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Happy Birthday, Zacky Vengeance!
December 11, 2012, 3:36 am
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Happy 31st Birthday to Zacky Vengeance.


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Happy birthday Zacky!!

Comment by Mikael Medina

Happy B-DaY Zach!!

Comment by Kido (@kiduletz14)

Happy Birthday Zacky V! Best Wishes!

Comment by Chayce Davis

Happy 31st birthday Zacky :)) Love You foREVer :))

Comment by Vengeance

Happy Birthday Zacky!!! b@ mode on and have an amazing day :)

Comment by Nathalie/minib@

Happy 31st Birthday Zacky Vengeance :)
May God bless you and get more success on your life :)

Comment by DesyPutika

Happy Bithday Man. Passing 30, well done…

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday ZV!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Happy birthday Zacky V ! Keep on being awesome !

Comment by Marina

Happy Birthday Zacky!!! Have a geat day dude!!! Xxxxxxx

Comment by shell6661

Happy Birthday, ZV!! I hope you have the most fantabulous day ever!! xoxo

Comment by Andrea Lam

Happy 31st Birthday Zacky Vengeance !!

Comment by zach

Have a great day zacky xD hope i can be as amazing as you at guitar one day.

Comment by Jacob Eisele

Happy birthday Zacky have a great day xx

Comment by Cheryl

Happy Birthday Zacky!! Luv Ya. Lefties Rock! ^_^

Comment by sara

Happy Birthday Zacky V!

Comment by Kelly

Happy birthday Zacky V!!! Have a kick @ss day :)

Comment by Lish M

Have a spectacular birthday! Wearing an A7X shirt today.

Comment by Ben

Happy 31st birthday Zacky V. ^^

Comment by Ana Tillmann

Happy Birthday Zacky!!! :)

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday our lovely Zacky Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Comment by Angie

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACKY!! have a badass bday :) love foREVer <3

Comment by Summer

Best Wishes from Poland!!! :)

Comment by Aga

Happy birthday ♥

Comment by Ida Sade

happy birthday zacky v!!

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday, Zacky! Hope you have an amazing day!!! :)

Comment by JaCaria

Happy Birthday ZV! :D <3

Comment by Anonymous

Hope you have a great birthday!

Comment by Sara S.

Happy Birthday!

Comment by Keri Bethard (@KeriBethard)

Happy Birthday Zacky! Avenged wouldn’t be the same without the sick riffs you and Syn put together, you’re the best rythm guitarrist ever!! Have a great day and look forward to the future with enthusiasm, not only for you, but for A7X, just as I do.

Comment by Jerry

Happy Birthday Zacky

Comment by Allan MCmillan

Happy Birthday!!!! x)

Comment by Veronica Galloway

Happy Birthday :)

Comment by erikpusen

Happy birthday Zacky V!!! Have a fantastic day!! :)

Comment by james

Happy B-Day Zacky !!! :3 love you Avenged Sevenfold

Comment by Mary


Comment by Melina

Happy birthday!

Comment by kim

Haha, just seen Zacky’s tweets… That’s made my day ^^

Happy birthday, Zacky x

Comment by SS

Happy birthday Zacky!!! :D Hope you have an awesome day!!

Comment by EmilyA7X

Happy Birthday Zacky!!! your fuckin pimpin i had a dream last night that i met u and the band woooo have a great day thanks for everything A7X foREVer

Comment by Andrew D

Happy Birthday Zacky V!!! Love ya!

Comment by Megan Common

Happy Birthday Zacky V ^^

Comment by HananElGendy

Happy birthday Zacky V!

Comment by Bryan

Happy birthday Zacky .

Comment by kurt.west.norway

hey dude hope u have a fuckin´ great b-day, your the greatest rhythm guitarist in the world!!!!

Comment by Carlos Ramon Hernandez

Happy birthday ZV! Have a great day. We love you very much <3

Comment by francyA7X

Happy Birthday Zach!!!!!<3 Hope you have an awesome day!!!!!! :D

Comment by Ciera

Best of wishes from STL Zacky!! Have a great bday bud!!

Comment by Preston Seymour

Happy 31st birthday Zacky V!!!>;D your guy’s music is such a HUGE part of my life and you will always be my biggest idols and inspiration!! love ya and have an awesome day!!!♥

Comment by ~Lily Cannell~ (@LilyCannell)

happy birthday, Zacky Vengeance! you passed thirty…9_o” lol just kidding XD you rock! Avenged Sevenfold foREVer! <3

Comment by RhiBatShadows

Happy Birthday Zacky!!!!

Comment by Michelle

Happy Birthday Zacky V.! Hope it rocks \m/ \m/

Comment by tcshortie

Happy 31’st to you zacky and 15’th to me i hope yours wasnt as bad as mine

Comment by Jarett

Happy Birthday Zacky! <3

Comment by Leslie

Happy 31st Birthday Zacky! Hoping you enjoy your day spent with the ones you love!!! Wishing you good health, more success & can’t wait for the new stuff A7X has in store in the future!!!

Comment by Forever Avenged

Happy birthday from the 1996 olympic gold medalist. I have a gold medal people! Its true its true

Comment by Kurt Angle

happy birthday zacky vengeance may be renowned musicians..

Comment by Anonymous

happy birthday zacky!!love a7x forever

Comment by Devo Anbucima Persijas'jatisampemampoes

Happy Belated Birthday, Zacky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope You Had Lots Of Fun.

Comment by Sian

Happy Birthday, Zacky V.

Comment by Joe

feliz cumpleaños, sigue así !

Comment by susana

Happy birthday ZV, you really growing up a lot now. Best wishes for you.

Comment by Sarah Jacey

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One year older and youre still hot!!!

Comment by Alyssa S.

HBD zacky.. !!

Comment by Anonymous

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