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Fozzy Release “Sandpaper” Music Video With Cameo By M Shadows.
October 1, 2012, 2:50 pm
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Fozzy have released their music video for “Sandpaper” which features appearances by M Shadows throughout.

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Comment by OnTheRocks

That video is embarrassing lol. The sound quality was horrible and Fozzy acted like he sang Matt’s parts like the big note in the middle, yeah right. I love Avenged but I hope that wasn’t meant to be serious.

Comment by Anonymous

I soo agreee.. iwas like wth Jerico stealing Matt’s voice ha lame:P M just proved he’s wayyy better haha

Comment by Steff

Sometimes Matt is much too nice of a person. This entire debacle is one of those times.

Comment by Cal

Totally agree. That video was just laughable haha but maybe it was fun to make… Idk. Trying to give it the benefit of the doubt, but it’s hard.

Comment by Anonymous

After this video, Matt has his own place guaranteed in heaven. That shit was ridiculous

Comment by Sofia

Wow…that was cheesy. Very VERY cheesy. I’m glad A7X take a more cinematic approach to their videos. Also it says M.Shadows is “featuring” on the song yet all you can hear is Matt, that other guys voice is totally covered up.

Comment by Ash

So much evil dead. lol

Comment by James

i dont even know what to make of this video because it really is cheesy but i did read that the video was inspired by the evil dead movies.

Comment by joel

except for the fact that ‘evil dead’ is actually cool, this on the other hand was just cheesy. haha

Comment by francyA7X

Yes! lol

Comment by James

the only good in the video is him..

Comment by stve

It’s a simple video for a different song

Comment by Carmen Feuling

Love the song. I think I died a little watching the video though. It was kind of embarrassing to watch! lol I didn’t understand any of it. Why was there a hairy arm? Where did the vine thingies come from? Why was the quality so bad?

Comment by Oli(:

I have to agree that the majority of the song seems to be done by M. Shadows and that it is cheesy and it can easily been seen that most of the video was made with a green screen. But I have to admit anything with M. Shadows doing vocals is kick ass!!!

Comment by Tia Moss

Interesting video.
Sound quality : 5/10. Could have been so much better.
Video quaility : about 450pp shitted up with 720pp.
Video concept: a big 0 for fozzy, but Matt’s parts were really interesting though. ”M. Shadow”… Yeah…

Comment by Bruno Hébert-Brassard

That was…different. I watched it on mute…did I miss anything? But yeah…it was like a bad horror flick or something, lol! Not a big Fozzy fan anyway and this didn’t help…wow.

Comment by aightball

Maybe it’s supposed to be a joke?
Hahahaha love the song though, not sure about the video. M. Shadows was the only thing that kept my attention!

Comment by Lauren

The video ROCKS! It’s an homage to Evil Dead… get with the program.

Comment by tomtom2525

you guys complain to much, just enjoy the music and stop bitching.

Comment by kory

I’m sorry I thought we were sharing our opinions on a VIDEO and not the MUSIC. Oh wait, we are. The video isn’t good and the song aint all that either.

Comment by joel

Well… what can I say that hasn’t been said already? I mean… it’s not that great of a song, so I wasn’t exactly expecting a great video.

Comment by Estefania Cabañas (@Nia_Flores)

oh well, there’s just one thing I can say: wtf

Comment by Anonymous

It’s painfully obvious this video was intentionally made this way. And yes as awesome as Evil Dead is it too was intended to be extremely campy and oozing with cheesiness by Sam Raimi.

Comment by ericshawnsmith

wow…didn’t think that the A7X family would be so much like all those other band fans that hate on A7X. Guess people ARE all the same.

Well to say something about the Vid: You can clearly see the Evil Dead homage and it did a good job to imitate the same hilarious vibe xD

Comment by Rad

to be fair no ones really hating on fozzy just the video and ive never seen ms dbn really allow hating on other bands here. if they dont understand the video and what it represents thats on them.

Comment by lauren

yes! This sites moderation is really good.

Comment by Rad

agreed 100%

Comment by kory

This video made me laugh so hard. Of course it was horribly made, but it seriously entertained me. Chris Jericho is a complete sell-out in my eyes. He just wants the moolah. Other than that, this song is relatively unbearable and I can only tolerate the parts of which Matt is singing.

Comment by CJ

Ok first of all this band is not that great and think they needed Matt to help them gain a little more fame. Secondly the singer is trying to take credit for Matts singing hahaha that was mainly Matts voice! To funny.

Comment by Ariel Wallis (@wariel2009)

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