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Reddit AMAA With M Shadows: New Avenged Sevenfold Album Coming Soon And More!
November 14, 2012, 4:15 pm
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M Shadows & Treyarch’s Call Of Duty Game Designer David Vonderhaar may be finished with their Reddit AAMA chat but you can still check out all of the questions and answers. Matt answered general questions which included some spanning the length of Avenged Sevenfold’s discography, talked a little about “Carry On,” joked with fans, noted that the “something no other band has ever done before” is “yet to come,” asked David some questions, confirmed that the DVD is coming, gave some insight on when we can expect a new album (Hint: It’s this summer!) and more.

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He answered me!

Comment by Britt Lynne

Finally at least we know what to expect! The uncertainty has been absolutely brutal. I check here at least 10 times a day and drives me nuts when there’s nothing new lol. Absolutely cannot wait for the dvd/new album/”something that no other band has done before”

Comment by Matt

Hell yeah!!!! Can’t wait to hear new stuff and see what Arin brings to the table musically and lyrically. =)

Comment by LittleMissRESENTMENT

This was the best news in months! So damn cool to see Matt talking to the fans hahahaha can’t wait for the next album!

M. Shadows “next album is gonna be filled with dance remix dubstep… hahah it will be a surprise btw i am joking”


Comment by Jordan

Cant Wait !! :D <3

Comment by Martinez Elvia II

Coca-Cola Zero. Someone’s in on diet. Matt looks like a boss with long hair

Comment by Jordan

A lot of people asked why Arin was left out of the video … no answers … I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me

Comment by Chris Qualmann

It’s pretty obvious. What IF he DOESN’T become a permanent member..And we’re not even 100% sure if he was the one who laid the whole track down.

Comment by GibbZ

i know i’m not the only one who was literally dying here waiting for some kind of news. and i honestly wasn’t expecting an album this soon, so i am pretty ecstatic right now.

and i hope the DVD is soon, soon! really excited to see the show i was at. :)

Comment by Lindsey

This is the greatest news I’ve heard in weeks!!! I always love that they take time to do things for us fans:) Can’t wait for the new album and DVD!!!!!!

Comment by Michelle

I wish I would have known about this earlier, I posted a comment, too bad it had already ended. >.<

Comment by Kayla

He is soooo awesome. More reasons why I love him.

Comment by Ariel Wallis (@wariel2009)

I’m so happy, I could cry! ahh I just love these guys so much, can’t wait for the new record <3

Comment by francyA7X

A fun little side project or throw-away song with dubstep or electro-dance would be cool. I liked what Muse did on their latest album.

Comment by lostmesa

just no….

Comment by Anonymous

Wow that was a lot to wade through but worth it!

Comment by Kelly

I would’ve asked him what happened to the Buried Alive music video… Haha, been waiting for it for too long :)

I’m so excited now, I wasn’t expecting a new album so “soon” ! I’m also glad he answered the question about “something no other band has ever done before”, as I was wondering too. Can’t wait to hear/see their new stuff !

Besides, it’s nice to read some news about the band on Deathbatnews again :)

Comment by Marina

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