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USA TODAY: “Carry On” For Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 And M Shadows’ Current Daily Routine.
November 29, 2012, 3:45 pm
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USA Today have shared an article in which they spoke to M Shadows about Avenged Sevenfold’s involvement with Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 with the song “Carry On,” gaming with his clan, how the new album is coming along and the front-man confirms a sneaking suspicion amongst fans. A congratulations is in order!

Once players finish the single-player campaign, they see the game’s villain Raul Menendez and one of the main characters Sgt. Frank Woods meet an animated version of the band backstage before joining them onstage to perform the song. Eventually, the entire cast of the game dances to the tune. “Carry On was more like these guys coming together at the end and being buddies after they have pretty much killed each others’ families,” Shadows says. “I’m proud of it and I think it’s fun and it’s actually just really cool to be in a Call of Duty game.”

Avenged Sevenfold has a new album in the works, so Shadows is busy writing. “It’s a big record for us. … All I can say is that we are really excited about it and it’s sounding really good to us,” he says. “It’s definitely different like all of our records are all different from each other. That’s fun. We are just exploring our musical boundaries.”

Shadows says that these days “I write about eight hours a day, five days a week and then play games the rest of the night and hang out with my son,” he says. “Fans don’t need to be worried that I am just playing Call of Duty.”

Thanks Justin for sending this in.


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Comment by Natasha

I am so happy for him! Congratulations to him and Val!

Comment by Erica

Congrats, Shadows! He’s really addicted to video games. And again: Can’t wait for the new record.

Comment by Jordan

WOAH! Congrats Shads!

Comment by Arron Johnson

Hopefully now fans will calm down; he confirmed the birth of his son =).My congrats to the new family =). And I can’t wait for the new record!!

Comment by aightball

Love the part where he says “…hang out with my son” It’s so adorable!

Comment by Leslie

:) this makes me happy.

Comment by Brea

Aww there’s a baby shadows in the family, how cute. Congrats Shads and Val! :)

Comment by Melina

Thanks for the updates Ms DBN!!! I’m really really excited for the new album and was reading throughout the article until the end then this part ***Shadows says that these days “I write about eight hours a day, five days a week and then play games the rest of the night and hang out with my son,” he says.***
AWWWWWW congrats Matt & Valary!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of parenting!!

Comment by Forever Avenged

I knew it! Congrats to Matt and Val! Makes me feel old as shit though and I’m not even 18 yet, been following the band since 2005… awesome how things comes full circle

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

Wow! I had to reread that about four times to make sure I’d read it correctly the previous three! So glad to hear, complete congratulations to them! :)

Comment by Rachel

My exact reaction: “Shads had a son?!”
Congratulations to both him and Val! I kept wondering when the first Avenged kid would come along.

Comment by Morgan

M Shadows is now a father! wow i haven’t been up to date with avenged in a while

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by mugglesouls

So excited about the new album in progress and so very happy for Matt and Val! Congrats!

Comment by Tasha Ross Yetter

“…hang out with my son” so cute ^^ Congratulations to you and Val (:

Comment by Ana Tillmann

dawww I couldn’t be more happy for Matt and Val. :’) Congratulations <3

Comment by francyA7X

Awww yay I couldn’t stop smiling once I read the word “son” I still can’t stop smiling. Congrats to Shadows and Val! I’m excited about the new album too :)

Comment by Melynda Murray

This just made me SO happy. “hang out with my son.” SO CUTE.

Comment by Kasey

Baby, DVD, and new album?! Congrats to Matt and Val, can’t wait for more updates!

Comment by Maddie Kopjo

Daddy Shads. Lovin’ it.

Comment by Bret Roberts

That kid will have some serious Tat’s by the age of five! LOL

Comment by Ace Ligonography

Hahaha that’s awesome. I’m so happy for him and for this new album! :D

Comment by Anonymous

Congrats Matt!

Comment by Anonymous

Congrats Matt!

Comment by Brian

Aww, Matt is daddy. <3

Comment by Hanna

Congrats to Shads!

Comment by Anonymous

Congratulations to Matt and Valary as well ! So happy for them, to be a father must be one of the most beautiful things that can happen in life :)

Comment by Marina

Congrats with your boy shadows!

Comment by kpp

Congratz Matt :) :)

Comment by RESET_PL

Baby Shads…that is awesome!

Comment by cjbstrunk7x

Congrats to them both!

Comment by tia

<3 congrats to two awesome persons, Matt and Val are certainly gonna make great parents! I'm so happy for them :) the kid must be soo adorable since he has 2 beautiful parents! ;)

Comment by Lara

Congrats Shadows!! Great news!! =) xxxxx

Comment by shell6661

Congratulations with your son, M. Shadows! You and your wife must be very happy ^_^ I love Avenged Sevenfold and I will continue to listen to your music until i die — and i will probably be dying with a headset on my ears listening to Afterlife :)

Comment by RhiBatShadows

Congratulations matt!!!:D so happy for you guys and really exited for the new album! you guys will always be the best! love ya!

Comment by ~Lily Cannell~ (@LilyCannell)

Congrats on the baby boy :D

Comment by Beans

wow ! i had to read it 3 times too when it said ‘son’. So glad for them.

Comment by juice

Papa Shadows?! Aww that’s awesome!! :D Congratulations Matt and Val on your little boy!!!<3

Comment by Ciera

Holy shit!

Comment by AnderVengenz

Wow congrats shdz new son new album=)♡♡♡♡♡♡

Comment by lendra lee

OMG a son !!? Congrats Matt !!!!!

Comment by Sydney

Okay, HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS UNTIL TODAY? How on earth did this information escape me so long! Oh my goodness, congratulations, Valary and Matt! So happy for you! I just…yeah! Better late than never, right?

I heard a rumor today and have been searching for confirmation ever since. Found this article but still didn’t feel completely comfortable ’til I knew you posted, Kortney. Thanks!


Comment by Ava

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