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Happy Birthday, Johnny Christ!
November 18, 2012, 11:56 am
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Happy 28th Birthday to Johnny Christ.

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#HappyBDayJohnnyChrist *-*

Comment by Lais O. Sanders

Happpy Birthday Short Shit!! :D Love ya

Comment by KuroStallionduck

Happy Birthday Johnny!! :)

Comment by Lindsey

Happy Birthday Johnny!!!
Have a great time wishing many more blessings and that you celebrate many more years. Love ya… =)

Comment by Erika Freytes

Happy Birthday Johnny Christ ! You’re our favorite gnome ! :D

Comment by AnzStelLa

Happy Birthday Johnny!! :D

Comment by Manon Donkersloot (@SynysterNon)

Happy Birthday Johnny!!! Hope you have a great day! =)
Lots of love xxxxxxx

Comment by Shell

Happy Birthday Johnny Fucking Christ!!!! Have a nice day

Comment by melanie

Happy birthday dear Johnny!!!! We love you, man!!!! You should celebrate here in England with the rest of A7X :)!!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF ONE OF THE BEST BANDS OF THE FUCKING WORLD, MAN! Love, Cris and Carolina.

Comment by Carolina (@withwrongwhats)

Happy Birthday Johnny. Youre such a great great bassist. we love ya man<3 must be such an honor to be part of what makes avenged the best band ever. keep shredding that bass. \m/

Comment by ja7xie

Happy birthday Johnny. <3 I hope you have a great day. :)

Comment by Hanna

Happy Birthday Johnny!! :)

Comment by Barbara

Happy B’day Johnny!Have a great one!

Comment by Anonymous

We love you Johnny! Happy birthday *mwah* best wishes! Mine’s in 8 days <3

Comment by Thea Strange

Happy Birthday, Johnny!!!!!!! You’re slowly catching up. Lol

Comment by sian

Happy bday Johnny Christ!!!♥ You guys are and always will be my biggest idols and inspiration!! Hope you have an awesome day!:D A7X foREVer!!\m/ \m/

Comment by ~Lily Cannell~ (@LilyCannell)

Happy 28th birthday Johnny :) Hope you have a great day and enjoy your birthday with your friends and family.we all love you Johnny, we all send you warm wishes with lots of love <3 <3 <3

Comment by Melina

Happy Birthday Johnny!!!!

Comment by Michelle7x

Happy birthday Johnny, love you! <3
We all hail Johnny Christ!

Comment by francyA7X


Comment by Keri Bethard

Happy Birthday Johnny! Hope you have a wonderful day!! Lots of Love <3

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Johnny!! Have a wonderful day! Lots of Love <3

Comment by Rachel

Happy Birthday, Johnny x

Comment by SS

Happy Happy birthday to our little gnome!!!! :)) love you johnny!! Happy Birthday!

Comment by paige whalin

Happy Birthday Johnny C!
Many more to come and I wish you lots of happiness in your life!
We ALL hail Johnny Christ!<3

Comment by Anonymous

Happy birthday 28th Johnny!!!! :3 Hope your having a great day.I wish you the best warm wishes with lots of love, and take care. Your amazing and we all love you, take care. <3 <3 <3 \m/ ALL HAIL JOHNNY CHRIST! \m/

Comment by Melina

happy Birthday Johnny, keep on kicking some ass …

Comment by Henry D. Torrence

Have a happy birthday Johnny! (:

Comment by Sara S.

Happy Birthday Johnny!! hope you have the greatest day ever cause you totally deserve it for being kick ass :)

Comment by Angie Medina

Happy birthday , Johnny :P , Hope this day was awesome for you , and we all support you guys up here in Canada , Have a rad birthday :)

Comment by Shayne

Happy Birthday 28th Johnny Christ ..<\m/

Comment by Victoria Black (@Victim1120)

Happy Birthday Johnny Boy!

Comment by Loghen

Happy Birthday JC!!! Hope you had a great day!! We love you! <3

Comment by Ciera

Happy F++KIN Birthday Johnny! Hope your day was as awesome as you are!!! More success and many more birthdays to come! =)

Comment by Forever Avenged

HBD our little cutie :3

Comment by poffi

~Happy Birthday~Johnny :)

Comment by hananelgendy

Happy brithday!! Enjoy the day!! (:

Comment by rednnail

Happy Birthday, Johnny! Hope it was awesome =)

Comment by parla1

Who is Johnny Christ?

That was a joke.

Comment by Anonymous

Happy birthday!!(; hope you hadda good day!(:

Comment by Hailey Renne(:

Happy belated b day bro

Comment by Anonymous

Johnny Christ!! Happy late fuckin birthday my man. You’re an inspiration to bassists everywhere. Never stop being awesome!! XD

Comment by Anonymous

Happy birthday Johnny , you are the locomotive of the rhytm……….

Comment by kurt.west.norway

Happy birthday Johnny

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Johnny

Comment by Joe

Ah you short bastard happy b-day

Comment by Lee koestel

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