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Synyster Gates Talks Hellwin Amps And Upcoming Avenged Sevenfold Album With Chris Epting.
January 28, 2013, 8:19 am
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Chris Epting caught up with Synyster Gates at NAMM 2013 to chat about Hellwin Amps and the upcoming Avenged Sevenfold album. Chris was kind enough to send include an exclusive photo strip (click the small strip for fullsize) to Deathbat News and also noted that he will have more with the band as the album gets closer.

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Thanks, Kortney – there is nothing else i do as a music journalist that is like A7X stuff – that is because all I’m ever thinking about is the fans and the bond we share – I do not feel that way with any other projects I do – in my head I’m thinking – “get something for the family” – that’s the truth – I know it’s been awhile but good to be back in the fold – and check out Charlie’s pix on Tumblr, Facebook etc – he really had some moments with these guys over the weekend

Comment by Chris Epting

This wait for the new record is excruciating. Although I’m not surprised it’s taking a little longer than expected. It’s a new and different type of process this time around I’m sure. I would much rather wait a couple extra months and get the best music possible, and I have no doubt that they can accomplish that. Also, I love how humble Syn is about his playing. Such a likable guy.

Comment by Matt

I’m really glad for Syn. We can see during this interviews how important it was for him this amp project and we can feel it when he talks about it. He look happy and proud :) And I’m looking forward for the new album of course :)

Comment by nilly

Thats why I love this man so much. He is a smart, funny, highly talented, cares for Family friends and his fans and he never lets on how good he is and not just him, his fellow band mates are just the same, they truly care about friends, people they love and play for and they all still feel they could do better as if how they play now isnt great enough already, a band to never forget , foREVer a Deathbat, A7X Eternal Soldier since 2008 ^^{}^^

Comment by Syn2Syn

He looks and sounds so happy. So happy FOR him. Congratulations, Syn :)

And thank you Chris! We really do appreciate it.

Comment by Lindsey

Wow, I can’t even begin to say how happy and excited I am for him. This is HUGE and I can tell it means a lot to him. I really couldn’t be happier for him. Congrats Syn <3 We love you and are always here to support you, best of luck with everything.

Comment by francyA7X

Chris Epting interviews are the best interviews! So glad this interview was done, Gates looks so happy with this. Thank you, Chris!

Comment by Rachel

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