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Hellwin Amp And Cabinet Available For Order From Guitar Center.
February 20, 2013, 11:50 am
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The Hellwin amp and cabinet are now available for order from Guitar Center. Both due in 2-4 weeks. Expected shipping for the items is 2-3 weeks.


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Looks awesome, I love Syn. Just about 2k out of my price range tho :/

Comment by Matt

No worries dude, That’s the USA made version. They will have a foreign made (I’m assuming Korean) version out that will be much more affordably priced. It shouldn’t be too different from the US version either considering almost all amps are made with PC board now so they more consistent. The main deal with the price is labor costs in America comparative to Asian labor costs, but the quality generally comes out much more consistent. I know the US version comes with a very specific tube set and the foreign made will have EL-34 and all 12ax7 preamp tubes. They probably also have different output transformers which makes a difference.

Comment by Anonymous

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