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Questions, Anyone?
April 1, 2013, 5:58 pm
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This is what (which switches to the splash page currently looks like:


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This is killing me

Comment by Isaac


Comment by Anonymous

is this a game? i want to be part of it haha.

Comment by etienne

Damn, Tholomew, Questions?

Comment by HiMe

Eff….what’s going on?!?!?! I can’t take anymore suspense!!

Comment by Jesse Rutan (@JesseRutan)

IT’S TIME EVERYONE!!!!! I am so damn excited!!! Starting the same things they did before “Nightmare” was announced!!

Comment by Raderj2

yes. can i be on a consulting team to hear all the demos and pick the best ones for the album? :) and since i’m getting old and the pit takes it’s toll on me, can i expect a lay-z-boy and cooler with drinks and snacks on the side of the stage at any of the future shows i go to?

Comment by April

Thumbs up.

Comment by Deathbat News

Im done with the april fool jokes but i can always take a Avenged Sevenfold one:)

Comment by lettucea7x

also, how have you been deathbatnews lady? :)

Comment by April

I’ve been good, April ;) How have you been?

Comment by Deathbat News

i’m good. a little hot today in georgia. i’m still used to connecticut weather even though it’s been almost 2 years.

Comment by April

Good to hear. I’ll take this 75 degree weather over the blazing triple digit heat during the summer any day! Haha.

Comment by Deathbat News

i don’t think it would have been so bad today if it wasn’t all rainy and chilly yesterday. that much of a change is such a shock.

Comment by April



Comment by A7XLOVERUK

… This is WAY too suspenseful for me!

Comment by Tabatha

Here we go! :)

Comment by Lindsey

Guys… go home, you’re drunk… Two major changes to the main site today XD

Comment by StitchRS

last time they done something like this was just before nightmares release. possible announcement incoming i think

Comment by Tich Mjolnir Walker

A7X are the best at building up for a album release and I can’t wait!!!

Comment by A7X6661

Brian Haner tweeted that this was gonna be EPIC but he’s sworn to secrecy!

Comment by Luis

This soulless bastards and on april´s fool. That’s pure evil! is killing me, hope is about the new album, if not you will burn in hell haha. Well played. So excited:)

Comment by Oj

it’s not an april fool but god! I hate when they are so cryptic and I can’t understand if there’s a connection between “Tholomew” and that “?” aaaargh!

Comment by [sully]

TWICE!?!? In one DAY!?!???!! Assholes, you’re gonna give me a heart attack -.-

Comment by Alikz

Can the band personally deliver the new album to my house in advance? I would really appreciate it!
Oh also free concert tickets for life would be really nice, I don’t think it’s too much to ask..?

Comment by Lauren

Do they think this is a game?! btw this reminded me of how we had to highlight the page to find something or click a pixel (that I could never find, I’m still pissed about that) back when they were revealing stuff about Nightmare. Good times.

Comment by Loghen

Hahaha, the was fun.

Comment by Deathbat News

whatever it is, i’m looking forward to it. i love surprise! :D

Comment by Alicia

They are being teases, as usual… lol

Comment by Sara S.

of COURSE they pick april fools day to start hinting…
way to fuck with your fans, boys

Comment by Lindsey

My question: How can we buy A7X a round of shots at Heavy MTL?

Comment by tra26prefect

I have lots of questions, lol! Like: what are you guys DOING? I’m confused, lol! But these are our boys and we know all will be revealed in good time.

Comment by aightball

Ok so I’ve spent the last 45 minutes on the home page and their is nothing to highlight, click or copy…….. -_-


All this cryptic stuff is really exciting! I’m sure it will be worth the wait!!!

Comment by Nancy Valentino

Do you try and paste this picture on top of the tv screen one???…….

Comment by Just Me :P

Holy mother of god so excited

Comment by Anonymous

Sweet tits I’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight!

Comment by Matt

For those of you wondering if there’s a pixel to click:

Right click the bottom of the page and go to “View Source”. Press Ctrl + F and search for “a href” continuously, and your browser will highlight all the links on the entire page. You can follow these links to see if they lead anywhere interesting.

As of right now, the page doesn’t have any interesting links, so don’t waste your time scanning the entire page quite yet.

Comment by Zack


Comment by Kaleb Sweeten

this is TOO exciting

Comment by Forever Avenged

here we go again. and this is why i love these guys, what better way to hype up an album then by teasing the fans. well played guys. btw thanks deathbatnews, without this site, i wouldnt know a thing that is going on with these guys.

Comment by joe


Comment by Deathbat News

Shit I can’t wait. Football season is over so all I have now is wwe and A7X. I’ve been hyped for this foREVer.

Comment by Holden


Comment by Celeste

I’ll be damned, haha. If this is an April Fool’s prank, I’ll be a little mad, but whatever. I’m excited!

Comment by Benji Butler

I love these things. Can’t wait to know what are you preparing for us.

Comment by maria jose

PLEASEEEEE TELL US!!!!!! new album?! new albummm!!!!!!!! yeahhhh!!! can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Comment by iaia

Holy mother of god I’m jumpin’ outta my pants. The excitement is unbearable.

Comment by Sofia

A7X, don’t fucking play with us… I hope it’s not a prank and I’m sooo excited ! :D

Comment by LEMUR_PL

Hahaha reminds me of 3 years ago when they did all this stuff for nightmare and deathbat news went crazy, good times

Comment by Lewis

Reminds me of when fans ended up crashing the site during the puzzle piece hunt. Good times, indeed.

Comment by Deathbat News

Miss K Deathbat, I really hope A7X does something like that again so I can win again haha, thank you again, I love checking this site everyday.

Comment by Carlos S

Carlos! You know, I stumbled upon your submission for that contest just the other day and was still amazed by how dead on you were with that cover. I’m super stoked for this album release.

Comment by Deathbat News

Did anyone notice on the Deathbat picture hanging in the beginning of the Carry On music video when M.Shadows & Synyster are talking to Menendez? On the left wing it has 75 & on the right wing has 60. I’m just wondering, you never know, could the television (numbers where the red mark was) & those numbers be linked somehow?? Ahhh this mystery!!! Too excited!

Comment by Forever Avenged

You would have a clairvoyant disease if you called that and it was right :)

Comment by josh

I don’t think so because when they released the video, it was probably way too early for them to prepare anything “cryptic” about the new album. But now that you’ve mentioned those numbers I have to say I’ve never noticed them before, and now I wonder what they stand for… or they could be related to the game…

Comment by Anonymous

You actually might be on to something there. The red line on the TV is on exactly between 70 and 80 on the bottom and exactly between 4 and 5 on the top.

So it might just be coincidental, but the TV numbers are 75 and 4.5, and the deathbat picture numbers are 75 and 60. They’ve got 75 in common, which would be a strange coincidence, but that’s what it probably is. Could the numbers mean something though? Who knows.

The analytical number nerd in me thinks it’s worth pointing out that 60 is 4/5 of 75, so that would link all of the numbers. We’re getting into really strange and complex relationships with that though and I doubt they’re being that cryptic.

Comment by Otis

When I look at the TV and see the channel line between 4 and 5, that to me just hints that we’ll learn more about it in mid-April.

Comment by StitchRS

I thought the same. Also the red line being between the numbers 70 and 80 could mean we can expect the album to be released in mid-July, but we can’t be sure. Maybe there’s not even a hidden message and this is just us being paranoid. :)

Comment by Anonymous

I did too!

Comment by Anonymous

I’m so happy this is happening! I’m quite a new fan of the band (since 2011, but feels like I am since 1999) and I’ve never got to know all this excitement around the release of one of their new albums. This is gonna be so exciting and the anticipation is already killing me!

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Deathbat News

Thank you! And also thank you for everything you do to keep the fans informed, your hard work is truly appreciated! Now get ready for the storm that is about to come…

Comment by Anonymous

Thank YOU for your kind words! Oh I’m ready and I hope everyone else is too…

Comment by Deathbat News

To the f****** family!!

Comment by Isaac


Comment by Deathbat News

I have no idea about all these website changes and its driving me insane!!

Comment by Jess

My God, what are they doing! This is driving me nuts!

Comment by Jacob-Gates

im still refreshing this page every 5 mins -.-

hahha :O

Comment by etienne

woah !! avenged sevenfold full of suprises !! cant wait for it !!

Comment by XxDaRkYaNxX

OH MY GOSH. What’ve they got up their sleeves?! Oh man, somewhere, A7X has gotten wind over how stoked and curious their fans are…and they are laughing and laughing. lol.

Comment by Kuroneko

Another Summer of A7X, so ready! This album will be monumental for them so I expect nothing but the best in their build-up.

Comment by Terrance

its all really exciting :D

Comment by Robert Norris

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