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Brian Haner Sr. Says “Fans Will Be Happy” With New Avenged Sevenfold Songs.
March 28, 2013, 4:50 pm
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Three years ago Brian Haner Sr. teased Avenged Sevenfold fans regarding the “Nightmare” album before it was released. Now he’s at it again after spending last night listening to demos for the new Avenged Sevenfold album mentioning that they were “GREAT songs” and “fans will be happy.”


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Ahhhhh the anticipation is killing me

Comment by Isaac

I just can’t wait ^^

Comment by Anonymous

hmm. If they’re just demos, then they haven’t really recorded yet…? :/

Comment by Anonymous

doesn’t seem like it but still cool to hear.

Comment by joel

things can be subject to change but the demos are going to be pretty much what it sounds like.

Comment by Anonymous

I’ll assume (hope!) that this album is going to be like Nightmare. Where they fully demoed out all of the songs, and knew exactly what they were recording when they entered the studio. All 13 songs from Nightmare were done in about two months. As opposed to the S/T where they wrote a lot in the studio, and tweaked even more.

Comment by Brian

@anon They’ve been recording for quite a while! And They’ve got enough for another album so stop making out you know it .all

Comment by anon

Actually, they haven’t been recording for “quite a while” so…

Comment by Deathbat News

they have been in the studio since december

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Deathbat News

They have been in the studio since January. I’ll admit to feeling anxious as it seems, on past albums, they have released tantilizing tidbits of things to come by now.

Comment by snuffy

No, they haven’t.

Comment by Deathbat News

If they had been in the studio since January they would have more than demos to show for it. Just because they said the would be going into the studio in January doesn’t mean they actually did. Also somebody interviewed Syn at NAMM and he said the process was going slower than they anticipated.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Deathbat News


Comment by Revenant

Crossing my fingers for a summer release. Couldn’t stand waiting until the fall.

Comment by bdentino

The most painful times in my life is the 3-5 months before a new a7x album comes out.

Comment by sduerigen

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

The things I’d do to be Brian Haner Sr and be able to hear those demos. Anyway, this is great to hear!

Comment by Anonymous

i cant wait!

Comment by a7xrockr4ever

Nice !

Comment by Wisnu Fitra P

This will be the greatest moment of 2013. Listening to this record. I KNOW it will. I have faith in these guys. I’ve given all my passion to these guys’ music. A7x foREVer and EVER till the end of time.

Comment by ja7xie

I’m so exited!

Comment by Yana

I heard it would be released by summer of 2013, but then again that was just an internet rumour so who really knows.

Comment by Anonymous

That’s not really a rumor considering Matt has said himself they’re shooting for a Summer release. However, as stated before, things are always subject to change.

Comment by Deathbat News

Gypsy Jazz, eh? That’s what the solo/lead work on Hail to the King was… according to Syn. Funny now.. looking back at all the clues we were given..

Comment by Blake Tull

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