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Avenged Sevenfold Featured In Metal Hammer’s “2013: The Metal Year Ahead” Issue.
January 4, 2013, 7:33 am
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In the new issue of Metal Hammer out Feb 13th” they’ll be previewing 2013 with the year of metal ahead. M Shadows is featured on the cover along with a quote from the story where it’s said the new Avenged Sevenfold album is “classic metal.” You can order your copy online or pick it up in stores when it hits shelves.


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Comment by Brea

My 18th birthday aswell xD

Comment by Alex

I think this is a new era for avenged, there mostly married and if shadows has a son there understanding of life is 100x more deeper now, this album will be not only the heaviest grooviest thing they have laid down, but there best. I think on a personal there all on a whole new level of Epic ness!!! And I can’t wait!! Anyone given thought to this “DVD” will it be just live performances? Or maybe an all access 2? Update us on there life’s and such.
An what will Arins stage name be!? He’s gotta have one.

Comment by Bobby sevenfold

I think they’ve pretty much outgrown the stage names. They just stick with them because that’s how they’re known now. But regardless in the last couple years, Shadows and Syn have been referred to as Matt and Brian much more frequently.

Comment by Brian

This post made me even more excited for album no. 6!

Comment by A7X Talk

It would’ve made me more excited, but I can’t possibly be any more pumped for this!!!

Comment by Matt

Couldn’t agree more!!

Comment by Bobby sevenfold

I’m still not exactly sure what to expect from the new album. I hope I’m not disappointed because I have very high expectations.

Comment by Sean

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