the Waking the Fallen days, I’ve enjoyed every move the band has made. Any A7X song is a good song. I loved the Self Titled, Diamonds, and Nightmare, but I agree that it was time for the sound to evolve. Not Ready to Die was a good mixture of all their previous styles (there were elements of each album in it) and I hope to hear more of that in the future as well. Anyway, although Carry On was good, I have mixed feelings about the power metal direction. The entire band did well on their parts, yes even Shadows. It’s definitely Iron Maiden inspired, and I feel that it’s not exactly the Pantera and Guns and Roses lovechild – it does not sound much like “A7X” but instead to a lot of other bands. There was no point in the song that seemed memorable to me, it felt more like a fast-paced display of their talent, there’s no melody or vocal part that stuck with me after listening to it. Either way, it was good to hear more from the boys and I’m looking forward to whatever they come up with in the next album.

Comment by Fobby

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