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Stream Device’s “Haze” Featuring M Shadows.
April 4, 2013, 10:07 am
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NOISECREEP are streaming Device’s debut album “Device.” Head here to listen to “Haze” featuring M Shadows.

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ehh. is my opnion

Comment by ZP

Same for me… I think

Comment by Isaac

Its awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

Comment by Anonymous

We finally got a song with David Draiman & M Shadows singing together!! And I frickin’ love it. Been waiting for this for a long time :)

Comment by Helena Strandberg

Beautiful, I knew this would be a great song! These two (David and Matt) have the greatest voices!

Comment by Anonymous

Pretty good song, I don’t normally go for some of the electronic kind of stuff but this is alright

Comment by DaynaD

Not a big fan of the song but hey… it’s good to hear Matt’s voice again!

Comment by MzHyde

I agree!
not a big fan of this song.
but yes it is nice to hear matt!

Comment by Barry

Love the song more and more i listen to it!

Comment by Rob Navarro

Meh. Really wish David would’ve let Matt bring a little more of his element to the song. Might grow on me but kinda stale upon first listen.

Comment by Matt

Agree. I thought the same but i just dig the overall vibe of it more & more.

Comment by Rob Navarro


Comment by Barry

I like Shadows’ parts but nope.

Comment by Cal

Regardless of opinions on the song itself, hearing Matt sing in a new song reminds me how excited I am for the new album and how great his voice is.

Comment by Ash

2 great vocalists on 1 song. Sounds different, but I like it. It’s great hearing Matt’s voice!

Comment by Forever Avenged

Man every melody David has ever came up with is almost exactly the same! And I hate it when singers make a new act but the instrumentals are almost identical. Love M Shadows but this is mediocre at best.

Comment by Brad

This isn’t usually my vein of music, but I kinda love it. I haven’t listened to anything but Haze for the album, but I think I’ll be downloading the song eventually and maybe I’ll give the rest of the album a chance. Love hearing Matt sing!

Comment by Elin

Totally not digging it, The new album needs to hurry!

Comment by Anonymous

Matt appears on some of the lamest stuff out there. MGK. Fozzy. Device. He’s an excellent singer, and Avenged is an excellent band, but I hate how they get lumped into that “mainstream radio metal” category, and stuff like this doesn’t help…

Comment by TomWhaley

I have to agree. I feel like if some of those people weren’t his friends there’s no way he’d be on their songs. I just hope I don’t see any of them on an A7X record. I think the best two he’s done was “The River” with GC and “Go Alone” with HoH.

Comment by Cal

Agreed. I think my favorite things he’s appeared on have been “Nothing to Say” with Slash, “Check the Level” with The Dirty Heads, and “Turn Out The Lights” by Steel Panther (really just because that one is pretty funny). I think the first two songs showcase him as a more well-rounded musician, as opposed to someone who would sing on a Disturbed B-Side.
…even that song with Cowboy Troy was kind of cool, in a cheesy way hah

Comment by TomWhaley

Yeah, those are good too. “Turn Out The Lights” and “Buffalo Stampede” are great just because they’re so ridiculous. Haha. On one hand, it’s nice hearing Shadows doing different things because his vocal range is so impressive but some of the artists/songs are so disappointing to me. I feel like he should be doing guest vocals for the new Sabbath/Megadeath/Metallica album and not some rapper/WWE-rock/Disturbed featuring industrial sounds album.

Comment by Cal

Yes, exactly! I like hearing his voice, just not any of the songs he’s on haha. They need to associate themselves more with Metallica/Sabbath/Iron Maiden etc, and less with Disturbed, Papa Roach and Buckcherry….

Comment by TomWhaley


Comment by Cal

I know what you mean. I hate how when I make an Avenged Sevenfold station on Pandora all that shows up is Seether and Three Days Grace and Bullet For My Valentine, when I’m actually looking for bands with similar qualities to Save Me or M.I.A.

Comment by Anonymous

I like it the more i hear it my only complaint is not enough shadows in it.

Comment by Weatherman

I like this. But I also listen to other industrial stuff so it hit the right spot for me. Looking forward to this and the new A7X record

Comment by Rad

I actually love it! but I am also the same age as M.Shads and was raised with all of the bands incorporated into this music! wow!! I think it’s a masterpiece! \m/ Very proud to be a fan!

Comment by Heather Peterson

>.< i just dont wanna hear it again.

Comment by Barry

I actually love the whole Device album best two tracks are Out of Line and Haze. It is great to hear the God M. Shadows voice . I’m going crazy for the new album. Been a fan since Sounding The Seventh Trumpet and always will be!

Comment by Dalton

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