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Avenged Sevenfold Set To Hit The Studio In January + New Album Details.
December 20, 2012, 11:08 am
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Avenged Sevenfold are set to head into the studio next month to record their “groove-oriented” follow-up to “Nightmare.”NME spoke with M Shadows who confirmed the band will begin recording their new album in January.

Avenged Sevenfold have confirmed that they will be in the studio next month to record the follow-up album to their 2010 album ‘Nightmare’

Singer M Shadows confirmed to NME that their sixth album is almost ready to record: “This album’s a little more groove orientated,” he said. “There’s a little bit more groove to it, a little bit more focused on bigger riffs. So that’s where it’s headed – every song has gotta have a huge riff and every song has to have a groove to it.”

The California metallers have also written a new song called ‘Carry On’, which appears on Call Of Duty Black Ops II and features the band performing the song as digital characters during the end credits.

Speaking about the game, M Shadows revealed that the band were “really honoured to be made into, you know, immortalised on a video game”. He added: “At the same time, it’s really cool that it’s on the Call Of Duty game ’cause we’re big fans of the game.”


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not entirelly sure what he means by groove honestly. can someone give me an example of some a7x songs that have groove? like scream?

Comment by Anonymous

like scream, brompton cocktail, critical acclaim, I would say nightmare however many may not. my guess is it will be every white album-esque without the different genre thing. If brompton cocktail was what they were basing it off I will freaking love it, that might be my favorite A7X song

Comment by Alexander David Marsh

By groove he means like heavy pantera type riffs pantera is considered groove metal also mastadon has a lot of groove elements to their songs

Comment by vince


Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous

This is awesome news for bday (in 2 days.)makes me excited cause then a tour has to be soon after the album drops! Yay!!

Comment by danielle c

Oh I DARE them to write a riff groovier than Critical Acclaim! So psyched!

Comment by korr0k

Won’t be possible, the Rev wrote that riff.

Comment by Steven Herrera

No in the making of the album M Shadows talks about writing that particular riff.

Comment by Alex

This awesome! I’m really happy to hear that :)

Comment by nilly

I guess this Album will be fucking Epic. Can’t wait till it comes finally out.

Comment by marcafterlife

Was really hoping to get more out of that interview. “Groove-oriented” is still a pretty ambiguous term, but i think i know what they mean based on what Matt said he was grabbing for influences.

Comment by Matt

I’m not optimistic. From what they’ve been saying I’ve heard no hint at any crazy theatrics or huge epic songs.

Between the classic rock influence they’ve said to have and that the songs are going to be more “groove” oriented, it just sounds like we’re gonna get a bunch of 4 or 5 minute straight forward thrash songs.

Comment by A7XEric

Shadows mentioned writing 11 minute songs in one of their recent interviews. I think its still possible to put groove riffs in longs songs, i.e. the first riff in Strength of the World.

Comment by Alex

The 11-minute song he was referring to was “Save Me” from Nightmare.

Comment by Luke

I see nothing wrong with 4 or 5 minute thrash songs…

Comment by Brandon

I mean if you like simple straightforward music then you’ll probably be stoked on this album.

I like huge epic songs with technical musicianship that have many “wow” moments. I don’t see how anyone can prefer the former over the latter.

Comment by A7XEric

I’m with this guy. There’s just so much more to love in songs in long songs that have a bunch of different parts.

Comment by Alex

It’s Avenged Sevenfold. There’s going to be epic songs. Like there is on every album. I.E. – I Won’t See You Tonight, The Wicked End, A Little Piece of Heaven, Save Me

Comment by Eh7x

Exactly i agree with you on that. He says that every song must have huge riffs and be groovy but i highly doubt this album will be without at least one slower more emotional song (seize the day, dear god, so far away) and without at least one huge epic song (Mia, A little piece of heaven, save me). They have always done that and I dont see them stopping that with this album…. I have been wrong before though lol.

Comment by Walter

it sounds like you don’t know avenged very well, every single album they’ve done has a long song on them……. also every song….long or short is filled with “wow” moments

Comment by Nathan Hutchison

I’d beg to differ. ST (which they also described as groovy) only had 1, being ALPoH and had probably the shortest songs since STST. Nightmare had one or two long songs, but also had several mediocre tracks. Fanboys and fangirls jerk off to the album just because The Rev died and won’t acknowledge it’s shortcomings.

City of Evil had it right. Every song was at least 5 minutes, and the last half of the album was just huge sweeping epic track after epic track.

Comment by A7XEric

I agree that City of Evil has amazing songs and the guitar work is probably the best they have ever done. But as far as vocals go, Nightmare is unreal. I like Shadows’ voice more on NIghtmare it’s a lot less nasally and it’s more powerful. The reason Nightmare is more popular may be because of media attention due to The Rev’s passing, but by no means is it not a great album.

Comment by Eh7x

Just my opinion but I didn’t really care for Shadows vocals on Nightmare. They were better than City of Evil in some ways (like you said not so nasally) but on Nightmare he sounded a little worn out and seemed to struggle adding rasp to his singing. I actually think he was his best on the self-titled and Diamonds In The Rough. His voice sounded so rich and powerful and raspy on those albums.

Comment by Alex

He always sounds raspy when they play live lol. Give him a break. His voice only gets better and better

Comment by Tyty

I’m just stating my opinion man. I love everything he does but I have my preferences just like anyone.

Comment by Alex

I agree.

Comment by Alex

I think this Album will be fantastic!!

Comment by Ana Tillmann

Shads is given us nothing here and he knows it! He always says their albums will have groove and be groove oriented! Anyways I can’t wait!

Comment by Josh

I always find these types of articles misleading, content wise. Every band says their album is going to turn out like one thing before it’s recorded, and then it usually comes out sounding like another. Not necessarily bad or good. Just very vague. Glad to see some official studio time booked! Can’t wait.

Comment by Anonymous

I’m so impatient and excited for this! Waiting for this A7X album to be released is like waiting for Christmas morning! Come on already!!

Comment by Avenger

pretty bummed about that.
he said the exact same thing about the self titled which was in my opinion their weakest effort.
please do not give us an album which consists only generic thrash riffs without any technicality and originality.

Comment by Anonymous

hey guys, do you think this album might have a little groove to it? he only said it three times, so I wasn’t sure. ;)

very exciting. groovy sounds pretty good to me. I’ve liked most everything avenged has done… well, with the exception of most of STST. and since I can’t see them going back to that, I’m not worried in the least. I know I’ll like whatever they come up with, and I can’t wait. relax guys. there’s no way to know what he really means until we hear something.

but into the studio… anyone else wondering/wishing that maybe they’d choose to film it this time around?

Comment by Lindsey

“Groove” is to this album like “eclectic” was to the self-titled.

Comment by deathbatnews

hahaha, so true.

Comment by Lindsey

It will be interesting to see how it turns out ,after all this is the first album that Jimmy hasn’t contributed to.I will miss his amazing vocals.
I am keen to hear it and will pass judgement then.

Comment by juice

this is gunna be a sexy album if theres a bigger groove ;)

Comment by koko

he keeps saying theyve been listening to pink floyd and sabbath and have been taking a lot of influences from that.

Comment by Anonymous

I like the groove riffs from Waking the Fallen like Eternal Rest. Please have this new album be like that!!!!!!

Comment by Kaylee

Yay sounds awesome cant wait!!!:D

Comment by ~Lily Cannell~ (@LilyCannell)

This is definitely some great news, most heavy metal bands have lost the artistic touch of Rock and have become more shred oriented.
I’m insanely psyched for this album, cuz it’ll undoubtedly be different to anything we’ll hear in our generation of Rock/Metal groups

Comment by Phil

Everyone needs to chill out. It’s Avenged Sevenfold. Every album is a work of art. They’re not going to pull a St. Anger…

Comment by Steven Curry

Like a St. Anger was expected from Metallica… you really cannot say that. Sad but true.

Comment by Anonymous

same thing he says about every album

Comment by Anonymous

This is going to be their best album.

Comment by A7X Talk

If they put out some more Carry On bullshit, I’m going to be disappointed. Not that Carry On was bad, but it was definitely my least favorite out of any of their songs, granted it took them a short time to create. That said, if they give this album full effort, it’s going to be ORGASMIC.

Comment by CJ

by saying this I know I’m leaving myself open to get blasted, but I’d like to hear them interpret something from pinkly smooth

Comment by Greg

As much as i’d like to hear something along those lines, Pinkly Smooth was 90% The Rev…. I doubt they’d do anything with it.

Comment by Z.Burns

u are probly right, and any any attempt to do something like that might be seen as a step backwards? what i was suggesting was that they do something to what other artists have done – to use existing original vocals and add vocals & music. which is basically what they did with fiction. i’d just love to see the P.S. material out in the mainstream for even the most casual A7X listener

Comment by greg

Can’t wait to see it. He wants to make it more like groove-orientated, so it won’t be like old school trash?

Comment by Sarah Jacey

Ok it’s January they should hit the studio now… Lol

Comment by Bobby sevenfold

i can’t wait for the new album. it will be so exciting and i am really happy that the guys didn’t quit. Jimmy would be very proud of our family and especially of his brothers that decided not to give up.
i love you guys

Comment by Anonymous

i cannot fathom how any fan can honestly say the self titled album was “Weak” or “a bad effort” you need to gain an appreciation for multi layered music, go listen to the dark knight rises album from hans zimmer. the self titled album was incredible. sorry it wasn’t “metal” enough for you people. it was a brilliant album and i cannot even imagine their inventory without any of those songs. unbound? lost? those are amazing fucking peices of music. Lost sounds like new era Boston-esque. you need to appreciate music better

Comment by J-RUSS

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