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Hollywood Undead’s Johnny 3 Tears Wants To Steal Avenged Sevenfold’s Fan Base.
January 9, 2013, 3:49 pm
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Hollywood Undead’s new album “Notes From The Underground” is available in stores now and SMNnews caught up with Johnny 3 Tears in early December for an interview in which he proclaimed he would steal Avenged Sevenfold’s fan base… but for good reason. December of 2011 in San Jose, California Da Kurlzz joined them on stage to perform “Chapter Four.”

SMNnews: I completely understand. So, if you could pick one other band to steal their entire fan base, which bands fans would you steal?
J3T: Um, I would go with Avenged Sevenfold. Because their fan base is big, but they’re also very dedicated. They have an army behind them. We toured with them a couple times and I was always envious because the kids really like them, but for good reason. But they’re very dedicated; they know every word to every song and stuff like that.

Thanks Vinnie for sending this in.

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well obviously because we are awesome.

Comment by mugglesouls

That’s right!!

Comment by Bobby sevenfold

Hellz yeah we are! :P

Comment by Avenger7

yupp ! :)

Comment by tanya

Ever since I saw them at Rock am RIng 2011, I’ve been a huge fan, they come right after A7X on my list :)

Comment by Bianca Long

Johny knows what’s up :)

Comment by A7X Talk

New album is amazing, when I heard HU are close with a7x I let out a girly scream… they should cooperate more!

Comment by Tomer

i agree. they need to do a song together.

Comment by anna

Hell ya I know their songs, Im a 48 yr old woman and a dedicated “A7X Eternal Soldier Deathbat”, and I have screamed every word to their songs at their concerts since 2008 and dont give a damn who’s watching, foREVer A7X ^^{}^^

Comment by syn2syn

Hey! Were you standing next to me in Augusta GA November 26 2011?

Comment by Avenger7

lol j3t is a smart man………:)

Comment by anna

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