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Listen To Machine Gun Kelly’s “Save Me” Featuring M Shadows And Synyster Gates.
October 9, 2012, 8:58 am
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Machine Gun Kelly’s new album “Lace Up” is in stores today and Soundcloud is streaming the album including the intro track “Save Me” featuring M Shadows and Synyster Gates.


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Eh, I didn’t like it. It seems Shadows wasn’t used in a very good way. Four words? Really?

But still, at least Syn was used in a good way.

Comment by Zachary

Don’t really care for it.

Comment by Nichole

is it me or did shads sound bit off in that

Comment by Alex H

I totally agree…I thought that his vocals were off as well

Comment by cjbstrunk7x

Gotta agree with the above two statements.. The riff was good but I didn’t care much for the song as a whole

Comment by Michelle Hendershott

Still Awsome just sounds a little different

Comment by Alex H

oh my god…. i am shaking my head right now
they took the best male rock vocalist and barely had him do anything that would showcase his talent.
and i could barely hear syn over that ghetto synthy sounding generic pop beat in the backround..
the boys must have been feeling generous this year.
Lady gaga is similar in working with people and not having to much of an ego or the heart to say no.
Im baffled right now but whatever..
still looking forward too the new cd whenever that may be

Comment by kk

Hit that right on the head.

Comment by Anonymous

Hahaha what a terrible song. MGK is a terrible artist and I can’t believe M. Shadows and Synyster gates worked with him. He didn’t even give one of the best vocalists in the business the opportunity to show off his voice. MGK’s live shows are disposable and this was honestly a disgrace to the members of Avenged Sevenfold. I don’t say this as an avenged sevenfold fan, I say this as a music fan.

Comment by Anonymous

well, I’m not a huge fan of rap. I like eminem and some other random songs… but I didn’t really care for this. I agree Syn’s part sounded cool, but basically everything he does sounds awesome in my opinion. but Matt definitely sounds off. I don’t know if that sound was intended, but he sounds almost sick in that he’s straining his voice to sing that part. he usually has a pretty clean scream.

Comment by Lindsey

Agree his scream made him sound sick or strained. It is usually a hell of a lot cleaner and spine tingling even. For Matt and Syn to be used this way, is an insult to the guys. Matt must have felt generous in some way, same with Syn. Can’t wait for new Album. Huge A7x fan always will be.

Comment by Samantha GiggleBox Arrington

I dig it.

Comment by Rob Navarro


Comment by Brian

I like it. Yeah it could have been made better and we are all aware that Shads could have been used in a better way, but its not a bad song. I am a fan of both music genres and MGK is still a new rapper. He’s not the best but he is a lot better than what is out there today. He is a huge fan of A7X, just like you and me, so give the guy a chance. Mixing rap and rock is a difficult but interesting process and I think this is a nice way of blending the two genres together. People who say it is horrible are not okay with change. Way to go guys, keep up the good work.

Comment by Anonymous

Obviously people who are avenged sevenfold fans are content with change since not one of their albums sound alike. It’s the fact that they collaberated with one of the worst song writers in the buisness is the problem. MGK has nothing new to offer to the music industry and him thinking M. Shadows and Synyster gates can help is just ridiculous. Keeping up the good work is not collaborating with sub par artists such as fozzy, cowboy troy and now the useless MGK. M. Shadows is one of the best song writers and vocalists in the business… don’t know why he even let this one leave the studio; let alone walk in to one with MGK.

Comment by Anonymous

Way NOT to use Syn and Shads….talk about pearls before swine

Comment by Rad

I’m one of those people who would say I hate rap, but I actually really like this for some reason. I mean the song isn’t M. Shadows and Synyster Gates Ft. MGK everyone. It’s MGK and them. I think it’s awesome the the guys worked with MGK for a song and it’s cool they made a collaboration like this.

Comment by Kaylee

Agreed with the comment above.
I don’t think that is so bad. Maybe the only thing which is a bit awful here is Shadows’ part, but Gates rocks and so does MGK in his own genre, although he might not be the best rapper out there but still (and keep in mind it’s a MGK song, not an A7X one).

Comment by Anonymous

Yikes! I want to pour bleach in my ears after listening to that! Are syn and shads really that bored? Rest your voice for
the new album shads cuz it sounds like you gargled with gravel before singing that.

Comment by kelly

I didn’t liked, Shads and Syn just weren’t born for this!Matt have too much talent, but that music screwed with all!! Syn really, really rules! But Matt wasn’t so good how he could be.

Comment by Fernanda

Sorry guys, I’m with anonymous. I usually HATE rap but the guitar parts in here are amazing and actually fit the song perfectly. Not sure, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard guitar showcased in rap before…I love it. Guitar solos will be popping up in rap everywhere now and we will know who started it. Damn, is there anything Syn can’t do? Shads voice sounded extra raspy to me but not in a horrible way. Now there are 2 rap songs I’ll listen to.

Comment by Anne Stenslien

I enjoyed it until Shadows came in. His voice was very off and his pitch didn’t seem right. Syn’s guitar matched well with everything.

To the guy above who said it’s MGK with Syn and Shadz and not Syn and Shadz with MGK is absolutely right. I think people on this thread were expecting the A7X boys to be plastered all over this song.

When Syn and Shadz were featured on “The River” by Good Charlotte, they weren’t heavily featured on the track, just in small parts.

Lets keep an open mind to all music genres :)

Comment by steve

Yes lets keep an open mind yes it MGK ft Shadows and Syn but that didnt really work in my opinion its not terrible but its brilliant either not sure if shadows was intended to sound like that or if somethings up but i cant see that working again maybe a A7X track were MGK features that may work

Comment by Alex H

I agree open mind, but when it comes down to The River, Syn and Matt were put to good use. It worked well, Syn had his guitar parts and Matt had more than 4 words. Featured being the case or not.

Comment by Samantha GiggleBox Arrington

M. Shadows’ voice is actually very raspy (you can hear it on a few tracks he’s guest starred on) but I think A7X tends to polish it a bit in their music. While I wish he had a bigger part in this song, Syn’s guitar sounds really nice. I am also not a fan of rap and I’m certainly not jumping on the MGK bandwagon but I kind of dig this song. (Yes, totaly biased)

Comment by Anonymous

The song as a whole was okay it could of been better.. I’m not a rap fan, but i can tell you it is hard for rap and rock to flow smoothly. Matt wasn’t used well in this set up, but maybe another artist would of been a better choice. Overall the song was good and MGK just needs more experience.

Comment by Anonymous

I really liked the song! Syn’s guitar was awesome, and Matt’s vocals made the song a lot more interesting. I mean, come on guys, it’s an MGK song, not an A7X song. I think it’s cool that they collabed with an up and coming artist when we all know they really didn’t have to. That’s why Matt and Syn are so badass.

Comment by Lauren

I totally agree. MGK is no “Yelawolf” but hey if the boys wanna branch out to other genres why not? It was ok in my opinion.

Comment by Natasha

Damn, spotify isn’t available in my country lol But you made me very curious with all your comments

Comment by nilly247

He sounds horrible

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t get the hate on the song. As a general rule, I despise rap. But this was solid…it was original and interesting, the rapping itself was actually good, Syn’s guitarwork underneath really make the song pop, and I thought Shads sounded great. It’s a slightly different vocal style than he normally uses, but it was very heavy and emotional sounding. I honestly thought it was pretty good. I think everyone here expected something totally different and they’re just butthurt that Shads and Syn weren’t the forefront of the song.

Comment by Otis

no. we obviously know its not meant to be just another avenged sevenfold song, m.shadows sounds like nails on a chalk board to me and i am typically amazed by everything he does. i never thought id say this or that it was possible, but matt actually ruined the song. not impressed. mgk and syn did a fine job though.

Comment by Anonymous

Coming from someone who listens to more rap then metal (avenged is really the only band I listen to) this is complete and utter crap. The lyrics are s**t, the beat is overproduced & repetitive, and he raps like a privileged white boy. If this were the first time I was ever hearing of M. Shadows and Synyster Gates, I wouldn’t look them up to hear more..They could have found someone so much more talented to collaborate with. Why not Slug from Atmosphere, and wasn’t there a rumor that they were collaborating with Tech N9ne? I honestly don’t understand why they always do songs with such horrible artist.

Comment by Sydney

There has been no rumor that they are collaborating with Tech N9ne but their information has been exchanged.

Comment by deathbatnews

every time i write something negative on here it never gets posted

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t tend to disapprove negative comments unless they’re unnecessary. I assume the comment you’re speaking of is this one which was posted.

Comment by deathbatnews

I think Matt’s voice was perfect for what he sang. His words are a plea for help, for a savior and his voice matched it. He sounds broken which goes well with the lyrics. It’s powerful, heart wrenching and tear jerking the way he put his emotion into those four words. Each time he sang it he sounded like he was begging someone to just save him. Brian’s guitar, as usual, is melodic and divine. The subtlety of it goes well with the song because we must remember that it s MGK’s song, he’s just featured on it. And MGK’s flow is sick, and the lyrics are meaningful. I find absolutely no fault with this song.

Comment by Aisha

Woo! You go Aisha.

Comment by Anonymous

” why did they do a song with a C(rap) artist” “they didn’t use Shads and Syn enough”… Seriously who cares. A7X can pretty much do whatever they want and make music with whomever they want. Just because you are closed minded doesn’t mean they HAVE to be as well… if you dont like it go back to listening to Nickelback, Atleast then you know your “favorite” group will always play the same style of song and will colaborate with the same style of musicians… SHAME ON THEM FOR TRYING SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!!!!

Comment by Shane

[…] the title track “Save Me.” You can watch the footage of M Shadows recording his vocals and listen to the full song which also featuresSynyster […]


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