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Metal Hammer: M Shadows Wants The New Avenged Sevenfold Album To Be A Metal/Rock Classic.
February 13, 2013, 4:00 pm
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M Shadows appeared on Metal Hammer’s February 13th issue cover and he spoke to them briefly about what fans can expect from the new Avenged Sevenfold album, his hopes for the album and Arin Ilejay. I’ve written up the small piece featured in the issue and you can read that below:

Nearly three years have passed since Avenged Sevenfold’s last record, “Nightmare.” 2013 promises to herald the Californian crew’s return with their sixth studio album. The band released one-off single “Carry On” in conjunction with video game “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” in September 2012, but according to frontman M Shadows, fans shouldn’t take it as any indication of the new record’s direction.

“The new album has a lot more of a Sabbath and Zeppelin feel to it, ” he states. “There’s definitely more Sabbath in what we’re writing, and we’re proud of ‘Carry On,’ but this album is going to be on a whole new level. We’re shooting for late January, early February [to enter the studio] and to have the album out in the summer. I’m pretty sure that we’re looking to go overseas first, so you guys will be seeing it before everyone else!”

Shadows has also made it plain that Avenged will not be jumping on the metal-meets-electronica bandwagon, stating: “It’s the exact opposite. We’re going back to Sabbath stuff. We’re looking at blues chords they’re playing most of their stuff in. We’re listening to Zeppelin. We’re going backwards with what we want this record to feel like. I wanna write a classic metal record, a classic rock record in 2013.”

This as-yet-untitled album will be the first to feature 24-year-old drummer Arin Ilejay, who began working with the band early in 2011. Following in the footsteps of the late Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan and Mike Portnoy (who guested with Avenged on “Nightmare” and it’s subsequent touring cycle) will be no easy task, but M Shadows is confident that his band have found the right man for the job.

“He’s been doing really well. We’re trying to get him on the plane of, ‘We’re not trying to impress people with our playing abilities. We’re trying to write the best songs possible!’ That takes a lot of maturity. When we were his age we just wanted to shred. He’s doing well. He’s growing up fast.”

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Great piece. Really looking forward to the new record!!

Comment by Jaw-Knee Drama

I’m so excited!!

Comment by willow

That part about just wanting to shred when you’re young is so true, but from what we’ve heard from Carry On I don’t think Arin is gonna go too crazy on the drums (who knows though)

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous

this record is what i most excited for this year. im scared for when the time comes to release the first single…i am sure that i will release some tears oh no haha. the fact that theyre refrencing those bands really has me stoked as fuck. i love them with my every bit of being. a7x for life! \m/

Comment by ja7xie

Can’t wait till the new album. And way beyond happy that they’ve decided to go back follow this stupid electronical dribble that’s made me question why I even listen to the radio.

Comment by kik

Yes. I can’t wait to listen to this new album. I’d always hoped they would return to the Waking the Fallen sound, but now that it’s Sabbath-inspired, I am stoked!

Comment by Anonymous

Bring the action!

Comment by -

It’s good to know that they’re always doing something different. M. Shadows has such a hypnotizing voice when mingled with the band instruments it sounds so seductive, it completes each other. If it weren’t for their growth (and less screaming) I’d have never fell in love with the band.

Comment by tassiamgomes

Ugh blues chords. Fuck pentatonic scales, unless you like your the sounds coming out of your guitar to sound like ass. This album doesn’t sound appealing so far.

Comment by A7XEric

“Medicine, in order to produce, must know disease. Music, to produce harmony, must know discord.” -Plutarch-

Comment by Kuroneko

Such a niave thing to say, tons of amazing metal bands use blues chords and notes, from Sabbath to Pantera. It all about the rhythm you play the notes, not the notes themselves.

Comment by Eh7x

I could see their direction being either bad or good. I think they get into trouble when they force themselves to try new styles. Victim and Tonight The World Dies are some examples; they’re not bad songs but they’re not A7X’s forte at all and Shadow’s voice doesn’t work with that subdued style (he should have done those like he did the quiet parts of M.I.A.). Plus the female vocalist in Victim was an obvious call-back to Pink Floyd’s “The Great Gig In The Sky”. Hopefully the Sabbath and Zeppelin feel they have on this record is natural and not forced. I also really hope they don’t choose Mike Elizondo to produce a bluesier record. They should either self-produce it or get Mudrock back!

Comment by Anonymous

I’m going to have to disagree. Victim and Tonight The World Dies easily showcase some of M’s best vocal work. Those two songs are smooth as hell. That album was built on raw emotion and on those two tracks especially you can hear the sadness and pain in his voice.

Comment by Cal

Also disagree. Victim and Tonight the World Dies are some Shadows’ best displays of vocal talent. I like how in TTWD the verses are more low end (vocally) and then he just kills it in the chorus. If he sang like he does in the chorus for the whole song there would be no contrast and the chorus would be less powerful.

Comment by Eh7x

I really hope you’re trolling or like 9 years old because the fact that A7X called on Floyd with those two songs was one of the best things they’ve ever done. Victim is one of my favorite songs regardless of artist…for me I can listen to the solo of Time and the solo in Victim and get the same emotional response. They’re both fantastic.

And as for MIA….the quiet vocals Shads does in that song are some of the worst vocals he has on record. It’s an amazing song, and the vocals don’t ruin it or anything, but they really just aren’t that good. His vocals in Victim are the best he’s ever recorded.

Comment by Otis

I actually wasn’t trolling. But to each their own. For whatever reason Victim doesn’t resonate with me very well unless I listen to it in absolute silence at night with the moon shining through the window. Its just my opinion vs. yours and it doesn’t mean either one of us is right or wrong.

Comment by Anonymous

I also respectfully disagree. I think the bridge in “Victim” is one of the best on the whole album…not to mention the guitar solo gives me goosebumps. I find myself backing the track up so I can listen to it at least twice in one sitting. Just my humble opinion.

Comment by Johnnie D.

I’m sooo ready for this! It’s intriguing to see them evolve with each new album they put out and somehow they always know just in which direction to go.. Growth and change may not be for everyone or for every band. But for a band as talented as A7X it’s only necessary that they show progress! They can’t just hold all these new thoughts and ideas inside, they’ve got to bring their art to life! Same is lame people!
Bring it on A7X!! Love you guys and everything you put out!

Comment by Avenger7X

Isn’t this interview old?
I think i remember seeing it i while ago.

Comment by RuiA7X

No. The initial announcement of it took place in early January but this is the first time the actual interview has been posted. Some of the things he shared has been said in other interviews though.

Comment by deathbatnews

Cant wait for the new album!!

Comment by Anonymous

6 albums (that don’t suck) is an amazing accomplishment.

Comment by Anonymous

Hey DBN check the site periodically, are you ready for the madness that’s about to come? I remember Nightmare this site was off the hook there was new info every time i checked in. So excited for a new album I think they are ready thanks again for the great work you do it takes dedicated fans to stick with them when they are on break.

Comment by josh

I’m ready. Thank you for the kind words. Let’s make sure this release is just as big.

Comment by deathbatnews

I hope they let Arin go a LITTLE crazy. I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by his drumming so far, granted, we only have Not Ready to Die and Carry On to go off of…

Comment by z.burns

Anyone else a getting a bit irratated about the fact we have no clue on the actual status on the new album??

Comment by BobbySevenfold

Me!! They said the album was done being written back in late december and that they were getting in the studio to record it in january…. So its been a month and a half to two months since they started recording….no album name, not one song name, nothing…. We should start hearing about a release date for a song very soon like how “Critical acclaim” and “Nightmare came out a couple months before the album….and i know by now they gotta have at least 3 songs fully completed musically and lyrically and fully recorded….we should be getting one by late march/ early april…. If not something is up….cause nightmare started recording in very late febuary 2010 with Mike and they had the first song out in may. They started recording this in early-mid january so we should have a song by sometime in April at the latest with the album by June/July

Comment by Walter

First they said early to mid Jan, in this interview he said late-Jan to early-Feb. Everything’s got to come together. They don’t need to be rushed, especially with this album because IMO this is a real important one. You’ll enjoy it a lot more if you relax instead of calculating everything out and enjoy it when stuff starts happening.

Comment by Cal

Im not trying to rush them…. Re reading my post it did sound like i was tho but i didnt mean it like that i just meant they are taking a long time to reveal or say anything about it….Im not exactly saying i have to have the album or a new song right now(was just saying it should be soon not that its gonna be or has to be)they can take however long they need for all that.. i just wish they would talk about the album a bit more…. I know its “groove metal” and trying to go the classic route but all their other albums they talked up and expressed how they felt about them…. Like i remember Zacky saying about nightmare that ” to me this is our most personal and epic album to date and its gonna take you on a real dark journey”… That was said before the album came out and before it even started recording… Then i remember them saying something like “blistering solos, bombastic bass, and devastating drums” about nightmare in a later article during the recording process……But with this album its just “its got big riffs and will be groovy”…. I just like it alotwhen they get me all pumped up for a record and then deliver(they always do) but with this they just stated the sound the album is going for and named some influences for when writing it, but not how badass or awesome they personally think the music is… None of them have even been speaking out about how they feel about the album thats all i really want……

Comment by Walter

Espero con ansias el nuevo album ♥♪ !!!

Comment by Alejandra

i hope to god it sounds something like “Not Ready To Die”

Comment by Rob

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