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Who Killed (Or Saved!) The Music Industry – The Documentary.
February 22, 2013, 3:14 pm
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Back in October I came across a Kickstarter project, a documentary that sparked my interest, entitled “Who Killed (Or Saved!) The Music Industry?” directed by Story of The Year’s Ryan Phillips and Adam Russell and produced by John Oakes of Synergy Global Entrainment. I’ve been following the project closely and today the documentary’s trailer was updated to include pieces of interviews, set to be featured in the film, with industry professionals and band members including Zacky Vengeance. You can learn more and follow the project via these official links: Future Machine Creative, the Who Killed (Or Saved!) The Music Industry? Facebook and the Future Machine Twitter. Who Killed (Or Saved!) The Music Industry? is set for a Fall 2013 release.

The music industry has changed significantly during the last 20 years. In the early 1990s, the sales of records and number of fans attending concerts were at an all time high. Everyone from the major label executives to the roadies were enjoying the success. Today, with the explosion of the Internet, online social platforms and ever evolving digital technologies, there are new communication, production and distribution channels for music. These factors have reconfigured the possibilities for everyone involved.

Many have seen dramatic revenue loss, and lucrative careers diminish or disappear altogether. Some blame technology, some blame consumers, still others blame the record companies. Conversely, many people are profiting in ways they couldn’t have conceived of decades ago, and others are just starting their careers while looking forward to the future.

The tentatively titled is a documentary that explores the history, current landscape, and future of the music business. Highlighting many viewpoints, the film will feature candid interviews with musicians and industry professionals from around the world including artists, songwriters, producers, lawyers, agents, managers, consumer brands and others.


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Hi guys! This are awesome news for me :) I’m a huge b of mostly all the bands that will be featured in the documentary and I have a big interest in the future of music business. Thanks for the news as always :)
Sorry for my horrible english, hahaha.
Cheers from Buenos Aires, Argentina :D

Comment by Nicolás Ochoa

Thank you for letting us know about this documentary. I just recently graduated college with a degree in Music Industry and the changes to the business that I love are quite exciting for me personally. I can’t wait until the film is finished and will definitely be on my go see list as soon as it is released.

Comment by Ghostflame83

I too have been following this documentary from the beginning. I absolutely love Ryan and Adam and what they’re doing and I think this is going to be one hell of a documentary. Even cooler that Zacky is in it. I think I read somewhere that they also interviewed either Matt or Syn.

Comment by Luke

Agreed. Some of the interviews, including Zacky’s, were filmed at the Duffing For Dollars Charity Golf Tournament so it’s possible they interviewed Matt as well.

Comment by deathbatnews

I backed this! I’m so glad others did too. This looks like it’s going to be absolutely amazing. I really hope this thing makes some waves when it comes out. The questions they’re asking are things people not only in the industry, but fans need to be asking themselves.

Comment by Harley Quinn

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