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“The [New Avenged Sevenfold] Album Is Coming Along Very Nicely,” M Shadows Tells The Pulse Of Radio.
November 15, 2012, 8:03 am
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M Shadows has told The Pulse Of Radio that album six from Avenged Sevenfold is “coming along very nicely.” In a more in-depth interview with ARTISTdirect he elaborated more on the album saying, “there’s kind of an old school feel, but it’s still modern.”

Lead singer M. Shadows told The Pulse Of Radio that ever since recording that song in August, AVENGED has been working steadily on album number six. “I try not to say too much about the album because you know how the Internet world is, so I’ll just say this: we have a direction, we’re sticking to that direction, and we feel really very happy writing in these terms that we’ve laid out for ourselves,” he said. “The album is coming along very nicely, we’re excited to get in the studio, we have about six songs that I’m really happy with right now, and we’re continuing to write every single day.” The new disc is expected out in June or July of 2013 and will follow up 2010’s “Nightmare.”


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Comment by melanie


Comment by Kevin C

Hooray for old school

Comment by Andy W Spivey

Can’t wait!

Comment by tcshortie

Sweet!!! Here is hoping by Old School Matt means its gonna sound a bit like Waking The Fallen! I can hope.

Comment by Mike D.

Wow, I’m so excited to hear that!

Comment by Anonymous

This is the only album that really already has me evoked on excitement more than any other upcoming release. Avenged is my true love. Im seriously excited to hear this new album. May god help me and my tendencies! <3

Comment by ja7xie

old school feel not sounds like waking the fallen still modern…So dont exspect him to be screaming every song because i know for a fact he wont

Comment by Ryan

Yeah I’m wondering if he means a little more like Guns and Roses or maybe Iron Maiden type of old school. I think he means old school by the genre rather than the band itself.

Comment by Lucas

I am so excited. This year without seeing them on tour was waaaaaay more brutal than I expected. It’s like missing a family reunion. Gah, I can’t wait until they start talking more about this.

Comment by Harley Quinn

UUUHUUL! I’m so excited :D

Comment by Ana Tillmann

SO exciting, it’s going to be a longggg winter waiting for this new album. :)

Comment by Lish M

All is right with the world :D I can’t wait whoo!

Comment by Thea Strange

YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been waiting so long!!!!!!!
i know for a fact it will be amazingly fantasticly fucking awesome like every album of theirs!!!!!!
A7X For Life
Avenged Sevenfold FOREVER

Comment by Zac

Sweet! something to look forward to! \m/

Comment by Kayla d

So excited, I can’t wait. The last 2 songs they wrote Not Ready to Die and Carry On were for COD but they did have an Old School feel to them. An Iron Maiden kinda feel.

Comment by Anonymous

I think this will be a7xs most intelligent album yet in my opinion really progressive but still heavy i mean matt said their doing something no band has done before but i just have a feeling its gonna be very progressive and very heavy and hopefully by old school he means waking the fallen and i hope theres some elements of city of evil cause its just a epic fucking album

Comment by vince

Super SWEEEET! The DVD, that Buried Alive Ontario internet video (still hoping that comes!) , and a new album coming along? Yess I can’t wait!! Thanks Ms. DBN for always giving us up to date news!!

Comment by Forever Avenged

I’m so excited and nervous at the same time. They can either go really pop inspired like Carry On or really progressive like Save Me, hoping they more with a progressive sound because they really get to showcase their musical talents that way.
Either way, i’m looking forward to it

Comment by Phil

I’m totally on board with you Phil. Bring on more progressive rock!!!

Comment by rit

the old schoo feel doesnt mean the old school avenged he means by old school rock and metal like maiden sabbath metallica type sound,like carry on! cant wait so fucking stoked!

Comment by Anonymous

Can’t f***’n wait!!

Comment by Matthew k

He means old school like zep and sabbath. and I must say, HOLY F&CK!N SH!T!!! They are talking about how they want to avoid the new trendy metal thats just like everything else now, digital as hell, and as youve probably noticed the stuff has really stagnated and our crunchy tones and warm rythems are just electro fuzz and comp generated effects like auto-tune. It takes too much time to record and set up oldschool equiptment when you can have a studio in a smartphone. I’m 26 and Pantera is gone. BLS is strarting to sound the same, I don’t know what the f#ck happened to Disturbed/Mudvayne/Slipknot etc.. but they arnt bringing it anymore. I’l never convert to this new shit so thank god for A7x for grinding through all the bullshit they had to swim in and swinging towards the holy grail of genres. ps. testicles……..that is all

Comment by Kevin F

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