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Loudwire’s Readers Poll: Most Desired 2013 Album.
January 2, 2013, 5:32 pm
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Loudwire want to know what your most anticipated album of 2013 is. Avenged Sevenfold are listed as a choice in their “Most Desired 2013 Album – Readers Poll” so if you’re excited to hear what the band have in store for fans this year let them know!

Thanks Matt for sending this in.


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Def. A7X, all my favorite bands are releasing new albums this year though!

Comment by Andy

Looking forward to the new A7X and the very late-in-coming Tool album. Lol. And heres for hoping for some releases from Breaking Benjamin. :-)

Comment by Z.Burns

Unfortunately I don’t see any Breaking Benjamin happening.

Comment by Cory

Me neither. Not this year at least. According to Chad Szeliga, they’re still together, but I definitely don’t see them releasing any music any time soon. A guy can hope though! :-)

Comment by Z.Burns

Breaking Benjamin broke up.

Comment by GatesGirl

According to an interview by Szeliga (one of two remaining members), they’re still together, and looking to make more music in the future… here’s the link:

Comment by Z.Burns

What??? ;(

Comment by Jennifer

I saw that link and immediately sent it in! Really can’t wait for the new A7X album!

Comment by Matt

Haha I also sent it in. Great Matts think alike.

Comment by Matt

I only received your email so technically you’re the Matt I thanked, haha. Don’t know why the other one didn’t come through.

Comment by deathbatnews

I can’t even vote because I’m dead tied for A7X, Alice, and Alter. Some great A-bands releasing albums this year :D

2013 is going to be great for music releases.

Comment by Anonymous

Stone Sour. Hopefully Manson will start WRITING, at least, this year. Born Villain was amazing so you never know.

Comment by SynderellaManson

A7X are #2 – vote everyone!

Comment by A7X Talk

Who the fuck is Device?

Comment by MikeSevenfold

Lead singer of Disturbed’s side proj. Supposed to be more industrial, Nine Inch Nails-esque.

Comment by Matt

Yeah Device sounds pretty good but… ”more industrial” doesn’T sounds really good to me…

Comment by Anonymous

A7X all the way!!!!!!!

Comment by Avenger

Where’s Stratovarius on the list

Comment by Anonymous

Who the hell is Device? Haha

Comment by Jennifer

cant wait 4 the new avenged sevenfold. so excited

Comment by kim

Everything that A7X does is AWESOME……..luv their music….foREVer a fan….. ;-)

Comment by Sally

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