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Happy Birthday, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan.
February 9, 2013, 7:35 am
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Today would be Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan’s 32nd birthday.

Let’s celebrate his wonderful life.


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Happy Birthday to the best drummer of all time, The Rev. He has inspired me to learn what I have learned on the drums today. And is an awesome & inspiring person. Happy Birthday Jimmy !!! we can’t wait for the day when we can Rock out with you in heaven. Rock In Peace foREVer Jimmy! R.I.P FoREVer ^{}^

Comment by Brooks Anders

Happy Birthday man!! You are so awesome! RIP REV

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday, Jimmy! I miss you.

Comment by Kameron Kolding

Happy Birthday Jimmy!! Thank you for everything!! xxxxxxx

Comment by Shell

To the greatest drummer I know, Happy Birthday Jimmy. you are foREVer in our hearts. Hope your taking it easy up there =)

Comment by Forever Avenged

Happy Birthday Rev. I still think of you everyday.

Comment by sian

Happy Birthday Jimmy! Hope you’re having one hell of a party in the afterlife!

Comment by aightball

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY!!!!!!!! Thank you for everything. We all love you and miss you so much and will continue to do so foREVer! <3

Comment by Ciera

To Jimmy the greatest drummer of all time, Happy Birthday! you will be in our hearts foREVer <3

Comment by Danielle Varela

Happy birthday Jimmy. You mean the most to me out of anyone else. You’re a perfect human being. Can’t wait to see you xoxo <3

Comment by Tayvian

Hope you’re having a kick ass birthday up in Heaven. We love you and miss you like crazy. and always will. You’re the best drummer to have lived. You have given me so much inspiration. can’t wait to see you some day. R.I.P foREVer. <3

Comment by Alyssa Shea

Happy Birthday miss u rip

Comment by kim

Happy Birthday, Jimmy!

Comment by Anonymous

Happy birthday bro! Keep it rockin!

Comment by Anthony

happy bday rev, thanks for writing the best music ever

Comment by kk

Happy birthday Jimmy! Your legacy lives on though your music. We all miss you x

Comment by Naomi Christie

Today IS Jimmy’s Birthday!!!!

Comment by Revenant

Happy birthday Rev! I love you

Comment by Ana Tillmann

Happy Birthday Jimmy! Miss you down here.

Comment by Matt

This is a day to celebrate the birthday of JIMMY “THE REV” SULLIVAN!!! I’m glad that God gave us this insperational person. Jimmy is very very missed in this world that we lived today. Some day hopefully all if us fans can meet up with him on the other side.!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY!!!! Keep rockin those drums up there!!! <3

Comment by Anonymous

Happy birthday Jimmy. There is not one day where I don’t think about you. Love and miss you very much. RIP <3

Comment by francyA7X

Miss you kid.

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday, Jimmy!! You may be gone from this earth, but you’ll remain in our hearts foREVer. Love and miss you…


Comment by Victoria

Happy Birthday Jimmy! Miss ya.

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Comment by Marnie

Happy Birthday “Rev”……

Comment by Sally

Happy birthday buddy. Love ya.

Comment by Anonymous

Aw, Jimmy. We miss you, man. Happy Birthday.

Comment by Loghen

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Comment by Leslie

Happy birthday, Jimmy x

Comment by SS

Happy Birthday Jimmy! Your my favorite drummer and always will be :)

Comment by Ariel Santana

You outgrew us too soon.
We were lucky to have such a talented human being among us.
Miss you ,and that amazing voice.

Comment by JUICE

Hope everyone did something fun and had a few shots if possible! Hahaha, I miss you, Jimmy :D and I love you lots :D! Looking up every morning to you ♥

Comment by Gwen Madden (@GwenMadden)

happy birthday jimmy. we love you, and miss you.

Comment by Anonymous

happy birthday the rev

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday we love you in Bulgaria too (h).

Comment by Sasha

Happy birthday you wonderful man!:)

Comment by Daniel Heaney

Happy birthday, brother! You inspired me to play drums since I was 7 years old. I’m now 17 and still going! I dreaded the day you left, but I still feel your presence when I listen to my favorite band. :D
Miss you, man! <3

Comment by Shilo The Drum Man Murphy

Happy Birthday Jimmy! You truly were an unreal musician and ultimatley a great person. The music u created will stay with me foREVer. Thanks Jimmy, miss you. RIP

Comment by Andrew D

Happy birthday Jimmy….i hope it aint to late….we all miss you as we always be…hope you are okay there….your spirit always live in our hearts…foREVer

Comment by ita vengenz

Happy Birthday Jimmy. I miss you and love you foREVer.

Comment by Joe

Hands down the best drummer on the face of the planet. There isn’t a day that passes I don’t listen to something with The Rev. From one drummer to another, wish you were still here man. See you and that snakeskin drumkit with 24k cymbals in heaven. I’m sure worship music is a little louder now with you behind the kit!!!

Comment by Jimmy

Happy birthday i miss you and i always love you

Comment by Anonymous

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