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Avenged Sevenfold’s “Carry On” Nominated For Revolver Magazine’s “Song Of The Year.”
December 12, 2012, 12:00 pm
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Revolver Magazine want to know what you think the Song Of The Year is. Avenged Sevenfold’s “Carry On” is nominated and you can vote as many times as you want until Jan 1st.


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A really punchy song which just keeps you awake and alive.

Comment by Leon Ho


Comment by Claude Labonté

“Carry On” is gonna Win. I Hope, NO I Know, NO I FEEL IT!

Comment by MarcAfterlife

vote more guys!

Comment by A7xSandro

Carry On, unfortunately, takes second place for me. Had to vote Gone Sovereign by Stone Sour. Carry On, for an Avenged Sevenfold song, is just not that impressive for me. I love the song, but I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed in it. It felt like it was really missing something.

Comment by Z.Burns

Respect your opinion but have to disagree. I think Carry On is (with the exception of a few songs) better than anything on Nightmare, and a billion times better than Gone Sovereign.

Comment by Revenant

Everyone has their opinions :-) Shads sounds amazing on the track, but nothing else really stood out to me. Honestly, I can’t really place why I like Gone Sovereign so much… I’m not even a big Stone Sour fan. I guess it’s not as crazy as me not liking an Avenged Sevenfold song, even though they’re easily at least my second favorite band.

Comment by Z.Burns

To compensate, because I do love Carry On quite a bit…I voted for Gone Sovereign five times, and Carry On four times. :-)

Comment by Z.Burns

Carry On is a good song, but I agree that I wouldn’t call it the song of the year. They did write it in a very short time, so naturally I don’t think they put as much thought into it as most of their other stuff. Still, a great song that gets stuck in my head a lot. Lol

Comment by Anonymous

Carry is gonna win!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Ana Tillmann

I will vote 50 times everyday or more :D

Comment by Bryan

Vote on :D

Comment by Anonymous

Done, though I thought the race would be closer. I forgot how big (or ‘hardcore’ with online voting) some fanbases are.

The snow is back!

Comment by Loghen

Looks like Pretty Reckless and Black Veil Brides are gonna give us a run. Although, as a proud member of the BvB Army as well as the A7x Family, I would be content with either of those bands taking home the gold. Let’s make it happen!

Comment by Harley Quinn

Lots of great songs here to vote for. I will vote for avenged just to support them even tho it isn’t their best one. I gotta throw some votes to deftones tho. That song is awesome! Stone sour and baroness too!

Comment by kelly

Voted for Deftones and Stone Sour as well :-)

Comment by Z.Burns

Nothing on this list even deserves to win. Its all bad radio rock and a bunch of generic metalcore bands with haircuts, breakdowns, and 15 year old girl fanbases.

Voting for BTBAM, Carry On isn’t anywhere near song of the year.

Comment by A7XEric

Said the official “I decide who deserves what” Guy xD. Opinions man, your’s just as worthless as mine. And I love Carry On

Comment by Rad

I’m with you, Carry On was good but Astral Body and all of BTBAM’s newest record is incredible.

Comment by Alex

Not to bash, but sites and fan bases like this take away the point of polls like this, and just make it about what band has the biggest, most voting-ready fans, not about the actual quality of the music.

Carry On is one of A7X’s worst songs, and I know many, many people agree with me on that.

Comment by Brian

I’m not sure it’s the fansites so much as the voting page allowing multiple votes. There’s nothing wrong with pointing out that a poll is going on…

And I like how A7X don’t beg their fans to vote in these things the way other bands do. I get annoyed with my facebook feed filling up with bands asking fans to vote all the time.

Comment by SS

Just voted a bunch! Come on peeps, let’s help A7X win this one!!

Comment by Avenger

carry on all the way!!!!>:D

Comment by Anonymous

Looks like Periphery has this one, good for them. Took ten a while to get their foot in the door. Carry on was good, but I think musically Make Total Destroy was the better song, more diverse. Oh well, theyre in first and second right now I think, and I voted for both equally, so if either win I’ll be happy.

Comment by Jacob

Carry on isn’t the best song they’ve ever made, but it really attract my spirit to get bangin’ up. Carry on is representing their old school thrash.

Comment by Sarah Jacey

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